Pamela D. Smith is an Evangelist, Best-Selling Author, and Authorpreneur who has dedicated her diverse pursuits to elevating the lives of women and authors around the world. She uses her literary talent to evangelize and bring others into the saving faith of Jesus Christ. She started a movement #healedlifewholewoman to help women release past hurt and pain and live a life of purpose and abundance. As an Authorpreneur, Pamela serves as a life and book coach and a self-publishing consultant. Pamela has worked with many authors and helped them pursue their dream of becoming published. She has been featured in several magazines, articles, podcasts, and blogs. She was recently named one of 11 Women in Marketplace Ministry to watch in 2021 by Sheen Magazine. To learn more about Pamela D. Smith visit her website at

My inspiration comes from the things I have been able to heal and break through from. My inspiration also comes from living, breathing examples of the gospel in demonstration. People who I watch who have mastered the art of overcoming!

Patrice: For those who do not know you, tell us a little bit more about yourself?

Pamela: I am a Wife, Mother of 3 boys, Glam Ma, and an Authorpreneur. In the Author Space, I write and self-publish my books, which are used to evangelize and minister to readers, help them heal and live a purpose driven life. I coach other aspiring, faith-based authors on how to do the same.

Patrice: What makes a pretty woman that hustles?

Pamela: Her spirit. Her tenacity. Her courage. The fact that she is not truly hustling as the word defines hustle, but she is in divine flow and living her life purposefully. A healed, whole woman is a pretty woman who hustles.

Patrice: How did you get your big start in business?

Pamela: I’ve been writing for as long as I could hold a pen. From journaling to re-wording and rewriting my friends love letters to their boyfriends, it’s something I have always done. About 16 years ago I gave God my “real” yes and decided to use writing as a ministry tool so I started self-publishing my writing and then other aspiring authors started asking if I could help them self-publish their books and from there the business was birthed.

Patrice: You are a woman that wears many hats in entrepreneurship such as being an evangelist, author, inspirational speaker and more! Where does your inspiration come from?

Pamela: My inspiration comes from the things I have been able to heal and break through from. My inspiration also comes from living, breathing examples of the gospel in demonstration. People who I watch who have mastered the art of overcoming!

Patrice: I want to talk about your love to help others in the literary world. How long have you been a literary agent to new and upcoming authors?

Pamela: I’ve been helping others self-publish for the last 5 years.

Patrice: Speaking of authors, you are one yourself! How many books have you published?

Pamela: I have published 9 books.

Patrice: Out of all the books you wrote, which one seems to be the reader’s favorite?

Pamela: I think there’s a split between my very first one-E3: Encouraged, Equipped, Empowered and my last one, While at the Altar.

Patrice: What does being an entrepreneur mean to you?

Pamela: To me it means I have the liberty to enter an industry and set my own rules. Yes, I think it’s important to be knowledgeable in what is trending, but one can also be innovative and disrupt the industry. You can’t do that when you are working for someone else. Their rules and processes are their rules and processes.

Patrice: Tell us more about your business and what it intel.

 Pamela: As an Authorpreneur, I am a Christian Author, Speaker, and Coach so I write, publish, and sell books. I speak at Churches, Women Conferences and Empowerment Events. I also coach and serve as a Self-Publishing Consultant to aspiring authors to help them through the writing process and with self-publishing and launching their books

Patrice: Are you currently working on any new projects?

 Pamela: I am working on 3 client projects and from there I have some more that have already signed on. I’m booked with client projects until September. Glory be to God

Patrice: Do you plan on writing any more books soon?

Pamela: Yes. With every book I say it’s my last one because I want to focus 100% on clients, but God continues to download to me and I am always drawn back to writing another book. I have accepted that I have a writing ministry so I will never be able to get out of literary evangelism, whether that be through publishing books or blogs, God will continue to give me a message to share through a book.

Connect with Pamela:


Instagram: @pameladsmith1




Patrice: It is so great to sit down and interview you. Let the readers know who you are and what your business is.

At first, I never thought I wanted to act, but now I love the glam and being in front of the camera. Acting is something, and I am very interested.

Cree: Great to sit with you as well! Thanks for thinking of me to interview. My name is Cree Campbell. I am currently the newest member of Growing Up Hip Hop LA. My father is Luther Campbell, and my dad (Stepfather) is Ted Lucas, owner of Slip N Slide records. I own and operate two businesses ‘Inspire Agency’, an experiential marketing firm that cultivates branded moments and corporate events. ‘Inspire Body Recovery’ is a luxury post-op concierge service to assist “dolls” in their post-surgery journey.

Patrice: Tell us about your advocacy of health and wellness. How important is that for you?

Cree: Health and wellness are vital to me because I’ve seen the downside of not being healthy when it comes to family members suffering from high blood pressure and heart disease. This all stems from not living a healthy lifestyle.

Patrice: You are the latest cast of Growing up Hip Hop. How does that feel?

Cree: Wow! It’s insane! Being the newest member of WE TV #1 show ‘Growing Up Hip Hop LA’ is enormous for me and business overall. It’s an honor that they reached out and wanted me and to hear my story. I am genuinely excited about it.

Patrice: This is definitely exciting news since I’m also a fan of the show! What are you expected to learn from others on the show that has been on there for a while?

Cree: I do not think any expectations are made of me in regards to learning from anyone. However, I am open to learning because I do not know everything. Maybe I will learn something you’ll have to tune in in June.

Patrice: Will do! I will be counting down until June! LOL. So are you currently working on any new projects?

Cree: Yes! Omg, I have some pretty cool new stuff in the works for “C.Swim,” which is my swim line. I also have another brand called ‘FIM33’, “Faith in Motion33,” which is a workout line that Mama Tina came up with, and we are doing a mother-daughter project in regards to that. I am also purchasing land lots in Florida to build luxury single-family homes and duplexes geared towards middle-class families.  I feel like in certain areas, the houses are run- down, and everyone, no matter their financial status, should feel good and peace when entering their home.

Patrice: Wow! You have a lot going on for yourself and I see that you are an entrepreneur of many hats! Congrats to you in all your business ventures! Now since the pandemic hit last year and still is going on in 2021, has it affected your business or planned projects in any way?

Cree: The pandemic has ultimately shut down events for big branded clients, and it’s sad because I have all these concerts and partnerships that were ready to go for 2020 and 2021. But it made me look at life differently. I honestly feel less stressed without doing ground-up events. But I’ve also been given opportunities to partner with others and still execute concerts. My company was responsible for the first two ‘City Girls’ shows in Florida when JT was released from prison. I’ve always wanted to make sure to execute because I am low-key, and I wanted to make sure to put on for not only the city but my state!

Patrice: Blessings on top of blessings!  Have you been on other Television shows?

Cree: Yes. ‘Luke’s Parental Advisory’ on MTV, but I was young and extremely disconnected. It was probably the most awkward thing to be doing at 15 for me at the time.

Patrice: Do you see yourself becoming an actress in the long run?

Cree: At first, I never thought I wanted to act, but now I love the glam and being in front of the camera. Acting is something, and I am very interested. Someone should call Issa Rae and tell her I need to be in Rap Shit, lol.

Patrice: LOL. I understand because talent like Issa Rae deserves actresses like you who are hungry in this industry.

Follow Cree Campbell on IG @_itsmecree for more updates.

A storyteller and writer creating her own lane one opportunity at a time! Patrice Rivers is a 9x published author who created her own brand That Riverz Gurl Brand, LLC. Not only is she a certified journalist and freelance writer, but a Sickle Cell survivor and advocate. Patrice created the “Come Learn with Patricia” book series to share her personal testimony of living with SCD. Patrice is also the proud owner and creator of Versafi Media Magazine which is an online publication dedicated to entertainment news, articles and compelling interviews.  Learn more about Patrice and That Riverz Gurl Brand, LLC by visiting Be sure to follow her on Instagram and visit her website for her magazine at to learn more.

Overcoming Personal Obstacles That Led To Owning Mix Me Apparel

Strength is in your ability to overcome obstacles that lead to your resilient future.  Megan Kirkwood is the definition of that.  At the age of 29 she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Megan survived chemotherapy, radiation and also a double mastectomy.  “Beating cancer truly gave me a new lease on life and a new outlook on my future. Chemotherapy led to total hair loss,” says the now cancer survivor.   “Having both breasts removed left me with multiple scars that caused insecurities. I eventually learned to overcome through loving myself and lots of self-care,” Megan continues.

Despite those odds, Megan also survived a divorce.  Many dream of finding their forever in their partners but for some, divorce is an option.  “No one gets married to get divorced. I was married for 5 years before I filed for divorce,” she explains.  “Finding who I was after my marriage was over became essential to living an optimal life for myself and my son,” she states.  In addition to surviving cancer and a divorce, she also embarked on the new journey of single parenthood.  In an effort to continue pushing forward Megan turned her interests and past insecurities into her own boutique apparel line.

So in September 2020 she took a leap of faith into the land of entrepreneurship.  Today, Mix Me Apparel is standing strong as a womenswear brand for modern, on trend and exclusive clothing items.  “I have always had an eye for trendy women’s fashion; and I love to see women looking and feeling their best,” Megan exclaims.  Megan Kirkwood has truly turned her past obstacles into a love for herself, fashion and her family.  Turbulence is only temporary and Megan is in for the long haul.  Her love for fashion and her kind nature make her a Pretty Woman who will always Hustle.  Regardless of your hustle, be fashionable in Mix Me Apparel.  Shop for new items here.

Writer, C. Scott, is a mother of one; author, social worker, early literacy interventionist and entrepreneur. Follow her on Instagram as @curls_coils and @mysweettealife. 

Drea Dominique – Catch Me If You Can

Meet Drea Dominique, multi-talented artist taking the world by storm. This singer, songwriter, model and businesswoman hails from Long Island, New York however, currently resides in San Diego, California. Throughout her time as an artist Drea Dominique has worked with many of the industry’s finest. 

From AC Burrell who produced her hit single “Catch My Wave featuring AD.” Which received over 120K views on Youtube and over 33K streams on platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. To the sweet ballad, “Waiting featuring InkMonstarr” produced by keyboard artist Kevin Flournoy. All being a few from Drea Dominique’s forthcoming EP titled, “Drea’s Toy Box.” In a matter of months Drea Dominique has set the tone for 2021 with over 40.3K streams in 86 different countries. 

Aside from being a musician Drea Dominique is an entrepreneur, with her first beauty and fashion line “HeartSpace by Drea.” From custom-designed, T-shirts, hoodies, hats; and her “Drea Dominique” lashes and lipstick Line. Drea gives fans a fun, fashionable yet affordable catalog to select from. 

With her smooth R&B sound, colorful personality and alluring looks, Drea Dominique is well on her as an R&B sensation. Tune into her new song “Santa Baby” now available on all digital streaming platforms.

We had the pleasure of talking with Drea and discussing her passion as an artist and entrepreneur.

LR: Your song “Catch My Wave” has more than 120k views on YouTube and the streaming is ridiculously amazing. What was the motivation behind this song?

DD: Catch my wave is a dance song. The song is asking the men if they can keep up. Many want to approach but few can actually hang. So I’m asking, if I give you my energy will you know what to do with it. 

LR: Literally you hit the glass ceiling and shattered it by taking care of business. Singing, collaborating, modeling, acting and now a clothing line and beauty products. How do you juggle it all?

DD: As far as my line goes, it took me about a year to get everything ready to launch. The process felt like it would take forever, between creating the styles and finding the right fit. Also building my website and just getting all the pieces together. Now that it’s launched the hard part is finished, so it’s much easier to juggle everything else. The music consisted of me doing a lot of back and forth driving to LA and recording late nights. It’s safe to say I lost a lot of sleep recording this album. But it was well worth it. 

LR: What prompted you to add clothing and beauty products to your repertoire?

DD: I wanted to create a business for myself. Something concrete I can grow and generate generational wealth. I love lashes and lipstick so I figured why don’t I have my own. The clothing is for the fans. All my gear has pictures of myself on them. 

LR: OK I’m dying to know what it was like on Bad Girls Club? Please share a glimpse of your time on reality TV? What did you take away from that experience? How has it helped you in your entrepreneurship today?

DD:   Bad girls club was a double edge sword. I was so excited to be in Mexico on a tv show but the drama took away from the experience. I came in the house with the intention of linking up with the baddies of the house, having a good time, and showing what it means to be bad but in a bossy way. Unfortunately I was with girls who wanted to be in competition and felt like being bad meant being mean, so we clashed. If there was one thing I can say I took away from the experience, it would be, more of a backbone. I let a lot of disrespect slide before I finally stood my ground. And if I had to do it over, I would have popped off sooner. People take advantage when you try to play nice and keep the peace all the time. So it taught me you don’t always kill them with kindness. Sometimes people need to get checked. 

LR: You have a birthday right around the corner on February 19th. What big plans do you have in store for our readers?

DD: On February 18th I will be dropping my album Drea’s TOYBOX. I will also be doing a live event where people can join online. Ill be doing a listening party as well as performing. I’ll be dropping a link with the release flyer so everyone keeps an eye out for that, if you want to tune in. 

LR: Finally, what accomplishment do you admire the most in your career and/or life? Why?

DD: First I’m a mom. That’s the best thing I ever did. I’m really proud of myself for launching my brand and finally going after my dream of being an artist. A lot of people want to chase their dreams but never do. I’m happy I’m finally doing what I’ve always wanted. 

LR: Bonus: What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustle’s?
DD: A pretty woman who hustles is a boss. 

Connect with Drea on Instagram and shop her site now dreadominique

Something for the Fashionistas – Celebrity Stylist Shatava Lindsey releases her “LACE ME OUT’ OurGlass Collection

Shatava Lindsey strives to bring phenomenal fashion to all sizes with every collection she creates. Her fashion empowers women to embody the confidence that they have deep down inside of them. With every stitch and flow of the fabric you can feel and see the love she pours into her designs.

Just in time for Valentines Day, fashionista, celebrity stylist, and TV personality Shatava Lindsey unveiled her hot new ‘LACE ME OUT’ Collection, but the celebrity CEO wants all the ladies to know that this collection is not just for that special day, but it’s hot for a number of seasons and quite a few reasons.
The OurGlass brand recently saw amazing results with the last line they dropped around Christmas 2020 with the release of the “Dripped in Graffiti” collection.  The collection sold out in about three weeks and even had the amazing musical talent @amaralanegraaln rocking the Dripped in Graffiti Jumpsuit in her new upcoming video. They hope to repeat the same results with this hot new collection. 

In a statement CEO of OurGlass, Shatava Lindsey says, “This new collection is about loving and embracing who you are no matter what size you are. I find myself looking to embracing the art of curves for most curvy women.  The OURGLASS woman is bold and fearless and the Lace Me Out Collection available in Red and in Black, showcases just that”.  

You can view the new collection at

Models: Monique Cartwright | Bertina Bailey | Arryana Barton | Shatava Lindsey
Collection: Shop OurGlass  Makeup: Randi Lanay Stylist: Spacial Amor Videographer: Roxe “TDrop” Karvell Photographers: Tim Rogers | FB Studios

Precious Monét – She’ll Plan & Slay!

 Precious Monét, is an experienced and well-established business woman, who has mastered the art of planning and execution; which has been a huge asset to her journey thus far. She is on a mission to impact lives with her time and talents. Precious Monét is originally from NY, but has been an Atlanta, GA local since 2003. Throughout her educational journey, Precious prepared and planned for the success she has now, equipped with professional roots in event planning, project management along with her obtaining a BA in Administrative Management and completing her certification to become a certified Life Coach. 

Precious is proud of the authenticity her brand provides by connecting one-on-one with people, and especially connecting them with other useful professionals and resources. 

With Pre Planning Management, your vision becomes our mission. You Think it, Pre plan it!

LR: You are taking event planning to a whole new level by crossing all genres, business, fashion shows, charity events, personal events, etc. How did the concept of working across the board come into fruition?

PM: So, in general the concept of working in the event planning business has honestly been ingrained in me. I planned ALL the family events as a child. As I got older and began my career in the corporate world in different companies, I planned all company events. That’s why business event planning seems to come so naturally to me. It’s from experience. I then started to develop a passion for giving back, and that’s when I expanded into planning charity events and personal events. Fashion show planning then began to interest me because who doesn’t like fashion? Fashion events allow me to be the most creative. Every industry you see me expand into is a result of my past experience and a new interest or passion. 

LR: Your tagline is “You Think It, Preplan It” is truly a big task. There are others who aspire to venture into this line of business. What advice can you give them as it pertains to bringing the client’s vision to reality? 

PM: My advice is to do it! If you feel the urge to enter this industry, you are extremely organized, you think outside of the box, you adjust accordingly and calmly for the things that are out of your control, then I’d say you have what it takes to be a successful event planner. Go for it. 

LR: Life Coaching is one of your other gems! In a market that’s saturated with Life Coaches, what is it that makes your approach different and sustainable?

PM: The market is saturated, yes, but there is room for everyone. For most coaches, their personal experiences, individual lifestyles and unique lessons learned in life shape how they coach. Because of this, no two coaches are alike. My approach is different because my focus is different. I focus more on the accountability aspect of coaching. I want to coach my clients into learning how to hold themselves accountable. That’s why I am often told that being coached by me is like being coached by a drill sergeant! I can provide advice all day but what’s advice without action? 

PWH: One of your most recent project releases is the 2021 Planner. Give our viewers a sneak peek into what to expect when they purchase your planner?

LR: The 2021 Prioritize Your Purpose Planner is by far one of my favorite projects! To remain organized, productive and walking in purpose, planners are a must. Your purpose, time and energy all have to be prioritized. In Prioritize Your Purpose, you’ll find features such as monthly and yearly productivity worksheets, which you can use to gauge your productivity level and adjust where necessary. This is a game changer. The first productivity worksheet allows you to reflect on your favorite memories of 2020. Though it was a challenging year, it’s still important to reflect on your progress and use that information to make a game plan for 2021. You’ll also find an expense worksheet to help keep your finances intact, monthly motivational quotes to keep your mind in the right place, a marketing planner, which is extremely useful for my business owners and among other things, a notes section to keep all your thoughts in one place. This planner is an indispensable tool to help keep your life organized and stay motivated. You can purchase it here

LR: You are launching a platform for all Boss Women, Be Her Support Community. Tell us what that community will bring from one Boss Woman to all the Boss Women out there?

PM: This is another one of my favorite endeavors. In today’s world, women are breaking more barriers and leading in more industries than ever before. We are creating new lanes, building teams, curating strategies and making history in areas where women never received credit or recognition before. Be Her Support was created to be an essential tool for us women walking that journey, because we are and will always be stronger together. Be Her Support’s members have access to real insight, savings on events and courses, and our buddy systems, which are perfect for stress relief. It is my hope that members feel a sense of accountability and encouragement as they execute their plans. There will always be naysayers when women pursue big and powerful goals, but with Be Her Support, my goal is to provide a safe space for us. Join the community, love!

LR: Lastly, what can our readers expect from Precious Mone’t in the next 2 years?

PM: I will continue to expand my businesses and brands, impact lives with my time and talent and inspire one boss lady at a time, especially through the Be Her Support community. I see myself and my brands going global. 

LR: Bonus: What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles?

PM: A woman that is pretty on the inside and simultaneously on her grind to make an impact in her community. 

Fashion Boutique Owner Brings Dazzle to the Fashion Industry with ChicDazz Boutique


Dedicated Fashion Mogul & Entrepreneur, Jeneive Cargill, mission is to ensure women feel their optimal best with whatever they put on with quality pieces that exude beauty, fun, and sexiness. This show stopping lady born to Victor and Beatrice Pinnock is adamant about making dreams come true and putting in the work to do so. As an advocate for body positivity, Cargill ensures her boutique has quality pieces that accommodate every client and encourages them to look and feel different at the same time all while being confident about their body and style. Her passion for fashion and shopping steered her to this direction as the stores never quite had the pieces she desired. She turned such a loss into a gain by opening her own boutique.

And though this may be considered a win for Jeneive Cargill it isn’t her most memorable. Walking across the stage to receive her college degree after dropping out many times is actually the memory she holds on to. It was the pivotal moment that showed her with true dedication and perseverance, no matter how long it takes, one can accomplish their dreams. This along with her admiration of Taraji P Henson’s hardwork and dedication pushed her to be the best that she can be in all endeavors of her life; including her company ChicDazz Boutique. Using her expertise in hardwork, consistency, and dedication, her goal is to ensure her boutique is a one top shop for all clients where they can get the perfect outfit, wig and accessories.

But that’s not all! Jeneive Cargill isn’t just a fashion boutique owner but a woman who understands the importance of empowering other women. Her store isn’t just about the material but the feeling that it brings. Encouraging and enlightening women to be their best and do their best is where her heart lies. Going back to that moment where she had to prove to herself that she can accomplish a goal and overcome any obstacle she faces is the momentum she lives in. And from that place is where she pours from; encouraging her clients and all women who come her way to strive to be their best.

Patrice: What makes you a pretty woman that hustles?

Jeneive: Certain principles of life such as acceptance, balance, spiritually and purpose are just a few things that make me a pretty woman. Sticking to certain principles of life and wanting to provide a different environment and financial situation for my children and parents make me hustle each day. The hustle is real and you have to fight for it, especially when you’re a pretty girl. Being pretty sometimes make the hustle harder. So keeping the faith and being myself makes me a pretty women who hustle.

 Patrice: How did your journey in business began?

Jeneive: My journey began in my 30’s when I was pursuing my college degree. I was partying a lot, hosting parties and promoting parties. I would always get calls from friends and associates asking me for suggestions about an outfit, or can I find them an outfit. Wanting to look different and standout was the key for many of them. I would search days in and out until I found the perfect look that they were looking for. One day I decided that I would start a clothing business and sell unique pieces. I procrastinated for about two years until one day I was diagnosis with a chronic health condition, which got me thinking how I didn’t start my dreams. So I began my business right after being hospitalized.

Patrice: As a business owner, what challenges did you face along the way?

Jeneive: First challenge I faced was not able to find the right designers and vendors that represented my style and the image for my company. I soon learned that I could travel, research or pay for a vendor list. However, this was not always successful because many of the vendors did not have styles that I was looking for. Other challenges were buying pieces from vendors and upon arrival the materials were horrible and of course returning was a big challenge.

Patrice: Tell us a little bit more about your business and what does it intel.

Jeneive: ChicDazz Boutique is a one stop boutique that sells women and men clothing, hair extensions/wigs, and accessories. Our goal is to make each customer experience different and to match your personality with a style that will compliment your appearance.

Patrice: What types of pieces do you have in your boutique?

Jeneive: There are many custom pieces to choose from. We specializes in glamour evening dresses, cocktail dresses, two-piece sets, romper, and bodysuits, even to that perfect pink short wig, and not forgetting those diamond sparkling earrings that shine money all over. Each piece is unique.

Patrice: To you, what does the word Entrepreneur mean?

Jeneive: Entrepreneur to me means, being able to operate, own and design your company to fulfil your dream. Entrepreneur also for me is taking that risk that you would never take and hustling for it because it’s your goal to become that entrepreneur in fashion because you sleep, walk, dream and live for it.

Patrice: How do you balance your work life, personal life and business life all at the same time?

Jenieve: Sometimes it’s hard trying to manage my life. I operate two businesses today. However, being prioritize is very important and has allowed me to stay functional with work life, business life and personal life. There are times that I have to take myself away from both work life and business life, even thou it’s not often but sometimes I have to take off so I can have self-time. Allowing me to refresh my mind, soul and body. The great part of balancing work life and business life is that I have the options to include my personal life throughout my day.

Patrice: Do you find that to be a challenge for you?

Jenieve: The only time it’s a challenge is when I have to travel back to back. Often times it causes me to get so caught up in the events that I’m doing that I sometimes forget to double check in back at home on my personal life until I see my baby boy face timing me.

 Patrice: Where do you see your business in five years?

Jeneive: We are out to become one of the principal global designer, marketer, and distributor of authentic apparel for a broad variety of fashion needs. ChicDazz LLC in the next five years will offer a variety of products, including quality apparel and designs for diverse purposes.

Patrice: What advice would you give to someone who wants to become a business owner/entrepreneur?

Jenieve: My best advice would be to first research, research, research before getting started. It will save so much time while also educating you in what you’re trying to start. Especially as a boutique owner, it’s important to know your competitors and know what they sell. The second advice is stay consistent on your style, cause that’s what set you aside from others.

Patrice: Do you have a favorite fashion designer?

Jenieve: Yes my favorite fashion designer is Dior and Alexandria McQueen.

Patrice: What is next for you and ChicDazz Boutique?

Jeneive: Well ChicDazz Boutique has officially launched online store in December 2020 and is now schedule to open its first storefront in Atlanta, GA in mid-February 2021. ChicDazz Boutique is currently branding its name and working alongside LiveKanvas Studios on upcoming production proposals.


Connect with Jeneive:

Instagram: chicdazz_boutique

Facebook:  Chic’Dazz Boutique | Facebook

Twitter: Chic’Dazz Boutique (@ChicDazz) / Twitter



A storyteller and writer creating her own lane one opportunity at a time! Patrice Rivers is a 9x published author who created her own brand That Riverz Gurl Brand, LLC. Not only is she a certified journalist and freelance writer, but a Sickle Cell survivor and advocate. Patrice created the “Come Learn with Patricia” book series to share her personal testimony of living with SCD. She is also the creator of “Let’s Talk Cell Talk” health platform that also promotes and shares the awareness of SCD. Learn more about Patrice and That Riverz Gurl Brand, LLC by visiting Be sure to follow her on Instagram and the health platform


Millennial Mogul Candace Holyfield

Candace Holyfield is a millennial business mogul and spa extraordinaire who currently owns Six Figure Spa Chick, a marketing firm for spa/beauty professionals. Candace strives to exemplify excellence while educating, empowering and uplifting spa professionals across the globe.

The purpose of the Six Figure Spa Chick is to help over 500 spa professionals build, grow and launch their own successful businesses. Her achievements as a CEO of her personal spa Boss Tribe, author of the first Black Spa Magazine, creator of the first Black Spa Expo Awards, and motivational speaker, has inspired other business owners to strive for more success. Candace has secured a clientele base of over 15,000 spa professionals since she began her services in 2011 called “I Love Candy Spa Parties”. Her spa services include: massages, facials, lash extensions, body waxing, teeth whitening and v-steams.

Six Figure Spa Chick is designed to motivate other business owners to develop more wealth, building education, and refresher courses for spa professionals.

We had the privilege to sit down with the amazing Candace Holyfield and get to know the passion behind her brand.

LR: How did being a medical assistant prepare you for your current Boss Life?

CH: Being a medical assistant I was only 19 and fresh out of school. I didn’t know I would one day be my own boss. Being a medical assistant and working with a doctor taught me how not to treat my staff.

LR: You are coined the Millennial Business Mogul and Spa Extraordinaire. What advice do you have for other millennials who are trying to find their way not just in the spa business, but business in general?

CH: In business I suggest everyone to have your paperwork in order. Get your business legalized in the beginning. Be sure to run money in your business checking account and not personal in case you need a loan from the bank. Do these things in the beginning.

LR: Candy Spa parties sound like something edible. What can our readers expect when hosting a Candy Spa Party?

CH: Everyone always thought we set up candy stations. My name is Candace and when starting out in 2010 I did kids spa parties. I picked a name that would attract moms to book for their kids. We provide robes, all spa equipment, massages, facials, and nail services.

LR: Six Figure Spa Chick prides itself on moving spa professionals to the next level. What motivated you to take in the challenge for other spa professionals?

CH: It’s a huge lack of successful African American spa professionals. Many work for franchises or companies. Those who are independent struggle within their business. I mastered how to open and operate a multi six figure spa so I started teaching others.

LR: We are loving the Black Spa Awards! It’s very important that spa owners are recognized. Their jobs are very intense dealing with so many people. How did the Black Spa Awards come about?

CH: I love hosting the Black Spa Awards. I began doing this event in 2016 to recognize black spa professionals because we had no real spotlight.

LR: COVID has impacted quite a few spas. How have you been able to continue with your marketing business to assist them during such a trying time?

CH: During Covid our marketing efforts shifted heavily on retail and several esthetician’s did virtual consultations. Many spa owners who didn’t have a product quickly got one to survive during Covid. I hosted several webinars to educate on how to sell retail and how to get prepared for after the stay at home order was released.

LR: Your A to Z Marketing Guide hit bookshelves in 2019. Give our readers a sneak peek into what they can expect to get out of this book?

CH: My best selling book on Amazon is a short but impactful read with different marketing strategies for spa professionals. One strategy that is often looked over is getting on the news. This strategy creates traffic and money in bulk.

LR: Finally, you have many impressive accomplishments. What can we look forward to in 2021?

CH: 2021 I’m super excited to host my 3rd annual black Spa Expo in September.

Take a moment and connect with Candace Holyfield and “Six Figure Spa Chick” Online via her Facebook, Instagram, Website

Have you been Iced? Bringing The Philly Flavor to Vegas

Candese “Candi” born and raised in Philadelphia. Before relocating to Vegas she realized she was missing the summer time “Philly” flavor of sweet water ice and a soft pretzel plus the love for candy, Which created “Luxe Candy Ice.”

Luxe Candy ice is a high quality luxury Italian Ice made with iconic Philadelphia ingredients with a Vegas pop. This sweet treat is similar to sorbet. A rich, smooth and creamy combine with a bold fruit infused flavor topped with signature candy bringing taste buds to euphoria!

Luxe Candy Ice is a delicious blend made for all ages. Almost everyone can enjoy Luxe Candy Ice as we are vegan friendly. No diary, eggs or nuts products used.

The only question left to ask is …Have you been ICED by Luxe Candy Ice?

We had the opportunity to chat with the CEO candese about her passion and inspiration behind her brand

LR: As I was doing the research for this interview, I came across Luxe Candy Ice Instagram Page. I literally wanted to lick the screen! This looks amazing! What was the topping (pun intended) that made you come up with this tasty business idea?

 C: Luxe Candy Ice is bringing a Philly flavor with a Vegas twist.; Serving premium Italian ice infused with fresh fruit and paired with signature lip-smacking candy toppings bringing your taste buds to euphoria.  We are also vegan friendly.

LR:   You have been on quite a few platforms telling your story.  Women Who Lead Series was one of the most recent ones. Tell our readers what it is like to sit on a platform of other powerful women who are making a difference in the world? How has that experience transformed you, if at all?

 C: Telling my journey on such platforms has continued to empower and inspire my thinking outside the box. While, allowing me to remain true to my God giving talent of creativity providing smile and sunshine one cup at a time.

LR:    As a frontline worker, a nurse, first off, I want to say thank you for all you do.  Secondly, how do you balance it all with such a high demand of both your services during this critical time?  People need hope and both of your expertise bring that.

C: Honestly, Luxe Candy Ice has been my positive outlet during this time. I get my inspiration from creating and incorporating current culture with my love for sweet treat.  Luxe Candy Ice brings an experience, that caters to the family, corporate and friendship setting(s) .  

LR: Many businesses are feeling the pinch of COVID-19.  How have you navigated your way around the pandemic in order to stay afloat?

C: During this time who does not need a smile or sunshine? Because, Luxe Candy Ice caters to the family, corporate and friendship setting(s). We focus on covid-19 hands free delivery and covid-19 friendly event settings creating a stay safe and healthy experience that is sure to deliver a cup of laughter and happiness.

LR:  Finally, let’s talk about the Spiked Luxe Candy Ice. That was pure genius in Las Vegas for the adult crowds. It was the genius in that idea for me!  Let our readers know where they can find all the flavors of Luxe Candy Ice.

 C: You can find and follow us on all social media platforms. IG @luxecandyice FB: luxe candy ice and Twitter @ice_luxe.    Our Luxe Candy Spiked Ice is called our X-rated Menu, for up to date infused and regular menu visit our website

Beauty Academy Meets New World Revolution – It’s A Virtual Thing for Sarah Naylor

Sarah created Angel Hair and Make-up’s Online Academy in 2020. Sarah is on a mission to teach all women to feel good and look good. Seven years ago, Sarah started teaching in Irish Schools and Colleges. She has worked with women from every walk of life. Women with Acquired Brain Injuries, women from marginalized groups, women with learning difficulties and women who want a career in the Hair and Beauty Industry. Her years of teaching and working as a Hair and Makeup Artist have led to this special training opportunity for all women.

The Angel Hair and Makeup’s Online Academy – A Practical and Hands-On Approach to Hair and Makeup (Minus the Boring Theory!).

Salon Styled at Home – The Fundamentals of Hair and Makeup for Every Woman – Practice Makes Permanent

Sarah believes in explaining everything in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step, hands-on way. By joining the practical sessions, it is the perfect way for students to learn the art of hairstyling, makeup application and skincare. The course videos allow practical tuition using Sarah’s ‘Practice Makes Permanent’ formula. Allowing women everywhere to learn how to do their own hair, makeup and skincare from the comfort of their own home, at their own pace and in their own time. Forget the boring theory and just learn how to do your own hair and makeup as well as take care of your beautiful skin, achieving Salon Style At Home.

LR: At what age did you know that you wanted to be a stylist? How did it all come together?

S: I was in my late 20’s. When I was growing up, my mother owned her restaurant, and I worked there all of my childhood. All I wanted to do was get out of hospitality and go work in an office. So when I finished secondary school, I went to college to study business and computers. It was 1993, so computers were the big thing! When I finished college, I took a job teaching people how to use computers. By this time, dial up internet was available in some people’s homes. My job was to teach people how to use PCs and the internet. I did this for a couple of years and then headed to Australia, where I worked as a marketing coordinator for a big tech company. I loved this role, and when I returned to Ireland, I signed up for night school to get qualified in Marketing. Alas, the party scene took over, and I got a job as an office manager, and I was happy enough partying the weekend away and working during the week to pay for my escapades. Many of my friends were hairdressers and nail technicians, so I loved the Idea of working in the beauty world. I settled with my now-husband in 2004, and it was at this point that I decided to train as a makeup artist while I worked full-time. I did a long course at the weekends for a few months and then began to offer my services as a side hustle to gain extra money. I fell in love with makeup and the industry, and in 2009 I decided to quit my office job and go back to college full time to study hairdressing, hair, and makeup for film and theatre and beauty therapy.

LR: Your background includes working with women who have had challenges in their lives. What is one of your most rewarding take aways from working with these women? 

S: My teaching has taught me so much about people and their needs to be touched. Some of the groups I worked with were severely disabled and couldn’t groom themselves. I would carry out facials or manicures on them for demonstration purposes for the able bodied students to observe and repeat. When I say they melted in my hands, It broke my heart. Human touch is an integral part of us as humans, and every person deserves to feel it. Plus, when a person looks in the mirror and sees how well they can look, it makes them feel good. One of my favorite mottos is when you look good, you feel good. It doesn’t matter if it’s just looking at fresh-faced skin following a facial or nicely groomed eyebrows! The power of spending some time on yourself gives people a massive boost. Some groups I’ve worked with are ladies who are stuck in a poverty trap. My classes gave them the skills and the confidence to create their little side hustle. This, in turn, has affected how they see themselves as a proactive member of society. It has given them hope and means to create beautiful lives for their families. It has allowed them to be leaders in their children’s eyes and a person they want to emulate. Education is power, and it can break down boundaries and give people the confidence a

nd purpose to make things better.

LR:  You combined your love of teaching and beauty care. What was the ah-ha moment that you knew the two would be profitable?

S: I’m still waiting for that one!! I don’t teach for the money; I do it to make a difference. I want to give people confidence. I want them to look in the mirror and see themselves. I want to empower women. I don’t want them to cover up with makeup; I want them to enhance themselves, and if that’s not wearing makeup but looking after their skin, that’s what I want to help them achieve. I want to do more than help them do their hair and makeup. I want to train them with skills that will allow them to be their OWN boss. If they do a small side hustle eyebrow course with me, I’m going to teach them how to market that side hustle. I’m going to teach them everything I’ve learned to create a sustainable, successful business. I’m going to help them up the ladder to living a happy, successful, financially independent life. This is my mission. When I teach in the schools and I get to teach the teenagers, I guide them to a path of independence, an educational journey that will fulfill them get them a job that doesn’t feel like a job. Please help them make a difference in their lives and others’ lives to be leaders.

LR: “Salon-Styled At Home” is the first course of a series of courses in your program. What mini tips can you give readers to give them a glimpse into what to expect when taking the course?

S: So Salon Styled at Home came out of an Idea I had when lockdown hit and all the salons closed; I had people coming out of the woodwork begging me to do their hair or remove their gel/acrylic nails. I thought, why can’t they do it themselves. So I began by creating short videos teaching how to cut a boy’s hair with clippers. How to style their daughter’s hair and people loved the videos. I went from having a couple of hundred followers to a few thousand. I consistently show up with free tips and videos teaching a wide range of skincare, makeup, hairstyling routines. One very popular live that I did on Facebook was my natural skincare routine using only products you would have at home like honey, milk, porridge oats and brown sugar It was fantastic the response I got, women sending me photos of them doing the facial with a gin and tonic in the other hand. Every week I deliver lives and videos for free on my social media platforms. I want everyone to have fun; there’s nothing contrived about what I teach. The products I use are ones that I have bought myself genuinely use and genuinely believe in. I don’t have any paid partnerships. I believe in guiding people by figuring out what works for them.

LR: You were a bridal makeup specialist prior to owning Angel Hair and Makeup. How has that experience helped enhance Angel Hair and Makeup?

S: I still do bridal hair and makeup. I just had a party of 6 on Saturday. Weddings are my first love. I relish the thought of helping a bride to feel beautiful on her wedding day. The fun on the morning of a wedding is so unique; these girls invite you into their personal world on such a special day. I feel truly honored to be picked as the hair and makeup artist for a wedding. I can honestly say I am friends now with a lot of my past brides. As a bridal hair and makeup artist, you build such a special bond with them at their trial, and the trust they have in you is unique.

LR: You are based in Dublin, Ireland, are your courses offered internationally? What are the challenges of launching an online academy?

S: Yes, my courses at present are available to all English-speaking countries. I will plan to have them translated to more languages when the finances allow.

LR: You have two children. How do you juggle being a Fempreneur and being available for your children?

S: This one I struggle with a lot. I have a lot of mammy guilt. However, when I am present, I give them my attention and my time. I love nothing better than to hear about their days. My kids are chatterboxes just like me, and it’s such a good complaint to have. My work sometimes has me working really long hours and weekends; I aim to spend time with my family on Sundays; they’re my non-negotiable days. I won’t work Sundays anymore. Another new trend is they don’t like to be here anymore. They’re always running off on me now, and I’m like, What the hell, I’m on my own!! I need to get a hobby, So I took up golf. I only play four holes, but I love it, it clears your brain, and the fresh air is fantastic. My me time is essential too.

LR:  Finally what is it you want other women to know who are considering taking your course?

S: Salon Styled at Home will teach you how to do your own hair, makeup, skincare!! Not only that, It will allow you me time, that time that we seem to be so mean to ourselves with. It will give you a sustainable routine that is easy to follow with a downloadable eBook that covers everything in the videos plus more. When I carried out my market research, one of my questions was, have you ever gone on a zoom meeting or for a coffee with your friends and wished you looked more prepped and polished 98% said yes!! My course will teach you how to get prepped and polished in minutes.

If your still contemplating on purchasing my course, come follow me on social media you will find lots of free valuable content that will teach you tips and tricks on how to get Salon Styled at Home.  You can ask me any questions and I’ll always write back.  I want to thank you all for listening to me and I hope you all get #beautified with my Salon Styled at Home Course.

Connect with Sarah online at