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Health and Wellness

Popular Nutritional Trends To Ditch In 2023

Superfoods and supplements are the obvious go-to solution when you want to supercharge your body’s health. After all, when you want to go faster in your car, you press on the gas! 2022 was a year filled with social media contests between influencers showing off their elaborate exercise routines, cups full of supplements they can […]

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100 Authors in 100 Days

Juniper Jillian Joy’s Story of Transformation: From Blues to Bliss

Juniper Jillian Joy, formerly known as Tammie Shannon, is a Renaissance woman of the twenty-first century. Joy ismost known for having two successful careers, one as a soulful Nashville Recording Blues Artist Singer/Songwriterwhile, also managing her own business, Shannon Success Strategies, as a life coach and financial strategist creating niche strategies for her high net […]

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100 Authors in 100 Days

Meet Author Olivia Gunn

A native of Columbus, Georgia, Olivia Gunn is a communications specialist who is dedicated to helping businesses and brands reach their full potential. Gunn’s commitment to the field of communications is evident through her continued tenure in the industry. Her goal is to foster valuable relationships and be an asset to businesses and organizations worldwide. […]

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