Markesha Wattree Owner of Juggle Learning LLC

Markesha Wattree Owner of Juggle Learning LLC

Creating a learning environment is important for all ages. Whether you home school your kids or allow them to go to public/private school. Having fun activities and games to do, can create a atmosphere that learning can be fun. Which will open kids up to want to go to school and also gain more knowledge.

A Texas Educator has developed a formula that makes learning a win/win for parents and their children. Markesha Wattree is a curriculum specialist and the creator of Juggle Learning, LLC., a company that designs and creates unique, hands-on, skill-based educational games for children. The debut games focus on phonics and building solid early reading skills that are engaging to young learners.

Markesha combined her childhood and professional experiences to thoughtfully develop products for Juggle, taking into account that children learn more when having fun. Children also need less screen time and more hands-on lessons. Connecting with family through learning and play also helps them to form trusting, secure relationships with others. Juggle Learning’s products are designed to address all these key areas.

Markesha is certified with a Master of Science degree in Curriculum and Instructional Design. She has over 15 years of experience in education. She enjoys creating experiences and products that make learning fun for even the most resistant learner.

Interview Questions

1. What ages do you work best with ? 

Our current products are designed for ages 4-7. We are adding additional products for older children as well. 

2. Do you find working in groups or 1:1 is best ?

I believe a balance between both group and 1:1 work is best. Group work is a great way to collaborate and gain ideas and knowledge from others. Working 1:1 provides more individualized  support that can be tailored to the individual. 

3. What are your future goals for your business ?

I plan to expand my product line to include items for children up to age 12. I also plan to add more math and science products as well. My goal is to provide educational materials for schools, households, and have them available in retailers. 

4. How can someone reach your services and products ?

 My products can be purchased online at

They are also available in the following bookstores: 

1. Brown Sugar Books Cafe and Books

5330 N. Fry Rd.

Katy, TX 77449

2. Birmingham Civil Rights Institute Giftshop  

520 16th St. N

Birmingham, AL 35203

3. Homecoming Books and Coffee (Same location)

520 16th St. N

Birmingham, AL 35203

4.. Young Bookworms Bookstore (also online)

3604 Hartsel Dr. Ste.B

Colorado Springs, CO 80920


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