“How San Antonio Native Kendra Hill went from poverty to earning 1 million in revenue”

“How San Antonio Native Kendra Hill went from poverty to earning 1 million in revenue”

The 33-year-old CEO of Kendra, Scale My Business – a consulting firm based in Atlanta that specializes in supporting creators and multimillion-dollar businesses in continuing to grow in revenue, people reached, and brand visibility – has reinvented the management consultant model. As a result of this, her presence has grown across the globe as clients from around the world reach out to utilize her services.  Notable clients include Marriott International, JustFab, The UNCF, Trojan, and Revel Casino Hotel. 

As a thought leader in brand and business management, Kendra has taken the consulting world by storm, and many people are asking the same question. “How?”.  Kendra has easy, affordable and extremely applicable ways of showing the novice entrepreneur to CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies just how to increase their profits in a small amount of time. 

We know there are plenty of consultants out there, but what sets Kendra apart is her non-traditional approach to everything she does. With almost a decade of entrepreneurial experience, she has learned that the key to generating revenue is treating each client’s business as her own in an incredibly unique way. 

  • In your own words, could you please describe your business and the services you offer?
  • Kendra, Scale My Business is a business management consulting firm that helps companies and creatives alike grow in revenue, people reached, and brand visibility. We literally help businesses scale and grow by any means necessary. For some, it’s handling their marketing and digital presence. Some need HR support. Others need full organizational overhauls. We also take a holistic approach when working with our clients as we care deeply about the person behind the brand.

    Here is a comprehensive list of our services: Business Development, Organizational Management, Leadership Coaching, Marketing, Digital, YouTube Consulting, Brand Management, DEI Consulting, HR/Talent Acquisition, and Strategic Planning.
  • How did your business venture come about? explain a little bit of your journey from beginning to now and increasing revenue?
  • I’ve been an entrepreneur for 10 years now. At my core, I have always wanted to improve the lives of those around me. I was actually preparing to run for city council in my hometown when I heard God loud and clear. My campaign slogan, “I Am San Antonio” was actually supposed to be the name of my first business. Instead of filing to run for office, I filed my LLC and launched my business. We primarily did brand management for small businesses and churches ultimately helping leaders get visible online.

    After running that business for 6 years, I sold it and became a fashion stylist. I successfully styled a few Christian celebrities, ran a magazine about modest fashion, and styled monthly campaigns for JustFab, but I knew that I was running from my purpose.  Through an act of God, I ended back on the consulting path but in a whole new way – God’s way. I started Kendra, Scale My Business on January 5, 2020, and less than 7 months later, we hit a million dollars in revenue. 
  • How do you believe God prepared you for where you are today? What are some trials and experiences you had to endure that really set you up for your purpose?
  • Whew! This is a loaded question. I feel like every experience I have had, both good and bad, have prepared me for where I am now. I’m reminded of Romans 8:28 where it says that “all things work together for the good of them who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.” Every trial has been for HIS purpose – not mine.

    I’ve had a bunch of jobs from working for the U.S. House of Representatives to UNCF to Google to the San Antonio Spurs and each of those positions and environments taught me vital lessons. When I worked for Congress, I really got to understand the power of relationship as the Members of Congress need their peers to get on board in order to get a bill on the House floor. At UNCF, I learned how to really multitask as I worked in two very different departments doing a number of different jobs. Google gave me the skills to lead a diverse team in accomplishing a plethora of goals all at once. Working at the Spurs taught me how to leverage my influence. These are all skills that I use daily in my own team and with clients and their staff. 

    I’ve also had my fair share of trials from childhood molestation and rape to heartbreak, disappointment, abandonment, and neglect. I was previously engaged to an undercover drug addict. I’ve pastored churches and battled depression. Every encounter and experience has challenged me to become more patient and compassionate with others while becoming resilient myself. Honestly, I’ve lived 12 lives. Each mountain and valley experience has given me the confidence to unapologetically pursue God and exchange my will for His will daily. 
  • What is your primary way of attracting new clientele and keeping open streams of income to your business?
  • Real rap, business just comes to me. It’s VERY rare that I pitch to prospects at this point. In the last year of my business, I’ve only cold pitched two clients (and closed them both). I really attract customers by being consistently authentic on social media and doing exceptional work for my current clients. Being real with my audience and making myself available to help them has been a core asset to my success. 
  • How do you prioritize time spent in your business and time spent in your personal life? How are you able to juggle it all now that your business has grown tremendously?
  • This is something that I have literally just started learning. Even being a decade into entrepreneurship, I still have some internal battles about work-life balance. One of the things I started doing at the beginning of 2021 was shifting my schedule to accommodate meetings Tuesdays-Thursdays only.  This allows me to either have 4-day weekends every week or at least be able to take weekends off because I have Mondays and Fridays as administrative buffers.  

    Growth has actually made balancing a lot easier. Having a team that helps me execute internal and external projects makes it easy for me to walk away from the business at the end of the day. Also, growth has taught me to value the vision. I used to check in with God at the beginning of the year to map out goals for the year. Now, I’m able to take time and really tap into the vision weekly. It has helped us to be consistent in growth and pivot when necessary. 
  • Do you believe with your current success is it easier or harder to say “no”?
  • Oh, it’s SO easy to say “no” now! lol I was never a people pleaser. I only took on a ton of projects for financial reasons. Now that I know and charge my worth, it’s easy to only accept clients and projects that are totally aligned with my moral compass and our company’s core values. 
  • What advice do you have for other entrepreneurs trying to generate revenue quickly, efficiently, and successfully?
  • If you’re trying to scale quickly, you need three things: 1) clarity on your niche, services, and pricing; 2) a solid digital presence; and, 3) systems and automations in place. Without knowing who you will serve, what you will do, and what it will cost a client, you’re practically a lost cause. If you get those three things in place, you can outsource work or hire a team. Trust me when I say that the right people in the right seats at your table are vital to your rapid success. 
  • Fun question: Where is your ideal/dream place to travel and what is stopping you from picking up and going right now? 
  • I’ve traveled extensively as I have clients all over the world, but I dream of visiting Santorini, Greece. What’s stopping me?!? Covid. Periodt. 

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