CEO Briana McCarthy and The Bri On Brows Brand

Bri On Brows is a brow care brand owned by licensed beauty professional and former Essence Magazine beauty columnist Briana McCarthy. Bri on Brows was born after Briana, affectionately known as Bri, noticed that many brow clients were coming to her for help for thinning brows. The signature product for her brand is the Liquid Gold Brow Oil that is formulated to help grow fuller, thicking looking brows naturally.

PWH: Describe your brand in 3 words.

BOB: Relatable. Knowledgable. Results-driven.

PWH: What is your mission with Bri On Brows?

BOB: The mission of Bri On Brows is to help people achieve fuller, thicker-looking brows naturally. We know that thin brows can be a pain point for many women. At Bri On Brows, we seek to offer an effective, natural solution to that pain point and help women feel more confident about their brows.

PWH: What can a customer expect from their shopping experience?

BOB: When shopping with us customers can expect to receive a superior product that really works (we even offer a 30-day money-back guarantee), excellent customer service, and fast shipping.

PWH: Why do women experience brow thinning?

BOB: Women experience brow thinning for many reasons. For some, it is due to age or stress. For others is it due to trauma to the brow hairs due to overplucking, threading, or waxing. 

PWH: What is your favorite Go-To product on your site?

BOB: My favorite product on my site is our Liquid Gold Brow Oil. It is full of awesome, all-natural ingredients that promote brow growth. Women across the country purchase this oil because it really works. It’s our bestseller!

PWH:Bonus: How would you define a Pretty Woman Who Hustle’s?

BOB: I would define a Pretty Woman that hustles as driven, focused, and relentless. She is one that sets her sights on a goal and doesn’t give up until it is accomplished. Finally, a pretty woman that hustles is not only concerned with her own success but also wants to make sure the women around her succeed as well. 

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All Eyes on Flint Native: Author TaWanna Anderson

Flint, Michigan native TaWanna Anderson is co-founder of the encouraging organization, Whenupray, and creator of The M;nd Ya Mental Experience, a platform dedicated to providing online and hands-on resources for mental wellness. 

With an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree under her belt and certification from Mental Health First Aid, she uses her knowledge and compassion to help spread awareness about mental health in her community. 

TaWanna’s transparency about her own personal experience with mental health issues, paired with her “do it scared” motto, has helped propel much-needed conversations in the Black community about the importance of mental wellness. 

Since beginning her work in the mental health field, TaWanna has received acknowledgment and awards from the city of Flint, including the Black Girls Rock Survivor Award, the 2019 Builder Award, and the Helping Others Heal Award. She currently resides in Flint with her two daughters.

PWH: Describe your brand as a whole in 3 words: 

TA: Purposeful, transparent and motivational 

PWH: What inspired M;nd Ya Mental?

TA: M;nd ya mental was inspired from my own experience of dealing with a mental illness. I have a wonderful support system and it’s still a struggle. I couldn’t imagine someone dealing with this alone so M;nd Ya Mental was birthed. 

PWH: What is your mission and hope with M;nd Ya Mental?

TA: My mission is to assist in breaking the stigma surrounding mental illness. I want my community to understand disorders and how to get help and help their family members. No more praying and shutting up. We are praying then calling our therapist. 

PWH: Tell us about your new book “Anxiety is Not Me”

TA: Anxiety is not me is my new book!! I’m so excited about it. This is 60 tips to help individuals deal with anxiety and depression. To motivate uplift and give them the courage to keep pressing through. All of the tips are things that have been tested and worked for myself. I think the part I’m most excited about is the part for families. We actually have that spot highlighted so family members can get to that section quickly so they can help their person.

PWH: What advice do you have for someone reading this who may be battling with Anxiety and depression?

TA: To anyone that may be dealing with anxiety and depression at this time. Please know that the thoughts and feelings are temporary. Please don’t make any permanent decisions off of those feelings. Seek help and know that you are not alone. You are stronger than you can imagine and I challenge you to push through. Never be ashamed to take medication, get checked in to the hospital, or for simply not being ok. If you don’t have a therapist find one today.

PWH: When you think of a pretty woman who hustles what crosses your mind? 

 TA: I believe a pretty woman who hustles is some that is authentic, relatable, and determined to succeed no matter what obstacles come her way. 

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CEO Daniela and Beauty By D Dolce

BEAUTY BY D DOLCE was founded by Daniela, Mom, Wife, Entrepreneur, full-time Manager, and of course a beauty lover! 

She wanted to make sure she kept everything women love in beauty care alive while making your skincare routines quick and easy. Women love products that are effective, We love for them to smell amazing and we love adding final touches to our packaging! Finding the time isn’t always easy, but if you could dedicate just 15-30 minutes in the morning and at night to follow a couple of steps to get glam, would you be game?

You need Beauty By D Dolce in Your Life!!

PWH: For those wondering what and who is “Beauty By D Dolce”, tell us about it, what is your mission?

BBDD: BEAUTY BY D DOLCE will be the home of all things beauty! Beauty is a feeling, a look, a mood, whether it’s having beautiful natural skin, smooth, glowing skin under your makeup, or a full-on glam face. At the end of the day, we want to feel and look beautiful. 

PWH: What sparked your interest in Skincare?

BBDD: My Mother has been in the skincare business for over 20 years as an Aesthetician and also has her own line of more targeted, dermatological products. In watching her do what she does, I was super motivated to start my own line of more beauty targeted products, such as masks and DIY peel kits partnered with some makeup. Then I thought to myself, well what does my skincare routine look like!?” Given all the resources and products I had around me, I still couldn’t stick to a full-on routine! So busy being a mom and working a full-time job, spending an hour or more in the morning seemed like the impossible! I had to make sure that whatever I came out with would simplify our lives and not be costing us more – time is money! BBDD is a way to keep the beauty/skincare routine alive while keeping it simple. For example, our Vitamin C Peel Kit has a 5 minute sitting time, two minutes for step one, and 3 minutes for step 2! We can totally handle 10 minutes (start to finish) in the morning or at night! My goal is to eventually be the ONE brand you need, where you buy your liquid lipsticks and highlighters from as well as your skincare! 

PWH: What skincare routine do you recommend for dry or oily skin?

BBDD: For dry skin, I recommend layering with a face balm and a serum and/or facial oil to lock in the moisture after washing your face. For oily skin, I recommend using products with hyaluronic acid, which won’t add oil to your skin. The key in this case is something lightweight, yet moisturizing but not pore-clogging. 

PWH: Which products from your launch, is your go-to?

BBDD: My go-to products for my face are certainly from the skincare line. I live by the Vitamin C Peel as well as the Rose Collection, both the mask and face balm. As for my lips, the Sugar Lip Scrub and Smoothing Lip Balm is LIFE! As for makeup, my Felt Tip Eyeliner and Liquid Lipsticks are the cherry on top! 

PWH: What can customers expect on Launch day?

BBDD: Well, we’ve got a party-packed week leading into our launch so we hope everyone tunes in! I made sure to post calendars and set countdowns via Instagram so no one misses anything! On the day of the launch, there will be a fun party to tune into a 7pm on IG live! BEAUTYBYDDOLCE.COM will go live at 8pm EST! I do urge an early arrival as product quantities are limited given this is our first launch. If something sells out, don’t worry, we have included an out of stock form into our product pages so that we can be informed if more quantities are demanded. 

PWH: Bonus: What is your definition of A Pretty Woman Who Hustle’s?

BBBDD: A Pretty Woman Who Hustles is a Woman who turns an idea into a goal and that goal into actions than making it plural! More ideas, several goals, and having multiple ventures, whatever they may be. Tap into your strengths! 

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Author Beshanda Owusu

Beshanda Owusu is an Emmy-nominated journalist with over 15 years of experience. Her professional goal was to be a reporter. She believes her high school yearbook caption read something along the lines of: “You’ll see me reporting live on Channel 7.” Like many aspiring broadcast journalists, Her path took several turns before she found level ground. She earned her master’s degree in journalism from Columbia College Chicago within one year of obtaining a bachelor’s degree from Northern Illinois University. Her debut publication, #JOURNOLIFE, is a culmination of professional experiences that give a different perspective to your regularly scheduled news program.

#JOURNOLIFE is a collection of real-life stories from journalists who all took different paths to reach their ultimate goal of working in a newsroom. These stories are meant for aspiring journalists to learn how to navigate the newsroom with confidence. Each story offers a different lesson and a fresh perspective on situations you will encounter on your professional journey. With experiences, you will learn what to do and what not to do, what to look for in the newsroom, how to navigate personal and uncomfortable situations, tricks of the trade, and so much more.

In a time where fake news is real, old school journalistic principles must be adhered to, and working professionals must seriously consider their duties as journalists to be factual, accurate, and fair.

PWH: What sparked your interest in Journalism?

BO: My love for journalism started with writing. It’s always been how I expressed myself. In undergrad, I naturally gravitated to Broadcast Journalism. I enjoyed everything about it. I completed an internship at a television station every summer while earning my Bachelor’s Degree at Northern Illinois University, which helped me land my first job at CBS-2 in Chicago.

PWH: Can you describe the day in your life as a Journalist?

BO: I spent my career as an Assignment Editor. This position is commonly called the newsroom’s pulse because it’s where the information and instructions flow. My job was to know what was going on in the city at all times and determine how the station could cover it.

As most journalists do, I stayed abreast of the day’s news before going into work, watching newscasts, reading newspapers and listening to news radio en route to work. Aside from assisting in determining what news will be covered, the Assignment Editor handles the logistics of staff, including reporters, photographers, and editors, in terms of how the stories will be told. Throughout the day, I’m in constant contact with producers inside the newsroom and reporters in the field to ensure a steady flow of communication. Ensuring deadlines are met, fact-checking, securing interviews, reviewing press releases, and video are all daily functions of the job.

PWH: What are some challenges you have faced in your career?

BO: My first job was in the number 3 television market, Chicago. This means I was in my early 20’s working with veterans-people who’ve paid their dues and had been in the business for ten or more years. I initially struggled with my position because the essence of being an Assignment Editor (I started as an Assistant Assignment Editor) is determining what the reporters, editors, and photographers will do for the day – who they will work with, how many assignments they will have, if they’ll need to stay later, a lot of factors play into the position. I initially received a lot of pushback, and I didn’t know why. I wondered if it was because I was young. After all, I was a woman because I was African-American or because I was an African-American woman? I didn’t know. I honed my craft, learned all I could as quickly as possible, and brought my A-game every day. I treated everyone as I wanted to be treated, and while everyone didn’t do the same, I quickly gained the respect I deserved.

PWH: In your book #Journolife what is your message to readers?

BO: In Journalism or any career path you choose, make sure it’s worth it. Journalists sacrifice a lot – relationships, odd schedules, long hours, working holidays, sometimes low pay, working in extreme weather conditions, the list goes on. But having a front-row seat to history-making moments makes it worth it. Telling stories that inspire people to act makes it worth it. Finding the truth and speaking that truth makes it worth it.

PWH: What is next for you and your career?

BO: I am thrilled that #JOURNOLIFE is so well received. It has allowed me to speak at various universities and organizations and reach the next generation of journalists. The next phase of the book will be the launch of the #JOURNOLIFE website, which will be an informational hub for all things journalism.

I look forward to inspiring and helping those looking to enter the field as much as possible.

PWH: Life advice in general? (Words or philosophies that have guided/inspired/motivated you)

BO: Find your confidence and own it. If I could tell my younger self anything at all, it is to be confident in who you are and in your abilities. You’ve got this!

PWH: Bonus: What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustle’s?

BO: My definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles is a woman who is clear about who she is, what she wants, and goes about reaching her goals with style and grace.

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CEO Regan Farley & The Regan Farley Agency

Regan Farley has been an industry leader in the public relations space since 2012.  Regan has worked with major companies such as Fox Broadcasting Company, NBCUniversal, Def Jam Records, CBS Television, and PS Media Talent. She’s also worked red carpet events at the NAACP Image Awards and the BET Hip-Hop Awards. As an alum of Lincoln University, she understands the importance of educating oneself to become an elite force in business and life. “The dream is free, but the hustle is sold separately. Each person has a different hustle and a specific goal to get them there. It’s important to recognize that early on and know that you must run your race to be successful.”

 Regan took years of relentless first-hand experience and started The Regan Farley Agency. Her agency represents a wide variety of talented creatives looking to take their brand to new heights, through media exposure and campaigns. Her clients have appeared on shows such as Sister Circle TV, BET, and TV One, to name a few.

A stout philanthropist, Regan has partnered with organizations such as The Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles and New York. She’s also a board member in the Maryland chapter. Her current endeavors include The PR Circle, Hustle Sold Separ8ly clothing, and Can’t Knock The Hustle journal, which is in conjunction with the Hustle Sold Separ8ly brand.

PWH: Describe your brand in three words. 

RF: Create, Innovate, Inspire three words that mean the world to RFA.  In order to move the needle in the public relations space, I’m a firm believer that each campaign has to have a combination of all 3 aspects.  

PWH: Tell us how you got your start in PR?

RF: I’ve been able to have some amazing opportunities and honestly gotten bit by the PR bug early on in my career. In high school, I was in an amazing multi-media program that fueled my love for communications in college. I expanded upon that passion. One of those roles in college allowed me to plan and promote some of the biggest revenue-generating events for my university. That position allowed me to connect with university staff on a deeper level and a mentor of mine saw my work ethic and sent me to live in LA for a bit on an internship at CBS’ “Entertainment Tonight” and I officially moved to LA a year after graduation.  I submerged myself in all aspects of PR red carpet events, movie premiers, and much more.

PWH: What is your overall goal as a company?

RF: Our mission at The Regan Farley Agency is to create brand visibility with ingenuity, originality, and innovation.

We specialize in crafting an experience-driven approach due to working with industry leaders and top-tier companies.  RFA oversees a wide-spread client portfolio in  Non-Profit, Lifestyle/Beauty, and entertainment spaces. We have a passion for popular culture and blending a multi-dimensional skill set that transcends across markets.  We are dedicated to helping clients achieve optimum visibility through strategic partnerships, active storytelling, and creating campaigns that one can be proud of.

PWH: What is your process, when it comes to helping people grow their brands reach?

RF: My first step is to encourage both potential and current clients to just simply be comfortable with telling their stories.  You are your own personal walking brand and nobody will be better at telling your story than you. Finding the perfect angle is also important to tell the proper story.

PWH: Take us into a day in the life of Regan?

RF: I have to start my day in prayer no matter what, it’s the thing that keeps me grounded, and above all else, I’m just completely thankful for where I am at this moment. I check my to-do list from the past evening and hop on my scheduled meetings.  Most tasks aren’t high energy until you get into the event side of things or a big client campaign rollout.

PWH: You have had a lot of success as a company, how do you think you made it so far?

RF: I’ve made it by having a solid support system that believes in my dreams and encourages me daily to keep pushing. Mom and Grandma support everything that I do. I feel like the term “self-made” is a non-existent one we all need mentors and people who help us get to the next level. I’ve been so blessed to have people cheering for me as long as I can remember. I owe my success to the people who saw something in me even when I didn’t see it in myself that’s the only way that I’ve made it to this moment right now. 

PWH: Bonus: What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustle’s?

RF: My definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustle is someone that won’t take no for an answer, she’s relentless in pursuit of her dreams, passion and spreads light and joy to no matter what project she’s a part of. She’s a leader but she also knows when to fade into the background and allowing others to shine doesn’t take away from the work that she’s doing.

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Author Avery Goode

Avery Goode is a witty, creative author, publisher, and public speaker who used writing to help her through some of her darkest moments. It was through her gifted pen, that her life began to change for the better.  Avery’s writing caught the attention of several publications and she was featured in Parle’ and Voyage ATL Magazines, where she was named a Hot-lanta Trailblazer. In 2018, she was voted Atlanta’s Hottest Author and has a bevy of other nominations to her credit.

 Known for writing Goode fiction that borders on truth, Miss Goode welcomes readers into her world of entertaining books. From erotica to suspense and genres in between, Avery shares her love of the written word with those who love to read as much as she loves to write. Armed with an arsenal of ideas, she plans on creating novels that leaves the masses craving more. If you want to keep up with Avery and discover what she will be up to next, please visit her website at, where you can sign up to receive updates on book tours, new releases and much more Goode stuff. You can also find Avery on the following social media platforms.

PWH: What inspired you to start writing?

AG: My love for books with great stories is the inspiration behind my writing. I’m an avid reader who used to run out of books to read when I was younger, so one day,  I started out rewriting the endings of my favorite stories and one of my Goode friends suggested I write one of my own. It took a few years, but eventually, I did. 

PWH: How would you describe your writing style?

AG: If James Patterson and Zane ever hooked up and had a baby, Avery Goode would be it. My writing embodies sexy suspense with storylines so realistic one would swear the events actually happened. I call my writing ‘True Fiction’. 

PWH: How many books have you written?

AG: I have written and published 6 novels and just recently finished my first short story that will be released in a few weeks. 

PWH: What is your common message that speaks in all your work? 

AG: Being honest is always the best policy because you never know if your next lie will get you killed. Each of my books has some level of betrayal in them. How my characters react to that betrayal is based on who they are and how tired they truly have become of the person or situation. 

PWH: Do you have any upcoming books?

AG: Absolutely. I have been writing for the past year and a half, simultaneously on 3 different projects. The first will release in August, then October and December. Readers can follow my social media to find out the details and specific release dates. 

PWH: Bonus: What advice do you have for an upcoming writer?

AG: Do your research and self educate as much as possible. Google is your friend and in the age of information, there is no excuse for not knowing the basics. The more you know when you enter into this arena, the greater your longevity in the literary world. 

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Author Dr. Ketra L. Davenport – King

Charismatic, Energetic, and Captivating are words that describe the personality of Dr. Ketra. Armed with over 20 years of serving the community, Dr. Davenport-King is an advocate, speaker, mentor, coach, and philanthropist who has radically impacted the lives of believers under the flagship of her ministry.

Dr. Ketra L. Davenport-King, a native of Dallas, Texas, received her Bachelor of Arts and Science in Christian Counseling, Master of Arts in Christian Education, and Master of Business Administration from Dallas Baptist University. She earned her Doctorate of Strategic Leadership from Regent University. She has spent much of her life serving people in various capacities. One of her greatest joys is starting Life After Advocacy Group, Inc., in 2004, to help individuals who have been victims of sexual abuse recover and live a healthy life.

Dr. Ketra opened the doors to Rock Dimensional Consulting (formally known as KLD Consulting Services) in 2005. Through RDC, she has spent the past 15 years coaching and training leaders, developing and educating church ministries, hosting leadership seminars, and workshops. Dr. Ketra is known for her innovative and engaging Leadership Seminar name, ‘The Leadership ReCourse’ designed to reconnect today’s leaders back to collaborative leadership. Dr. Ketra wholeheartedly believes, “when you live in a community, there should be a handprint of your work left behind for future generations.” She launched the North Vernon Women’s Community Bible Study group in 2015 to bridge the gap and bring together a diverse group of women to improve the family dynamic in underserved communities.

Her latest accomplishment is her new book, Seeing Beyond The Shattered Glass, which is a fictional memoir based on her true-life events. Dr. Ketra is confident that her book will inspire victims of sexual abuse who have suffered in silence to speak their truth.

PWH: You are a Woman of God, First Lady, Mother and Community Leader, how do you balance it all?

KDK: It is amazing how God will give us the grace needed to maintain the various facets of our lives that He calls us to. My life has always had multiple lanes that required me to compartmentalize my focus. Of course, my faith has always been my driver, as well as my relationship with Jesus Christ. It is not comfortable living in a world where we have to position ourselves to do right when it is easy to do wrong. It is not easy choosing to live a saved life in an unsaved world, and as a woman of God, I have had many struggles over the years maintaining a life that is holy and acceptable for myself, my children, and those who follow me publicly. In 2005 when I gave my life to Christ for real, I made a conscientious decision to become a beacon of hope for others as well as inspire women to Speak Their Truth and live a life of freedom. One of my favorite scriptures is Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope” because it provides a glimpse of hope that fueled me to keep moving forward in those time when I wanted to give up. I believe my life journey prepared me for the role of being the First Lady of a church.

My husband and I have been married now going on eight years. It was never my intent to marry a Pastor – but, when I asked God to send me the person whom He has for my children and me – he is what God sent. We have a small church in Vernon, TX, but we have members who love God and us. The role hasn’t been a challenge for me because before marrying my husband, I was very involved in ministry serving in the Women’s ministry of my then local church and other church auxiliaries – as well as being a Minister of the Gospel. So, to say, if there was a significant adjustment in regards to the new role, no it has not been, however, I just had to balance being the wife of a Pastor (smile). I always say, ‘being the wife of a Pastor is a called position and not a position you choose.” My husband is a laid-back person who is an introvert, so it amazes me when I see him in the pulpit because he speaks more there then he does in a typical conversation. I had to adjust to his study times because he is an early riser, and I am a night owl – so I like to sleep late, and he gets up at 5:00 am every day! Of course, there have been several other adjustments, but those I believe comes with being the Pastors wife. There is one thing, in particular, I can say that was an adjustment, and that was making sure I did not lose myself to being his wife and not being who God called me to be first – that took some time and adjustment for the both of us.

My children are my world, and when my husband and I married, we had a rather large blinded family, for me. Together we share four grown children and four grandchildren – I had a son and daughter, and he had also had a son and daughter along with grandchildren. I love children, and when we met, my children were still living at home, and his children were grown, so it was easy for me to adjust to loving his children and building a relationship due to their age.

So, to sum up, all of the hats I wear, I have to say that God is my equalizer, and He gives me the patience, understanding, clarity, and guidance needed to main a balanced life to serve faithfully at home, church, and community. One of my mentors told be some time ago that God will give us the exact amount of GRACE we need in the season we are in to fulfill our purpose – and I believe that wholeheartedly.

PWH: Tell us about Life after Advocacy Group?

KDK: Life After Advocacy Group, Inc, opened in 2004 and is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization committed to promoting awareness and prevention in sexual, verbal, emotional, and physical abuse by identifying, admitting and advocating education within the church body and local community. The mission of LAAG is to assist children, women, and men in promoting a balanced life after being sexually abused by creating a confident, caring, and personal environment. LAAG’s vision is to be a catalyst for victims of sexual crimes. To rehabilitate the lives of sexually abused and rape victims. To advocate for legislative laws for sexual assault victims and families. Our purpose is to provide support to victims and their family members by educating them on information regarding sexual abuse and neglect.

PWH: What is Rock Dimensional Consulting?

KDK: Rock Dimensional consulting is an extension of Life After Advocacy Group were, we do business and leadership consulting and coaching. Great leadership sometimes occurs naturally. But for most of us, great leadership must be developed through specialized training, deliberate focus on areas of opportunity, and accountability. Whether geared toward a single individual, executive management teams, or entire organizations, our leadership development consulting services will help you fully assess your talent’s strengths and weaknesses.

PWH: You are known for your powerful workshop “The Leaders Recourse,” what is your message in this class?

KDK: The Rock Dimensional Consulting firm conducts an 8-hr., 6-hr., or 4-hr., leadership seminar. The seminar attendees have consistently rated this workshop as a highly practical and interactive experience. However, opportunities for structured training in leadership competencies during the subsequent five to ten years are limited. Given the success of the Leadership ReCourse seminar and the need for continuity in this model of leadership training, we also conduct a half-day workshop for new and current leaders to foster continued organizational training.

The seminar curriculum focuses on the leadership areas of strategy, structure, culture, teams, performance management & assessments, leadership styles, and leadership development, which manages the organizational structure and navigate leadership transitions. Also, the curriculum emphasizes both short-term competencies, such as active participation as a member of a leadership team, and long-term competencies, such as the leadership of a research team, division, or department. The inaugural leadership training seminar, held in April 2018, was assessed by leader participants to be well organized and highly relevant to leadership concepts and skills. Each session attendee will receive an interactive training manual that will is a personal reference guide.

The overall purpose of the Leadership ReCourse seminar is to Revisit, Innovate, and ReEngage the fundamental aspects of leadership development and the importance of continuously developing leaders worldwide.

PWH: What upcoming projects do you have?

KDK: Dr. Ketra L. Davenport-King has written a fictional memoir book based on her true-life events that is easy to digest and will hopefully inspire victims of sexual abuse who have suffered in silence to speak their truth.

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Aloha Glamour CEO Lexi Williams

Lexi Williams is a mother, retired Air Force, woman of God, and entrepreneur who lives life in color and helps others do the same through clothing from her Afrowaiian boutique.

By her very nature, she spreads love and light and has shown true bravery both on duty and in her personal life. Her booming business, Aloha Glamor, was birthed during extreme adversity when she lost her child, Lauren Taylor. For many months, all she saw was grey and black and white. 

When she finally started to see a glimmer of hope and color, she DECIDED to celebrate and honor Lauren Taylor by bringing some color to people’s lives and helping them feel beautiful, no matter their size or circumstance. Lexi was reborn and Aloha Glamor was born. She has been featured in Forbes, CNNStyle,, and Travel Noire for leading the way in helping curve The COVID19 virus by producing fabric masks. 

PWH: Describe you and your brand in four words.

LW: Afrowaiian, Resilient, Bold, Colorful

PWH: Where did you get the name Aloha Glamour?

LW: Our business was founded on a beach in Hawaii, I wanted that connection to be present in our name. Aloha is synonymous with The Hawaiian Islands and Glamour was my second choice due to the business name’ Southern Aloha’ being used. 

PWH: I know your passion for your company comes from the passing of your daughter, what message do you have for mothers?

 LW: The message I have for mothers who have suffered a child loss is you are not alone. I felt as if I was the only woman in the world who had suffered a child loss and actively grieving. I have been fortunate enough to have other women who feel comfortable, after reading my story, in sharing their loss as well. 1 in 4 women will experience a child loss and/or miscarriage and it’s imperative for these brave women to know that they aren’t alone. If they need me, they can lean on me. There is someone in the world waiting on them to share their story to get through what they are going through. 

PWH: What is your target audience, and what can shoppers find on your site?

LW: My target audience is women who are unabashedly comfortable in their own skin, who aren’t afraid to love their life in color! 

PWH: What advice do you have for a young entrepreneur? 

LW: Don’t start a business for the money, start a business to make a difference. 

would also tell young entrepreneurs to know who they are before their family, friends, and society tell them who they should be. 

Everyone was against me starting an Afrowaiian Clothing and accessories Boutique because it was different. I was a Black girl, from Mississippi, with an Afrowaiian Boutique! 

It will be scary! But do it, scared! Be a positive disrupter, as my mentor Pamela Berry-Johnson tells me. 

Go after what you want and let NOTHING or ANYBODY get in your way. Be consistent. Be Bold. Be You.

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Author Alexis Smith-Jones

Alexis Smith-Jones was born in Miami, FL, but now resides in Atlanta, GA. Alexis is the owner of Aj, the Writer & Company, which exists to help writers fulfill their dreams of becoming an author. Not only is Alexis, an author, but she is also an avid reader. Alexis has been creating stories since she could remember. Her passion for writing came at a very young age. Writing was her way to express herself and sometimes escape her reality. Alexis likes to use life experiences and things going on around her to create her stories. She does that so readers can feel like they are apart of the experiences and everything that the character is going through and feeling at that moment. Alexis’s writing style is unique, and she enjoys many genres.

PWH: Describe yourself in 3 words.

AJ: The three words that come to my mind is ambitious, creative, and optimistic 

PWH: You have had a passion for writing since you were little, did you ever have a moment that you wanted to do something else?

AJ: Besides writing being my first love. I have always wanted to work with kids, young adults, and families. I went to school for psychology and a minor in social work. 

PWH: Describe your writing style?

AJ: My writing style varies. My most recent style is fiction romance. 

PWH: You have written several books, what’s the inspiration behind them?

AJ: The inspiration behind my books are normal real-life events that have either happened in my life or things that are actually happening in the world. 

PWH: Do you have a favorite writer that influences your style?

AJ: Yes the two writers that influenced me were Omar Tyree and Sister Souljah.

PWH: Do you have any upcoming books?

AJ: I do have a book that will be released next with the title is Slipped Away. It’s a book of short stories of how someone lost their true love either to cheating, being too young, not realizing until it was too late, or death. 

PWH: Bonus: What advice do you have for an aspiring writer? 

AJ: The advice I have for an aspiring writer is to go for it. You will never know what you could become if you never try.

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CEO Shawntia Lee & The College Thriver Program

Growing up in a small rural town, there were limited resources for Shawntia when she was ready to enroll in college. Being the first to have the aspiration to attend college in her family, support with the logistics involved in enrolling in college was very limited, which made the experience daunting and scary. Shawntia has always been a solutions-oriented person, therefore, needless to say, her determination prevailed, and she graduated with honors.

Through her own experience, she realized that there were others that carried the same feelings and emotions, especially with minorities and low-income families. Her mission became quite clear, advocating for deserving academic minorities and low-income scholars with the dream to attend the college of their choice birthed College Thriver.

PWH: What inspired College Thriver?

SL: I decided to start College Thriver because I have been working in College Admissions on the for-profit sector for over 10 years and realized all of my minority students were further behind in the process than any other demographic. I realized it was a reoccurring theme and saw the pattern of minorities not being properly Educated for college admissions or the process itself. Hence my non-profit was born.

PWH: What is your overall goal?

SL: My overall goal is to lessen the gap between minorities being accepted into top tier college and showcase their brilliance by connecting them to the proper resources available.

PWH: How can students sign up to be apart of College Thriver?

SL: Students can signup and join College Thriver through our APP pr our online resource center. Both are currently being built out by a team of developers behind the scenes and will be available for review in the next 90 days.

PWH: What resources do you have for schools to become apart of this program?

SL: Schools will be able to sign up for My college thriver program through the APP and online software. We will be doing a soft launch through guidance counselors before making it available to the entire public so we can test and fix any bugs needed.

PWH: Where do you hope to see College Thriver in the future?

SL: In the future, I hope to see College Thriver setup in every high school as a resource center where students can drop by with their parents and talk to one of our dedicated counselors.

PWH: What advice do you have for a senior in high school feeling hopeless, because of a lack of money?

SL: It is quite common to feel overwhelmed by college finances and lack of money. however, there are several schools freezing tuition, waiving scores, and updating their college requirements because of the pandemic. I would advise them to reach out to their school or choice and find out what new things are being offered. several schools are also offering full-ride scholarships. They can also join my non-profit app where we will have conducted to research and partner with other non-profits who have their own scholarship program-this eliminates the overall competition. 

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