To maximize something is to make it bigger, increase in size, or “super-size it”.

We always want to maximize our income. We also want to maximize anything positive in ourselves. Think about your skills. What skills do you have that you can maximize? Do you like to read? Are you good with numbers, drawing, singing or do you enjoy helping others? Everyone has something they are good at.

Growing up, other children teased me about my voice. I have a deep voice and did not sound like a “normal” little girl. Now I make money doing voice-overs. I learned I can change my voice to sound like a man, an old lady, and many other things. Imagine that! My own voice, something I already have.

What makes you feel good about yourself and your world? Consider your skills, interests or talents and how to maximize them. It does not matter how small you may think that skill, interest or talent is, if you enjoy it, that is what matters. Whatever it is, begin to do research on how you can make that skill, interest or talent better, stronger, or bigger. Then begin to explore if you can make a profit from it to help maximize your income! You may discover a new business venture or how to leave a legacy always!

Until next month, keep your mind on your money,

Dedra Porter

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