God’s Promise: There is Purpose!

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I continue to evolve, shedding the old and walking into the new. As time passes, I’ve realized no work is ever done in vain. No experiences that I have been through are without purpose. Sometimes we find ourselves in situations and we just can’t fathom why our heavenly Father would even allow the weapon formed against us to “prosper’ but truly it is all for a purpose–nothing is by chance. Unbeknownst to us now but eventually it will all reveal itself. 

We must continue to remind ourselves: God says I am. God says I will. God says trust. He has made all of these promises to us and tells us he got us and yet we still wonder what he’s going to do and when. Doesn’t sound very trustworthy huh?

It’s human nature I understand. I’ve weathered many storms, and they only seem to get harder and harder. I’ve fallen short, went backward hundreds of times, trying to be better and do better but it gets hard. During the trials, our faith is tested and we tend to become weak in the flesh. We think short-term, this moment, the here and the now, instead of harvesting more fruit for our due season. We are human, we make mistakes. The dopest part about God is that he already knows that. He already knows the child he has created and he will go through great lengths to be sure that his children are prepared. That his children have someone in their corner to protect them, to comfort them, or to remind them that they will be okay because he has already made a way. 

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God is more worried about the person you will be after the storm. He understands it hurts, it’s uncomfortable, it makes no sense, but in the end, he is more concerned with the product you will become. He wants you to step fully into your power and not stay in the place of comfort and ease. He can see far beyond us, and he knows more than we could ever imagine so we must continue to grow strong and mighty in his will and his way.

It’s so beautiful how our Lord doesn’t miss. How he is so perfect and his plan for our life is so perfect. How even when we think it’s a mess and nothing can be done he shows us just how purposeful our trials were meant to be. Going through the season when you doubt yourself, those slow periods of growth when nothing seems to be happening. When you are walking through the fire, thinking the smoke will never stop smoldering, the heat will never end, but one day, it just does. One day you begin to realize it’s not so hot here and you’ve adapted to the heat. Your body has transformed – now equipped to endure even more. Through the fire you refine your wings, through the fall do you learn to fly again. You learn to float through the waves. You learn to navigate through the skies. 

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God’s promise is there is a purpose for your journey, and you may not understand it now but you will when the time is right. It’s all in timing, trust that timing. Trust in yourself that you will be where you need to be and do what you need to be doing at the right time, not a moment sooner.

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ATM Chain Profits

How many times have you pulled up to the ATM machine to take money out and thought to yourself, “If only I had a piece of THIS pie…”? What if I told you that it’s not as hard or expensive as you may think?  Everyday people, just like you and me, have the ability to create a legacy with ATM chain profits without any fancy degrees, attorneys, or thousands of dollars in capital. 

In 2021, we haven’t even reached the peak of our increasing dependence and reliance on convenience and accessibility in every facet of our lives, especially banking.  If COVID has taught us anything, it’s that IF there is a will to make something work remotely, there IS a way.  From millions of dollars transferred over Al Gore’s internet, from one CEO to another,  Major international business deals conducted via Zoom and the worst shortage on bleach and toilet paper this side of the 21 Century. 

ATM Chain profits is a business trend you can coast on to wealth and/or legacy building.   There’s plenty of opportunities for you to be as creative and flexible as you want with the services you offer, coupled with the businesses and locations you choose to do business with/in.   This total control allows you to create financial freedom and keeps you in complete control of how your business is run, structured, and eventually grown. 

Let’s get into it. 

What is an ATM Chain?

Now that you understand that owning and operating an ATM chain is possible with little to no education, background, and even money, it’s time to determine if this is the right legacy builder for you.  You won’t put 100% into something you view as an obligation or J.O.B.  You’ll understand why I say that as we talk about maintaining your legacy.

Owning an ATM Chain means you are the supplier of cash machines at public locations that you have placed there.  You make money every time someone takes out their own money from that machine, at your ATM rates. Boom! 

Here’s a great article that I read from Forbes, that describes the three roles involved in a traditional ATM chain/business: You, the owner of the ATM, The business owner where you will place the machine(s), and the processor who handles the maintenance and paperwork associated with your machines, in order to keep them in servicing condition.  All three of these parties share in the fees that it takes to process each transaction.  

Here’s an example:  The business owner, where you have placed the ATM, typically gets pennies on the dollar for each transaction, not more than $.75 in most cases. $.50 is the national average.  The ATM processor will have network fees that vary from processor to processor and can range from $1.50-$3.00 per transaction.  

You, as the business owner, can charge anywhere from $1-$8 (by law) per transaction.  So let’s do some quick math.

You decide you want to place an ATM at my salon, Stewart Beauty & Barber Boutique.  Your ATM fee is $5.00 per transaction because my shop is in a very high-traffic area in Gahanna. I’ve negotiated $.75 as my venue fee, and the ATM processor charges $1.90 per transaction.  

$5.00 – $75 – $1.90 = $2.35 pure profit for you for each transaction.  The average ATM processes approximately 180 transactions each month =$423.00 profit from your one ATM machine in my salon.  Is that going to make you rich overnight?  No

Can this type of passive income, over TIME, put you in a position to offer a better life for your family?  Absolutely.  

Can you then pass those ATM machines down from generation to generation?  That’s the whole point.  We’ll meet a dad who did just that a bit later in the article. 

Now that you get the idea, and at least where to begin your own due diligence, let’s move on to talk about the trends in the industry that are going to help make this so much easier for you to get started and stay competitive. 

2021 ATM Industry Trends 

Technology is ever-changing the way we have always managed to do the simplest of tasks. According to ResearchAndMarkets.com Global ATM Market Report for 2021, there are many trends and technological factors that affect how the ATM industry will look even 5 years from now. Old ATM machines have given way to newer models with far-reaching technology capabilities, which appeals to the younger generation.  Mobile pre-staging, video banking features, contactless transactions, and wires, all from a touchscreen, will be on the rise in 2021. 

More technology means more control and personalization that you, as the ATM chain owner can offer.  Personalized messages during the holidays to boost the business of the location your machine is at. Offer a special for using the machine and display it as a thank you message.

“Thanks for using the ATM Machine located in Stewart Boutique.  Please visit the front desk to get an immediate 10% off your next visit.”  

What if you had a fleet of ATM machines able to dispense foreign AND domestic currency, accept bill and car note payments, and yes, even allow customers to open an account…right from your machine. 

Imagine offering this to a business that can “one-up” their competition, who doesn’t have this type of technology?  Guess who is going to call you when they find out the Jones’ have one down the street?  

Eventually, ATM machines will be solar or wireless allowing them to be placed in locations and rural areas they once were not able to go. 

Make sure you research each type of ATM that you want to deploy and find out if they can ever be upgraded. 

Legacy Mindset 

Can you see the possibilities that technology alone will provide?  Make a list of what technology features are your must-haves for expansion.  

Making plans for the future is important, but let’s not forget that ideas need to be turned into action.   As I researched ways to leave my granddaughter something she could be proud of, I came across an article about William Moxley, out of Florida, who gifted his children an ATM business.  Mr. Moxley is the epitome of a legacy mindset. ( Read about his amazing story and four children here.) 

What do I mean?  Having a legacy mindset is not about how much money or property you plan to accumulate.  It’s about being cognizant of all of the opportunities and resources you have available, and the leadership responsibility you have to serve others, in order to serve your own ascension.  

Whew! Deep right? 

I know some of you might be saying to yourself, “I’m just a single mom trying to make it”, or “I’m just a regular guy.”  While that may be true, you are also so much more. Legacy often signifies the end of something.  When in reality it is the beginning of the next phase.  

So let’s get to the good part.  The profits.    

Where the Money Resides

As I mentioned in the last section, the legacy mindset is about recognizing opportunity.  While some of you may be discouraged at the immediate ROI (Return on Investment) with ATM machines, think of the longer picture.  Being able to build an ATM chain with hundreds of machines across your state, and pass it down generation upon generation, along with the tools it takes to do, even more, is what it’s all about. 

Let’s talk about how much ATM Machines cost and most importantly where the money is going to come from to load it.  

Depending on if you buy the machine new or used, and what features you want to start out with.  You can get a machine for as little as $1,000 – $10,000.  It depends on how much money you have to invest and how fancy you want to be out the gate.

 If you don’t load your machine enough, then people stop using it.  If you have money to invest and you put too much in and nobody uses it, then you run the risk of tying up capital you can be used elsewhere. 

Here’s a little industry secret I learned along the way.   You do not have to use your own cash to load the machine! 

IT’s called ATM vaulting.   I’m not going to get into a lot of detail here, as I work with clients one on one to help them navigate the process. The thing to keep in mind is there is a cost associated with this.  For a fee, there are companies who will load their money into your machine, monitor it to make sure it never stays too full or too low, secure transportation of your money, and allow you to focus on running your business. 

Start Up Checklist to ATM Profits

Are you excited yet? I know it only took me a few days of research to realize this was a great opportunity that would allow me to serve my family, while serving others.  Legacy mindset! 

Here is a 7 step quick start-up checklist.  This is not all-inclusive. Each of these can be researched individually on your own, but this gives you an idea of what to research, and where to start. 

Step 1:  Decide your business type

Step 2:  Get an EIN

 Step 3: Create a name for your business, check availability & register it

Step 4:  Determine your location(s)

Step 5:  Get your permit and licenses

Step 6:  Find a Vaulter 

Step 7:  Open a business bank account 

You are going to need to obtain insurance, create a marketing plan, reach out to businesses, etc.  Do your research and if you need help, I offer assistance one on one.  

I’ve given you a LOT of information to consider and do further investigation on.  Below I’ve given you some homework that we will discuss in our Legacy builder group on Clubhouse. It’s a support network of individuals all across the country.  (Clubhouse is audio only). 


ATM Chain Profits  

  1. Pick a business name 
  2. Determine how many machines you can afford to start out with
  3. Research different ATM machines and how they function
  4. Be sure to join me on all social media platforms in my bio, and especially on Clubhouse @advanceskindiva. The 3rd Wednesday of the month we discuss these legacy topics, resources, homework and provide a safe place of support and encouragement. 

ATM Chain profits are a passive income business opportunity.  There is still hard work involved.  However; it is flexible and there’s not much time commitment involved, especially if you outsource vaulting the machine.  This is an extremely low-stress business that even, as Mr. Moxley proved, a kid can run.  You can even do this while working your regular 9-5.  As you begin to formulate relationships with business owners, you will learn to nurture them over longer periods of time.  Do not get upset if things don’t happen in a first conversation.  

As long as you are willing to be flexible, it will happen.   You can expect to earn $150 on the low side per month to $500 on the high side per month, per machine.  Take that and triple it across town and you are well on your way to building a legacy with ATM chain profits.  Good luck! 


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