Beauty is her Name – Amanda Gorman Lands Iconic Estée Lauder Contract

We witnessed this beautiful melanated young woman read her poem “The Hill We Climb” on the steps of the Capitol at the inauguration of President Biden. It was as if she was sent to spark more change and awareness.

Amanda took to Instagram to share with us that she has signed on to Estée Lauder as the first Estée Lauder “Global Changemaker”.

For the next three years, Gorman will be representing Estée Lauder’s brand in various ad campaigns and also speaking events. She will also work with Estée Lauder on a corporate level to create Writing Change which are a set of grants worth $3 million that will promote literacy among girls and women — and as well as provide access to equity and social change. The first recipients of these grants will be announced later this year. Pending the outcome of this history making partnership it may be potentially be renewed. The announcement did not contain the amount of the partnership but it is said that her salary is in conjunction with the philanthropy grants.

Learn more about this partnership and follow Amanda Gorman via her website.

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