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Jakia Cheatham - Myles

CEO/Founder of Pretty Women Hustle Magazine

Organize Your Life With CEO Kendra Burnette

Kendra Burnette was born in Durham, North Carolina growing up primarily in Cary, North Carolina. During her early school years, Kendra’s admiration of reading, history and writing inspired her to focus on a journey of always striving for educational interests. Throughout the years, Kendra developed an immense talent […]

Have a little “Fairy Cornbread” with Author Arian T. Moore

Arian T. Moore, Ph.D. has 15+ years of experience in the field of communications after working in radio, television, and print. She is the Editor-in-Chief of Bibs & Business Magazine, a magazine geared towards working moms, helping them find support, tools and resources for work-life balance. She has […]

Have You Ever Seen a Zebra Eat Zucchini with Author Keshia Harper

Keshia Harper holds a master’s degree in education from Cambridge College and works as a Lead Teacher for Special Education in the third-largest school district in Georgia. As an educator with nearly 15 years of experience, she provides services for students with disabilities.   Early in Keshia’s educational career, […]

A Beautifully Twisted World with Tia Rodriguez

Tia Rodriguez born and raised in Virginia is an American author.  In 2009 Rodriguez collaborated with IUniverse and became a self published author debuting her book titled “Dedications and In between the Two” just a month before graduating high school. Feeling accomplished yet overwhelmed Rodriguez knew she needed […]

How To Pause, Process and Proceed in Purpose with Serial Entrepreneur Dominique Yancy

Dominique Yancy is a graduate of McNeese State University located in Lake Charles, La. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in 2008, which allowed her to gain experience in the mental health field. Dominique decided to further her education and later obtained her Master of Science degree […]

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