Miami Native On Envisioning Success Using Her Multicultural Flare And Entrepreneurial Passion

Jasmin Cadavid was born and raised in Miami, Florida. Her upbringing came from a multicultural home with her mother who is from Guatemala, and her father who is from Colombia. Jasmin is the first born of 5 children. She started receiving recognition for sports, arts, and academics at an early age, a gifted student, competitive in many direct participation activities like brain bowls, school plays, choir soloist, most valuable athlete of the year in the yearbook, most attractive amongst other accomplishments.

Jasmin easily started making a name for herself. Like a lot of other families in rural Miami, Jasmin’s atmosphere was exposed to various lifestyle ailments and struggles in the streets.  With many achievements, comes many experiences; Jasmin ended up being expelled from schools, fighting, and in and out of juvenile detention center. At the age of 17 Jasmin was already on her own and despite the troubles in the past she started slowly becoming an entrepreneur. Graduated from high school with determination to flourish. Jasmin started modeling, attended Miami acting school, went to college, bought her first property at 21, got license in real estate, from Monte Carlo’s to Mercedes; Jasmin envisioned nothing but success with no intention on slowing down anytime soon.

Influenced with her heritage, and the diverse emotional ride experienced in Hip Hop and Rhythm and Blues; Jasmin enjoys a range of musical artists. She listens to Tupac Shakur that became medicine for hidden pain and gave her a boost of strength. Tupac celebrated life through his music as a legend. Lauryn Hill and her album entitled “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill ” dedicated to her Zion was legend. Musically, Jasmin was vocally coached by the legendary Wanya Morris from BoyzllMen and is currently working on releasing her debut EP project (untitled at this time) summer 2021. Jasmin introduced to the world how the model turned multifaceted businesswoman has a passion for her musical devotion with previous releases entitled “Float,” and an upbeat tempo track entitled, “Strike A Pose.”

Fast-forwarding to date, Cadavid released the first new single February 2021 entitled “If You Let Me.” The track is a soothing sensual vibe with catchy hooks and smooth melodies. She is working towards releasing more music under her catalogue while focused on developing a record label partnership.

Jasmin Cadavid is currently the founder and C.E.O of Jazzy Rolling Papers LLC, and now has her own medicinal marijuana brand in efforts of growth in the industry called Jazzy CBD/CBG. The potential in this industry has surpassed its expectancy, so it is no question why Jasmin Cadavid chose to go against the odds or “norms.” Jazzy CBD & CBG is available in packaged flower, kief nugz, blunts, joints, cigars, and edibles. In 2020, Jazzy CBD/CBG won first place for the Hemp Cup awards for “Best Hemp Derived Pre-Roll.”

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What new hobbies or interests have you gained during the pandemic?
During the pandemic the gyms were closed which forced me to go outside and use the benefits in running. Honestly, I got used to my daily runs and added a couple circuits of ab routines with it to end my regiment to stay in shape. And I haven’t stopped using this exercise routine since I created it for the benefits that it has given my body during the global pandemic.

Who are your musical inspirations?

Chris Brown has definitely inspired me, his artistic skills goes beyond just music, as well as, Tupac, Janet Jackson, Lauren Hill and Alicia Keys are my top musical inspirations. The embodiment of music inspires me these days, I tune into how the lyrics are delivered, why they were chosen on the production and what I would choose as a visual aspect behind the audio.

How have you been maintaining your creative flow during the pandemic?
Luckily for me, not much has changed in how I have been able to continuously conduct business. So, I have continued to make time to write new songs, get into the studio and allow my creatives to flow within me, and focus on the future with my artistry. Overall, I try to stay busy with the goals that I want to accomplish in the music industry and beyond as a woman in business. On the otherhand with my cannabis business, I have been enabled to operate The Jazzy CBD and Hemp world digitally with the e-commerce side which continues to grow.

The pandemic has opened my eyes to aligning the possibilities in how I can successfully operate no matter the events or circumstances with my brand.

How would you describe your musical persona?

In my opinion, I am opening my artistry more creatively daily and consider myself to be blossoming into a female version of Chris Brown with a little hint of Ariana Grande, Aaliyah and a new hood Madonna. My passion is derived within my versality.

What music artists or producers would you love to work with?
Honestly, I just want to make timeless music for the world to love and create memories with. Of course, I would love to work with some of the musical inspiration that I mentioned. As a rising artist, I want to produce a music catalogue that cannot be defined by just one genre of music.  

How do you balance your music career, personal life and entrepreneurship?

Balancing my professional goals, business, brand and aspirations with my personal life is quite tedious for me. But when you are truly dedicated to succeeding and defying any odds against you, it is always a priority to try to do your best at balance especially as a mother. I wake up daily and review my to do list while speaking outloud about what I want to achieve on that day. It is truly about making a deliberate attempt to balance, accomplish and be apart of moments given on each day.  

Keeping a calendar that I utilize has helped effectively, preparing a daily list of items that I seek to accomplish is essential, and being realistic in my professional and personal life is significant as well.

What motivated you to embark on having a CBD business?
I was already in the cannabis world before I ventured into CBD industry. My weed strand, Moonrocks and my custom rolling paper line was one of the first items that broke in the cannabis industry was how I truly broke into the market. I was one of the first models to have my own brand breaking barriers in the CBD business.  Originally, I started with Jazzy Kush + Banana Moonrocks with Dr. Zodiak and music legend, Kurrupt, but once this partnership ended, I decided to venture into the CBD business to further my portfolio as a woman in this business. I am grateful for the knowledge and success that my brand continues to provide as we grow.

How are you using your influence to impact your community?
My influence comes from the aspirations that I hope to achieve from my own experiences in life, and I speak out against matters like domestic violence, women empowerment, entrepreneurship, self-love, mental health, and unity. I am grateful for being able to utilize my influence to inspire, motivate and connect with people globally. We all are victims of some type of downfall at some point in our lives, and I try to utilize my own events and experiences to uplift people who truly need it.  

What advice would you give to an aspiring business owner and musical artist?
One of the most important advice that I would give is to keep investing in your dreams and goals, keep being consistent in delivering steps to achieving success, and understand that hiccups will come no matter what but be diligent in your pursuit. Give it your all because you will miss every shot that you don’t take.

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