October 26, 2021


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Financial Lessons Learned with Brittany Mobley

For Financial Literacy Month – We are sharing stories and tips for gaining financial knowledge, financial lessons learned early on in your entrepreneurship journey, personal finance tips and savings goal advice.

We have Brittany Mobley of Culturit Public Relations and Design Co. sharing her story and tips.

Brittany is a public relations and communications professional based out of metro Detroit. She secured her Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in Public Relations from the University of Memphis and her masters degree in Public Relations from Full Sail University in 2020. While embarking on her journey of freelance PR and helping independent owners build their brand, she decided to use her field of experience to build a practice of her own. As the CEO of her own PR firm, Culturit Public Relations, everything is in-house for her. She creates her clients graphics, websites, logos, and content for her business. She’s also been able to get coverage for her clients in the Michigan Chronicle, WXYZ and Channel 4 News, RollingOut, BAUCE Magazine and so much more. Brittany is a mom to baby boy Brandon and has currently started her journey as a digital nomad, beginning in Playa Del Carmen Mexico. Brittany’s agency has reached six figures and has allowed her to help corporate and small brands grow and expand with her public relations expertise.

What are some of the lessons you have learned early on in your business about finances? 

1. To keep my business income separate from my personal income

2. To stay present and available to your audience

3. That I can’t do everything alone and it’s okay to ask for help

What does financial stability mean to you?

Being able to put my bills on autopay and being able to pay my tithes!

What advice would you share about how to raise funds or capital for your business?

Be sure to solidify your LLC, EIN, and business structure because you’ll need them for every source of financing that will help your business push forward.

What are 2 financial tips you would like to share?

1. Save, doesn’t matter how much per month, but save something!

2. Business credit is separate from personal credit, so it’s important to understand both.

What is your favorite finance or wealth building podcast? Why should readers listen to them?

Millennial Money, because they’re real stories that we can all relate to and it gives you the truth about how much money we lose as entrepreneurs and how much we end up leaving on the table.

What kind of impact on your business does not having access to funds and other resources?

I am unable to have access to certain platforms that i need to move my business forward.

Share your top 2 Finance or Wealth Building books and why?

The 4 Hour Work Week – It helps you create a life of making money and not sitting behind a desk your entire life.

The Psychology of Money! It truly helps you prepare your mind for a richer perspective.

What savings goals should someone have personally or in their business?

Only spend 25% of what you make! Never 100%

What financial obstacles have you overcome and how did you overcome them?

Separating my business accounts from my personal! It has saved my life because I am Blessed to be financially stable enough to where my business is making a return, rather than running out.

How did you find the right financial advisor or accountant?

She came to me oddly enough. Ebony Cochran is like the financial guru in metro Detroit. She has single handedly eliminated over $100 Million of consumer debt for entrepreneurs.

How important is having an accountant or bookkeeper for your business?

Very important. Unless it’s something you do, the education and awareness provided is an amazing and worthwhile investment.

What are your favorite apps to track your spending or business expenses?

Qapital, QuickBooks and PNC app.

Who do you go to for financial advice?

Ebony Cochran – blackwoodcreditservices.com

Have you encountered an experience with financial situation that has changed your views on your finances? Tell me about them.

Yes! I’ve lost sooo much money on small events to help people, yet there was not a great profit margin, so I ended up spending more than I made and become so broke, I had to quit the entire program because I couldn’t afford to put any more events on! Lesson learned!

What’s next for you in your business/brand? What can readers look forward to from you?

I am working on securing more six figure contracts to keep my agency in the progression phase and helping my clients win media placements, while I’m traveling.

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