You Can’t Promise Me Anything

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All you can promise is your pretty lies that comes with consequences

You broken my heart over and over again so that’s why my heart has put up some fences

Don’t get my hopes up when you are such a good liar

A good womanizer that has promised lots of hearts when all you do is break them until they are broken apart

A million pieces lies on the floor and you wonder why I will always hate you

You break promises over and over again and get hopes up again

Do you remember the last time your heart was purely good?

Without it being filled with sin

Stop promising me the world when you can’t even tell the truth

I’m just sick and tired of all the BS and toxic thoughts you put me through

Just do me a favor and don’t promise me anything else

Penning this pyscho love thriller that I can’t wait to put on my bookshelf

All you can promise is your pretty lies that comes with consequences

You broken my heart over and over again so that’s why my heart has put up some fences


Written by Patrice Rivers aka Lyrical Passion

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How Tiffany Cartwright’s Resilience Built A Beauty Brand To Leave A Family Legacy

Resilience is a character trait that many women possess.  It’s the ability to recover quickly from difficulties.  Some may not be able to adapt to change or to overcome immediate challenges.  However, many are able to keep their eye on the prize to reach their desired end result.  If you look up resilience in the dictionary, I’m certain that you’ll see a picture of Tiffany Cartwright. Born and raised in Detroit, Tiffany received her Bachelor’s Degree from Michigan State University.  She also holds a Juris Doctor Degree from the University of Michigan. Tiffany also serves as an Administrative Law Judge for the State of Michigan.

Her professional career involved her service as a former Assistant Attorney General and former Administrative Law Judge for the State of Michigan.  In 2012 she was laid off due to budget cuts.  She returned to the bench in 2015 and was released again in 2016.  “I went from University of Michigan Law School, Assistant Attorney General and Administrative Law Judge to unemployed, no health insurance, no money, and a bridge card. I lost everything!” says Cartwright.  Tiffany didn’t throw in the towel there.  She used her homemade talent to birth an entire beauty brand.  Here’s what Tiffany had to say about her motivation, her brand and things to come:

Why was it important to start your beauty brand? 

“I started my beauty brand as a result of a need. After successfully making products to help my daughter’s eczema, I knew there were others who suffered from eczema and needed my products. I would gift my homemade products to family, friends and neighbors.  That initiative birthed my beauty line of Amarra Beauty Products and the launch of my G.L.A.M. body scrub line.”

What products do you offer? 

“We offer organic, natural skincare products that contain no SLS, no parabens, no sulfates, no mineral oil and no added preservatives. Our luxurious products are developed with all natural ingredients such as peppermint, mango, wildberry, lavender and brown sugar.”

How has your beauty brand impacted your family? 

“My family has been extremely supportive and instrumental every step of the way! From inspiring the brand to assisting in running the business, they are there with me along this journey.”

How has your brand evolved since its conception?

“At an annual initiative targeting products made in the U.S. I pitched my products to a 2018 Walmart Open Call.   I won the competition and my buyer said yes. I literally cried. They had no idea what I had gone through just to get there. My products have now graced select shelves at Walmart stores across the country. This has truly been a dream come true!”

Tiffany Cartwright is also a certified minority and women owned small business who is giving us real Black Girl Magic vibes for 2021. Her brand is empowering to entrepreneurs everywhere and motivates us all to never give up.  Despite adversity, you can achieve anything.  Connect with Amarra Beauty Products at a Walmart near you this Winter season. Follow Amarra Beauty Products online on Instagram here and also on Facebook here.  Stay tuned for more product updates, events and launches here.

Writer, C. Scott, is a mother of one; author, social worker, early literacy interventionist and entrepreneur. Follow her on Instagram as @curls_coils and @mysweettealife. 

Photo Credit: Marvie Wright Photography