October 26, 2021


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Never & Again Movie – Interview with Denise Boutte

I had the amazing the opportunity to chat with Denise Boutte who stars as Jasmine in the highly anticipated film, “Never & Again” from Mogul Master P and Romeo Miller premiering on BET+ on February 11, 2021. We discuss love and how sometimes we have to check our expectations and views on what love can be later in life.

Never and Again focuses on a budding romance between Kevin (Long) and Jasmine (Boutte) first sparked during their teenage years. The duo equally supported and shared passion for each other’s dreams. Her love for music and his love for football, ultimately falling madly in love in the process. The Never and Again 10 song soundtrack lead single Made For Me” by acclaimed Gospel Singer Tim Rogers features R&B singer Tweet.

As with many love stories including during the puppy love phase with couples first starting out, outside circumstances can cause things to unravel. In Never and Again, the same reigns true as the love between Kevin and Jasmine takes a dramatic shift as tragedy soon unfolds and a momentary lapse in judgement pulls them apart. As has often been said over the course of history, time heals all wounds, because many years later, their paths cross again and the two are forced to trust one another. Will the love they once shared be enough to save them now? 

This romantic comedy film stars Jackie Long, Denise Boutte, Legendary Actress Ella Joyce, Christian Keyes, Vanessa Simmons, Bebe Drake, Cymphonique Miller, Day 26’s Willie Taylor, Bishop Don Magic Juan, Jayson Bernard and Icon Master P.

Hip hop icon & Media Mogul Master P & Romeo Miller team up with film director LazRael Lison & soundtrack producer Tracy Bell (Asah Entertainment) to bring this film that combines faith, comedy and love.

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