Day: August 20, 2023

Pretty Cover Stories

Shaping Health, Wellness, and Empowerment: Dr. Norma J. Curby

Norma Curby has a passion for health and wellness and has made it her focus for the past eleven years. She is owner of Well life Center for Anti-Aging Functional Medicine in Atlanta Georgia. The center’s mission is to provide services for patients that allow them to feel good, look good and be well. Well […]

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The Pretty Insider

“Sip & Slay: Unwinding with Lipton Hard Iced Tea – A Must for Pretty Women Hustle”

Let me spill the tea (You see how that flowed lol) on this fabulous hard iced tea drink that’s basically a reward for all the hustle you’ve been putting in. Picture this: you’ve conquered the day, slayed your to-do list, and you’re ready to kick back and unwind like the queen you are.  After a […]

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