God’s Promise: There is Purpose!

closed eyed man holding his face using both of his hands
Photo by Ric Rodrigues on Pexels.com

I continue to evolve, shedding the old and walking into the new. As time passes, I’ve realized no work is ever done in vain. No experiences that I have been through are without purpose. Sometimes we find ourselves in situations and we just can’t fathom why our heavenly Father would even allow the weapon formed against us to “prosper’ but truly it is all for a purpose–nothing is by chance. Unbeknownst to us now but eventually it will all reveal itself. 

We must continue to remind ourselves: God says I am. God says I will. God says trust. He has made all of these promises to us and tells us he got us and yet we still wonder what he’s going to do and when. Doesn’t sound very trustworthy huh?

It’s human nature I understand. I’ve weathered many storms, and they only seem to get harder and harder. I’ve fallen short, went backward hundreds of times, trying to be better and do better but it gets hard. During the trials, our faith is tested and we tend to become weak in the flesh. We think short-term, this moment, the here and the now, instead of harvesting more fruit for our due season. We are human, we make mistakes. The dopest part about God is that he already knows that. He already knows the child he has created and he will go through great lengths to be sure that his children are prepared. That his children have someone in their corner to protect them, to comfort them, or to remind them that they will be okay because he has already made a way. 

black and white connected hands love
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

God is more worried about the person you will be after the storm. He understands it hurts, it’s uncomfortable, it makes no sense, but in the end, he is more concerned with the product you will become. He wants you to step fully into your power and not stay in the place of comfort and ease. He can see far beyond us, and he knows more than we could ever imagine so we must continue to grow strong and mighty in his will and his way.

It’s so beautiful how our Lord doesn’t miss. How he is so perfect and his plan for our life is so perfect. How even when we think it’s a mess and nothing can be done he shows us just how purposeful our trials were meant to be. Going through the season when you doubt yourself, those slow periods of growth when nothing seems to be happening. When you are walking through the fire, thinking the smoke will never stop smoldering, the heat will never end, but one day, it just does. One day you begin to realize it’s not so hot here and you’ve adapted to the heat. Your body has transformed – now equipped to endure even more. Through the fire you refine your wings, through the fall do you learn to fly again. You learn to float through the waves. You learn to navigate through the skies. 

woman turning around on green fields
Photo by Jackson David on Pexels.com

God’s promise is there is a purpose for your journey, and you may not understand it now but you will when the time is right. It’s all in timing, trust that timing. Trust in yourself that you will be where you need to be and do what you need to be doing at the right time, not a moment sooner.

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