Jalisa Shaveh- Model Curvy Girl on New Reality Show “Thick House”

Jalisa Shaveh- Model Curvy Girl on New Reality Show “Thick House”

Jalisa Shaveh is on the rise and now competing on ‘The Shade Room’s newly produced reality series “Thick House”. This one is for my plus-sized queens! This show will shine a light on the voluptuous women and their black girl magic; think American Next Top Model but for melanated curvy girls.

Jalisa is not only staying busy by running her eyelash company in Panorama City, California but also spends her time as a volunteer at the nonprofit foundation “Kids In The Spotlight” and AFI school where she also volunteers her time as a makeup artist. To add to her list, Jalisa Shaveh has also modeled for Rydel, Karen T Fashion, Creator for Adore Me season campaigns, and now landed her new spot on “Thick House”.

The show premiered on Facebook Watch Sunday, May 16, 2021, showcasing the new models with flavor. This show is going to be spicy with celebrity appearances to be made by EJ King, Lizzo, and more! Be sure to tune in and support “Thick House” contestant Jalisa!

Jalisa Saveh gave me the inside scoop on how she has reached her new heights, will continue to keep soaring, and manages the stress of her responsibilities.

1. What is your background in the modeling/ fashion industry? How did you get started pursuing your dreams in modeling and being a business owner (selling mink lashes)

JALISA: My modeling career started back in 2015. I’ve walked in over 30 fashion shows, from Arkansas to Los Angeles and in between. I didn’t gain the confidence to model until my senior year in high school after witnessing models like Tocarra Jones, take the spotlight. My love for eyelashes runs deep and is inspired by my 5 younger sisters. I plan to grow my business and one day pass it on to them. 

2. Who inspires you the most? How do they play a part in your success today? 

JALISA: I would honestly say, I’m inspired by multiple virtuous women in my family. From their degrees, strong work ethic to leadership positions, I look up to the beautiful black women who made me who I am today. I know for a fact, I’ve been equipped for my future because of my elders (generational grace) and persistent prayer. 

3. You’re involved in/volunteer with nonprofit organization Kids in the Spotlight, why that specific organization? 

JALISA: I have compassion for the youth. I volunteer my services to a non-profit organization, Kids In The Spotlight. Kids In The Spotlight provides a 15-week filmmaking program to foster children throughout Southern California. These children are more than foster children, they are our future directors, writers and actors. I see my younger self in these children. They are my reminder to keep dreaming. 

4. Representation and women empowerment are vital, especially in our current state, do you feel like competing in this new show will help you do that? In what manner? What do you hope to gain/ be recognized for competing in the new show “Thick House”? 

JALISA: Women Empowerment is definitely more than a statement. After competing on Thick House, I hope the audience learns that collaboration is far more effective than competition. The cast and I discovered sisterhood and rooted each other on regardless of the competition. Women Empowerment is uplifting, congratulating and clapping for other women, even when it’s not your turn to shine. When one shines, we truly all shine. The show strengthened my enlightenment on women empowerment. 

5. How do you manage day to day tasks when it may seem overwhelming now that you are booked and busy with modeling work, entrepreneurship, volunteering, etc.? How do you prioritize your mental health? 

JALISA: Managing my day to day has strictly become day to day. I pride myself on focusing on smaller goals. What needs to be done today? How can today prepare me for tomorrow? Writing everything down! If I see it, it’s more clear. I feel like goals that are far out, seem to be most overwhelming. Keeping my priorities on today, allows me to ”stay on top of things” or be more organized which causes less stress.

6. How did this opportunity to do the show “Thick House” come about for you? Do you get nervous or doubtful when new opportunities arise? How do you get over that hump?

JALISA: This opportunity presented itself form my casting networks. When new opportunities come in my first thought is always, ”at least try.” Followed by ” If it’s for me, let it be.” I’m still overcoming my pre-stage fright, but it usually all goes away when I hit the stage. The best way to get over the doubt or fear is to pray about it, smile and tell yourself, ”I was made for this.” It all starts with self-belief. 

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