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Denise Monique is the wife of Theophilus “Chip” Caviness Jr.  Denise is a graduate of Cuyahoga Community College, where she majored in Human Services. Denise received her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Cleveland State University. Currently, she is completing a Master’s Degree in Social Administration at Case Western Reserve University. Denise is a Licensed Social Worker and stays involved in community events. Denise loves the Lord and has an innate passion for helping others. She is the proud mother of five children and grandmother of eight. During her spare time she writes, and loves to travel. 

PWH: Describe yourself in 3 words

DM: I would describe myself as Candid, Energetic, and Versatile

PWH: What sparked your interest in writing?

DM: As a child, I loved to read just about anything. I loved the places a writers imagination could take me. My personal story was overpowering to many I shared it with and I wanted to use it to help someone else. 

PWH: You have written several books, what is your consistent message in all of them?

DM: My memoir is separate from the children’s books as I will always be Denise Monique. My concern for others is illuminated in my writing as Denise Monique and Denise Caviness. Readers will close my books having learned something-whether it is new vocabulary words or how to achieve self-love. 

PWH: Describe your current writing style?

DM: My writing style is descriptive as I want my readers to feel like they are there with me. The energy from the places I describe is significant. I have been told that reading Despite My Odds is just like having a conversation with me. I like to wake up at five or six a.m., make caramel flavored coffee, smell the outdoors, take a bike ride, and then write as the birds sing sweet melodic songs to my ears. My home is otherwise quiet at this time, hence, my imagination takes me on faraway journeys. 

PWH: Do you have any upcoming projects? 

DM: I am currently working on a novel that is about a married couple that fit together like an old puzzle. They have not forgotten how to date one another in their marriage and are very receptive to the needs of each other. They are entrepreneurs and very good at what they do. Their worlds are close to perfect until an agreement between the two backfires in ways no one could see coming. The price to pay will be very deep and surely test their commitment. 

PWH: Bonus: what advice do you have for an aspiring writer? 

DM: Aspiring writers should write, write, write…Write something each day-it doesn’t have to make sense. A true writer also reads. Allow your mind to take you on journeys you’ve never seen. 

To learn more about Denise Monique and Theo Cavi Books visit

Instagram: @therealdenisemonique

Twitter: Denisemonique2

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