October 17, 2021


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Something for the Fashionistas – Celebrity Stylist Shatava Lindsey releases her “LACE ME OUT’ OurGlass Collection

Shatava Lindsey strives to bring phenomenal fashion to all sizes with every collection she creates. Her fashion empowers women to embody the confidence that they have deep down inside of them. With every stitch and flow of the fabric you can feel and see the love she pours into her designs.

Just in time for Valentines Day, fashionista, celebrity stylist, and TV personality Shatava Lindsey unveiled her hot new ‘LACE ME OUT’ Collection, but the celebrity CEO wants all the ladies to know that this collection is not just for that special day, but it’s hot for a number of seasons and quite a few reasons.
The OurGlass brand recently saw amazing results with the last line they dropped around Christmas 2020 with the release of the “Dripped in Graffiti” collection.  The collection sold out in about three weeks and even had the amazing musical talent @amaralanegraaln rocking the Dripped in Graffiti Jumpsuit in her new upcoming video. They hope to repeat the same results with this hot new collection. 

In a statement CEO of OurGlass, Shatava Lindsey says, “This new collection is about loving and embracing who you are no matter what size you are. I find myself looking to embracing the art of curves for most curvy women.  The OURGLASS woman is bold and fearless and the Lace Me Out Collection available in Red and in Black, showcases just that”.  

You can view the new collection at  www.ShopOurGlass.com

Models: Monique Cartwright | Bertina Bailey | Arryana Barton | Shatava Lindsey
Collection: Shop OurGlass  Makeup: Randi Lanay Stylist: Spacial Amor Videographer: Roxe “TDrop” Karvell Photographers: Tim Rogers | FB Studios

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