Exploring Love, Lust and Romance With Newcomer, Dr. Tavis Wade-Jones

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There is beauty in experiencing love, lust and even romance.  From the courtships to orgasms, it’s all a part of your personal journey.  New author, Dr. Tavis Wade-Jones, is on the scene to help you explore the ups and downs of love in her new novel.  Her sexy release known as Never Met A Stranger, follows the love life of character, Alicia Renee.  Here’s the synopsis:

Constantly looking for a man to complete her, 26 year old Alicia Renee will do anything to keep a man.  She’ll even sacrifice herself.  But will that be enough?  She quickly learns that keeping a man doesn’t equal a healthy and loving relationship.

After one attempt at love she finds herself giving more than she bargained for while also falling into a sudden depression.  Alicia’s whole being seemed as if she was her own stranger.  Thankfully her girl tribe of friends, Kim and Joi, attempt to help change her perspective on life.  Her new outlook unleashes her journey to evolve, find peace and also find her lost sense of self.  Have you ever met a stranger?

“I used to have a really hard time articulating my thoughts.  Writing became the best method to get my point across,” says Dr. Tavis. “All of my thoughts, feelings and experiences would be balled inside and would cause anxiety,” she continues.  She continued to use writing as a positive outlet.  Although her current book has a sexy spin on romance, she also hopes that the novel will help others to heal, explore in a healthy manner and reflect.  Never Met A Stranger also mirrors a few real life events for the author.

“Sharing my story is an authentic way of self healing. So many people do not take the time to heal before moving on to the next relationship,” continues Dr. Tavis.  “ Although the scenarios are different, I have been guilty of not taking the time to heal before moving on,” she expresses.  Dr. Tavis is on a mission to help others improve on their dating lives while allowing love to truly impact them in its purest form.   

“We must learn to leave the past behind. Unsuccessful relationships can be draining so it is natural to put your guard up,” Dr. Tavis advises.  “When the time is right and you’ve met someone you’re into who is also into you, let your guard down. It’s not a crime to be vulnerable,” she continues.  Dr. Tavis also hope that her readers will reflect on these  six takeaway points:

  1. When it comes to meeting someone new and you start dating- Don’t rush it. Embrace your single life. 
  2. Be upfront and honest while also asking questions.
  3. Communicate
  4. Peep Everything!
  5. Don’t ignore the red flags.
  6. Take time to heal.

Dr. Tavis is encouraging healthy relationships that will require honesty, trust, respect and open communication.  Her Black Girl Magic is leading the movement of healing.  “My Black Girl Magic will inspire and empower you to be your best self,” she exclaims.  Connect with Dr. Tavis Wade-Jones online and on social media as you continue to journey through love, healing and romance with her debut novel.  

Writer, C. Scott, is a mompreneur, author, literacy coach and advocate.  Visit her on Instagram as @curls_coils and also @beautifulshadeslc. 

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  1. Love this author and my sister Dr Tavis. Thankyou for highlighted an extraordinary bomb beloved woman and queen. Best of blessings for her, her book and the magazine!

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