“Tip of the Spear”: An Interview Brett Sipe

What happens when you take a former Marine, turned Corrections Officer and unleash him into the world of online marketing?

I sat down with the founder of Sipe Marketing, LLC, Mr. Brett Sipe to pick his brain about how he’s been able to turn online marketing and prospecting on its head. I asked him several questions ranging from who he is behind the title and videos, to what exactly is attraction marketing. Here is his story. #TipOfTheSpear #MenHustleToo

Hello to all the Pretty Women hustlers and My fellow men who hustle! My name is Brett, in case you missed that!

I am 52 years young, committed to a beautiful and supportive wife of over 10 years with 2 daughters who are my entire world.

I was born in York, PA, and raised in a small town near Williamsport, PA (Home of the Little League World Series). After graduating High School in 1988, I enlisted in the Marine Corps and served 4 years, honorably.

Shortly after I began a career in the PA Dept. of Corrections that lasted 18 years when it ended in 2012. That was an experience in a half.

At 42 I hit my brick wall and knew I had to do more with my life. So what did I do?

I invested in a mobile DJ business and “spun” (pun intended) that for 5 years, allowing me to get my first little taste of the entrepreneurial world. What a jump right?

Let’s fast forward so I don’t lose you on that thought…in 2017, I joined my first online opportunity in the health and wellness industry. I think that’s where most network marketers start out. It’s also where many go back to end their network marketing careers in a vicious circle of life.

Initially, I wasn’t looking for a business opportunity within that space, while I was a marine, I wasn’t a fitness buff. Surely wasn’t a “gym rat” either. Drumroll… I only wanted to get my products for free.

To my surprise, it BLEW UP!! Over the next few years I earned multiple 6 figures with this same company built a huge downline (team) and earned TWO car bonuses with 2 Cadillacs sitting in the driveway. Did I mention the multiple lavish company getaways? At the end of the day, it was painful and while my products were free, I was still paying a price.

Let me explain. The marketing strategies that were taught to me by my upline was the painful part. It became “a job”. The thrill and excitement weren’t there anymore. I knew something had to change… again. not only for me but for my discouraged team, who were all experiencing the same network marketing blues and pain points. It was then that I went outside the team to invest in myself via a true marketing education.

When I brought that education back to my upline, I was turned away by closed minds, skepticism, and even mistrust. Something I had taken pride in and years building. Certain people within my own team exploited their fears, which culminated in having too much influence for me to really make a difference with it. So, in true Scorpio form, I cut out my entire upline from my life and my business, and I stopped publicly promoting that particular product in 2019. I remained active and in compliance though to continue the residual income as I tried to find myself and re-brand… once again.

I got roped into the expensive, complex way of marketing using FB ads and 3rd party integrations and trying to make it all work together. For me, that was money wasted with a poor ROI. I felt stuck. It was then that I found what I was needing and looking for. All in one system that was powerful and simple with all the integrations built in. It was perfect for the small business owner or solopreneur. I knew I found my new home.

I knew for a fact there were other marketers who were dealing with the same issues. So I became an affiliate of the Canadian company called, Nowsite.

I created Sipe Networking LLC as a brand to cover the entire spectrum of networking/marketing using
technology. First with the Nowsite system and then added in a SaaS business (Software as a Service) for powerful Facebook automation tools for those who use social media as a marketing source for their business. This is also a 100% commission opportunity as well and a win/win.

The newest product in the Nowsite arsenal is a technology and opportunity that finds targeted leads and prospects based on simple search criteria. It is connected to 43 different data partners globally and it gives its users access to 70 billion data records on 2.2 billion people. It is literally the equivalent of targeting for a FB ad using the same demographics and geographical information, but WITHOUT the super high cost, crafted for small businesses and solopreneurs.

In regards to the SaaS business side of things…the software (Chrome Extensions) that I offer licenses for to help business owners are used to simplifying and streamlining their efforts to save time and to become more organized so as to not let leads slip away while using Facebook as a tool for marketing. One of those is called “Stories Prospector”. It will sync your FB story to the software and trigger automatic outbound messages to be sent out based on views, reactions, or polls. It’s a huge time saver and can steer FB Story traffic to your offers and create a little FB funnel from stories. I offer 15 total software’s in all for different functions.

There are misconceptions about a marketing funnel and conversions. Just because you have a website or funnel doesn’t mean you’re going to get more customers. You need traffic. There are many ways to generate traffic such as paid FB ads, solo ads, email lists, etc. Of course, there is also “attraction marketing”…but this takes time to master. A LOT of time. To be quite honest, not everyone has the personality to use this method. People can not be duplicated…but systems CAN be…and this is where the rubber meets the road. Duplication equals manifestation. With Nowsite and the SalesPRO product…unlimited targeted traffic is abundant, and you also have a VA (Virtual Assistant) working it for you, also.

As for social media management, I currently don’t have one on one mentoring, however, I give my team members free training on their social media and how to maximize their time and efforts, how to set up their profile, teach about the algorithm, and how that all ties together. The biggest piece is to help them understand it’s called “social” media for a reason. It’s a give-and-take. You gotta show love to get love.

Give attention to get attention. There are also keywords that will BURY your content at the bottom of the feed. This is just high-level discussion and it may seem a bit foreign to you. Don’t worry! I’m here to help! Regardless of what stage you are in your business. You can never have to many leads.

My advice to any new business venture (especially online) is the first thing you MUST do is know WHO you serve. Who is your perfect customer avatar? Once you know that, now you need to find them (preferably quickly). This can be painstaking, and redundant and create frustration to the point where you’ll want to quit before you even get started. That’s where I can help.

You can learn about what I offer to other marketers and business owners right on my website.

Visit https://sipenetworking.com

Best regards and wishes to all the entrepreneurial people out there with the mindset of helping others to create abundance.

L. Renee'

L. Renee is not your average community activist. She is a powerhouse from Ohio who has been passionately involved in her community for many years, but it's only in the past four years that she's truly made her mark. As an author, L. Renee has self-published four books, and her writing can also be found in the regular column she contributes to in Pretty Women Hustle Magazine. Her exceptional writing skills have earned her the highly recommended status in the International Association of Writers & Editors. L. Renee is a true entrepreneur. As a Certified Hypnotherapist, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, and Reflexologist, she is also a highly sought-after Business Consultant, having shown over 1000 businesses how to scale to 7 figures. Her knowledge and expertise in essential services have not only made her a private real estate investor but also the proud owner of a 100-person call center in Central Ohio. What sets L. Renee apart is her drive to help her community build brands and break generational curses. She is passionate about making generational wealth the norm and not the exception, and her philosophy is that nobody said you couldn't look good doing it. L. Renee is an Ohio Buckeye, born and raised. She still resides in Ohio with her husband, James, and their Italian Mastiff, Kane, their children and their 2 beautiful granddaughters. Her personal life has always been as important to her as her professional one, and she is committed to creating a well-rounded and fulfilling life for herself and those around her. L. Renee is an inspiration to those around her. She is proof that with hard work, determination, and a true passion for helping others, anything is possible. IAPWE Recommendation: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eVSmLWLald01G0mXOOa4EXXQDIDn-JKH/view?usp=sharing Urban Business Institute http://blackandinbusiness.com/author/latasha-chubb/ Feature in NY Weekly: Written by me https://nyweekly.com/business/stewart-beauty-and-barber-boutique-a-testimony-to-the-legacy-that-founder-l-renees-grandparents-built/ Political Writing: Muck Rack ( I no longer use this profile - the articles were from my work at DemCast as an activist/volunteer/podcaster. Please ignore links in bio. ) https://muckrack.com/mizzlrenee Founder/Contributor of Women of Knowledge & Empowerment Zone (W.O.K.E.) https://wokeauthorzone.wixsite.com/wokeauthors

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