Pretty and Mommying: Jami Robinson

CEO and Creative Director of Designer Chic Designs.  A Branding, Graphic Design, and Photography firm located in south ATL.  Wife to her real life Hero for over 23 years and mother of 3 amazing kids.

Jami holds a LOVE for all things artsy, eccentric, and colorful.  Travel and meeting new people is somewhat of a hobby of hers and she has included all aspects of what she loves into her business.

Jami enjoys helping others shine in their light.  This is why she LOVES her job!!  She helps small businesses, new and existing, shine by showing them how to put their best foot forward in their OWN way.

Jami believes and teaches her children that if you LOVE what you do, you will do Exceedingly well!!

We had the opportunity to catch up with CEO Jami Robinson and discuss all things motherhood and entrepreneurship.

What Inspired you to start your business?

My live of art, creativity, and wanting to help others shine.

How do you balance business and motherhood?

My Family always comes first…well, after my morning self care routine.  I make sure I schedule appointments and activities at specific days and times.  I make a point to have family time and specific days that are Just family time.

What does leaving a legacy for your kids mean to you?

It’s EVERYTHING for me.  I want to make sure that my kids understand the value of leaving your mark and controlling your own destiny.   Understand the work and appreciate the rewards that come out of it.

What tips can you give to someone with a desire to start a business while raising children?

Make a daily schedule for work and make sure you make time just for family…and have wiggle room.  Things will NOT go as planned.  Be patient, pray daily, and understand that mistakes may happen.  Don’t be too hard in yourself… you only get 1 life, try to enjoy it when you can.

What 3 lessons did your parents teach you that you try to implement with your children?

-Keep God 1st and pray without ceasing.
-Never cry or worry over things out of your control.
-Can’t & Broke are bad words that need not be in your vocabulary.  If you keep telling yourself you “can’t “, you won’t.  If you keep saying you’re “broke” you will be.  Words impact your mindset, feed your mind good things that will help you grow.

What 2 lessons are you teaching your kids in relation to business?

-Create your own path by figuring out what makes you happy and carve your own path.  Meaning, if it’s something you like, who cares if someone else is doing it!!  Create your own style and rock with it.

-Pay attention to your own business,
what you offer and master that.  Don’t try so hard to imitate your competitors.  Doing this will water down the YOU in your business.  

What is your definition of a Boss Mom?

Accepting the challenge to grow and better yourself.  Making sure to separate Business and Home to allow yourself a happy balance.  Understanding that everything won’t go as planned and making sure there is a plan B, C, and D.  

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