Leslie Crawford on Using Dear Future Black Queen to Empower Young Girls Globally

Leslie Crawford on Using Dear Future Black Queen to Empower Young Girls Globally

In today’s world, many women are struggling with not being valued, heard, and protected. From the Me Too movement and Black Lives Matter, females of all ages are fighting to have a voice. Acclaimed author, Leslie Crawford, is making her rounds to change this narrative. Dear Future Black Queen is her new inspirational project that provides daily messages for girls. The tween ages between 9-13 are very critical for young girls. Those ages are the imprint for a young lady’s future.

Leslie is striving to provide inspirational messages and reflection questions for girls to consider for their positive self-esteem. She took actions into her own hands by creating this empowering tool to aid in self-love and reflective practices. As a mother herself, Leslie knows firsthand how important it is to speak life into children. Her new book is the blueprint for strengthening the positive outlook of girls everywhere.

Grab your copy today to speak life into a young girl in your home, community, and beyond. The protection of girls everywhere starts with an individual effort to lay the foundation. Leslie promotes Dear Future Black Queen and other children’s literature through her brand known as The Literacy Shop.

Her overall goal is to help make reading fun and cool for all youth. She’s furthering her love for literature through her publishing brand of Exposed Books Publishing, LLC. Through Exposed Books Publishing, LLC, authors can gain editing, consulting, and self-publishing services for their independent book projects. To connect with Leslie Crawford on social media, please follow her at @author_leslie or @theliteracyshop. Visit her brands at www.exposedbooks.com and www.theliteracyshop.com.


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