Living The Dream With TikTok Creator Dream Long

Meet Dream Long, a 27 year old creative originally from Atlanta GA, and now taking Birmingham AL by storm. Dream, despite bringing smiles to millions she is no stranger to pain. Two years ago she lost her fiance’ after just purchasing their first home together. Feeling like her life was over, She went to TikTok with the motive of just watching videos to be entertained and serve as a distraction.

Dream started creating funny voice-over videos and dance challenges along with other content. Before she knew it her videos started getting more and more likes and she follow count skyrocketed.

With the amazing help of her supporters, she has been able to stay uplifted and create amazing content that not only inspires others but inspires herself to keep pushing forward.

First of all, I love your name and it’s Very metaphoric. Who named you? What is the meaning behind your name?

My dad actually named me, he had already had a boy in his previous relationship, so when he and my mom got married he said “if I have a girl I’m naming her Dream because it will be my dream come true to have my first baby girl”

Out of tragedy, losing your fiancée, you channeled that pain into something productive. Tell our readers how social media helped you through.

Honestly it was hard at first trying to get back into the swing of things after my fiancé passed away. I deleted all social media apps but TikTok because it kept me entertained and distracted. So once I actually started making my own videos for fun, and just seeing all these nice strangers tell me how much they love my content and me as a person, it really helped me out of a dark place and kept me moving forward.

What advice can you give readers on how to use social media in a positive way?

I personally just have fun I don’t look for people’s validation or opinions especially not if they’re negative, I will completely ignore any negativity from anybody. And I constantly try to promote positivity and happiness and just doing something that you enjoy doing, is what matters. Just be you! And also don’t put others down for being who they are.

How has social media impacted your life since your tragic experience?

My favorite thing to say is, what started off as a distraction turned into an opportunity and since I’ve been on TikTok I have gotten so many different opportunities, and TikTok has impacted my life in a great way. The first major impact is my wonderful supporters, The second is the different companies I get to work with, third the Financial benefits, and to save the best for last, my new relationship with the most amazing man a woman could ask for.

I watched your TikTok and I really need to know why you chose wigs to review?

I have always been obsessed with hair since I can remember. I make my own wigs and I can stay up all night just watching different wig reviews. So when I got messaged by these different wig companies wanting me to review their hair, oh! It was right up my alley!

Also on TikTok, I see that you love to dance. When did you start dancing? What does dancing do for you?

Yes! Dancing is definitely another one of my obsessions more so a passion. I’ve been dancing honestly since I was maybe 10, just messing around, and then I got better as I got older from watching different dance movies/videos, family members that knew how to dance, and then I just kind of put my own spin on it over time. I would say dancing is another outlet and distraction, it helps me get out of my head and just have fun and for a brief moment, I forget all the stress I have to deal with in the world.

If you could choreograph and perform a routine for anybody in the world, who would it be and why?

That’s a hard one because I have so many but if I had to pick I would say Kehlani. I absolutely love her she’s amazing in her style, her oves, her voice, everything about this woman is just amazing so it would be honored if I could choreograph a dance and perform it in front of her.

Connect with Dream and watch her videos, I’m sure she will touch your heart as well.

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6 thoughts on “Living The Dream With TikTok Creator Dream Long

  1. I absolutely love Dream’s content! This woman has gained incredible strength through the adversity she’s endured! So glad she found some comfort through TikTok! Her videos are amazing and I love to watch her dance! Thanks for this story PWH!!

  2. Love my girl Dream. I’ve been following her for a while now. If I were to have had a daughter Dream is who I image my daughter to be like…passionate, caring, lovely and hard working. Continue to live your dream❤️

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