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I am a passionate individual who relishes an assortment of interesting hobbies like Dancing,Singing,Acting,Writing and Reading. Basically i am an HR professional working in a 3D animation company which churns out movies for kids. I am in-charge of Recruitment as well as Training plus Development along with few HR operations. I love writing and i write Fiction (short stories and novels) along with Non-fiction. I have published a non-fiction book titled "NEGATIVE TRAITS WHICH CONCEAL YOUR POSITIVE TRAITS" on Amazon kindle. My book throws light on the darker side of Human nature which is seized by negative traits like Ego,Bias,Impulsiveness,Rigidness,Guilt complex....etc... These negative human traits have a negative impact on personal relationships and result in negative repercussions in the professional environment. My book aims to help people to purge out these negative human traits like Ego,Bias, Impulsiveness.......and thus foster relationships and career growth. I am sure that whoever reads my book will not only get the solution to solve his or her existing problems in his personal relationships or professional interactions, but he /she would be able to avoid interpersonal problems to a great extent, if not fully. After reading my book, he or she would realize the key to inner happiness.

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Where do you find INSPIRATION? We set certain goals of our life or give birth to the ambition of our life. In the initial stages of our goal setting  process or nurturing the ambition of our life, we are 100% enthusiastic and plan for working towards the attainment of our goals or ambition. But after […]

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