June 14, 2021


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Keeping Your Inspiration To Write On

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Writing is a form of storytelling for the masses.  It can heal.  It can help.  It can create awareness.  It can explore imaginations.  It can even be monetized.  I’ve seen so many dope forms of writing over the years.  From children’s books, to poems and to even freelance articles; they were all a part of the storytelling process.  Many writers have to set the mood to get into their writing flow.  While some just need peace and quiet.  

Some writers require music, candles, notebooks, a desk, or even sunlight to create their content.  Every writer is different in their own right.  If you’re struggling with writer’s block there are some ways to overcome that.

Re-read one of your favorite novels.  Re-reading your favorite content can help to jog your memory or to create new ideas for your current work.

Read a new novel or article by a new author/blogger.  Indulge in a new literary work to enjoy the content.  That enjoyment may spark ideas for your new project, chapter flows or etc.  No plagiarism though!

Get some sunlight and people watch.  Whether you sit on your front porch, go to a park or to the mall; other people can inspire you.  The change in scenery alone can also spark new content.

Turn off the computer and go out with family or friends.  Sometimes it’s that simple.  Get away and have some fun.

Turn off the TV and set a timer to do a free write or brain dump.  If you are lacking direction or inspiration; try a brain dump of just writing down what comes to your mind.  It may be words, phrases, names or etc but it can lead to your piecing together your next article or novel.

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Create an outline for your project.  The free spirit approach may not work for you.  So being specific and precise by using an outline may work.  You can start with the title and synopsis; and then go into naming your chapters and including specific events, plots or characters per each chapter.  My Reading Between The Lines guided journal may be a great source to get this done.

Start out of order.  You may need to create the synopsis and chapter headings first if the main content is failing you.  Or you may need to jot down the chapter names and then go back to creating a tile, synopsis and specific plots.  

My company of Curls and Coils will soon launch the Write On subscription box.  This box will help writers of all aspects in enjoying their gift, being inspired to create and helping to motivate them to share new content.  Various everyday items that writers enjoy will be included in each box.  Every month will consist of a different theme to create new ideas and joy in writing.  Included will range from:  notebooks, pens, sharpie markers, candles, new novel, t-shirt, coffee mug, sticky notes, journals and much more.  Stay tuned for the summer release as you continue to create to share your stories.  Use your gift and always remember to Write On!  Follow Curls and Coils online and also on social media.

Writer, C. Scott, is a mompreneur, author, literacy coach and advocate.  Visit her on Instagram as @curls_coils and also @beautifulshadeslc. 

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