Pretty, Creative and Authentically Arleisha

Tik Tok Viral Sensation Arleisha Oliviaanne Marshall was born July 24, 1986, in Salisbury, MD. She spent a short time of her childhood in Temperanceville, VA. After her parent divorced she moved back to Salisbury. It was in the 2nd grade when Arleisha noticed her gift for music and wisdom well beyond her years.
She remembers spending recess singing with her friends. Arleisha always had the voice and personality for her gift but never had the self-esteem to take it seriously. She grew up in the church, sitting in the pews wishing she could sing in the choir but never felt like she could. It wasn’t until Arleisha’s teenage years that she began to feel comfortable with her gift. With the support of her friends, she was able to sing background for a lot of local artists.

Growing up, getting married, having children, and later being divorced taught Arleisha to spend time reflecting on her gifts. Something sparked in Arleisha after healing from her divorce that she is worthy, even when she has her doubts. She now spends her free time encouraging and uplifting other that deal with life’s issues that she once faced.
Being able to show up daily and be Authentically Arleisha means the world to her and she continues to spread joy and laughter to millions of homes.

We had the pleasure or catching up Arleisha to discuss her journey and inspiration behind her now 1.1million TikTok Follower community.

At what moment did you notice that music was a part of your purpose?

I’ve known that music was a part of my purpose since I was a child. I grew up in church, and was born into a singing family I always knew. Ever since the2nd grade singing old TLC and Soul 4 Real songs on the playground with my friends not even knowing what I was singing about. I just knew I loved to sing. Even though I was incredibly shy.

How would you describe your musical gift in four words?

In 4 words I’d have to describe my musical gift as Soulful, Authentic, Heartfelt, and Fun.

Can you name your top 3 musical influences?

My top 3 musical influences are Lalah Hathaway, Anita Baker, and Jill Scott. I have so many more.

If you could collaborate musically with anyone, who would it be and why?

If I could collaborate with anyone it would be Lalah Hathaway. Being a woman with a deeper toned voice I never thought I was good enough when I first began singing. I had never heard anyone that sounded similar to me. I remember hearing Lalahs’ 2008 Album “Self Portrait” and crying while listening to the entire album over and over. I learned every song in one night and I’ve been hooked ever since. You feel what she sings. Her tone is so rich and that lower register is heavenly. She is one of the reasons why I learned to love my sound. I love her gift and hope to meet her one day as well as sing with her.

You are a well-known Tik Tok Influencer touching the lives of millions, what has that experience been like for you?

I can’t believe I’m even here. Tik Tok started as something to do through the pandemic. My 9year old son taught me how to use the app. Lol, I was going through a lot at the time I started and it became a positive outlet for me. I would dance, sing, share positive messages, sing, or just make people laugh. I get so many messages from my followers and even those that don’t follow me saying how much of an inspiration I am to them. Little do they know, they were the ones that kept me going. I often wondered what my purpose was and being able to pour positivity on people all over the world is what I’m here to do. Whether I’m singing, having real talks on life, singing to them, or just a smiling face when they may feel like no one cares. I’m thankful for where I am and even more thankful for the doors it will open to inspire many more. It’s been amazing so far.

On TikTok you sing, funny reaction videos, etc, what goes into your creative process?

Honestly I don’t think much about my creative process. Every video I post is just me being me. That has been the best part about all of this. I’m not trying to be anything or anyone else but myself and I’ve flourished. In a world where you can be whoever you wish, I wouldn’t choose to be anyone else. I let things flow and it works.

What is next for you and your brand?

What’s next is an amazing question! Of course, I have so much music to be made. I would love to get into acting and performing at venues to build even more of a fanbase. I’ve held back so much of myself out of fear for so long. I’m ready to soar and make a beautiful life for my children and myself. I pray my gifts make room for me in ways unimaginable.

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles?

My definition of a pretty woman who hustles is a woman who exudes beauty on the inside. A woman who is all about humility and integrity and knows what she wants. A self-starter who is optimistic and open to trying. Fearless and about her business in order to be successful by any means. She’s not afraid to hear “NO”, Instead it fuels her to keep going. That’s a pretty woman who hustles to me.

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