A Pretty Gallery Skye with CEO Amy Cummins

Houston-based artist, Amy Cummins, is self-taught and she has dabbled in numerous forms of artistic endeavors her whole life. She spent 20 plus years as a dancer, refurbishing antique and old worn furniture to their former glory and a make-up artist. It wasn’t until about 7 years ago she began painting on canvas. She has accomplished so much in the short amount of time that she has dedicated herself as a professional artist.

Amy Cummins is also a 22-year veteran police officer and would use the process of creating works of art as a way to relax. She found that she wanted to create a deep emotion between the art and the collector. This gave her art new meaning and purpose. Amy experiments with diversity of theme, material, ideas, mediums. She is inspired by the people she meets, the world around her, and other artists’ work as well. She had struggled to find the type of art that she was able to communicate through and feel free when painting. The Intuitive style is more of what she is drawn to; however, she enjoys learning the old-world artist styles and the many newer styles as well.

Amy has participated in numerous art shows, sold work throughout the United States and Africa, written an art book, has been a resident artist in other local galleries. Recently, she opened an art gallery in Houston, Texas called Gallery Skye. The gallery represents artists of diverse genres of art and sculpture, holds art classes, shows, and rentable space for other businesses, artists solo shows, and can be used for so many more opportunities to help artists further their art careers.

Amy has one child, recently retired from law enforcement, and is currently battling cancer. Amy sees art as an escape, a talent that not all possess, and something that makes the world more meaningful. An artist creates something out of nothing. Art makes kinder people.

What inspired your start in the arts?
I have always been creative and loved all things artsy. I danced for 20 years, learned a new craft every summer at my grandparents, played the flute, community theater, make-up artist, furniture redo, and now I work on canvas. I believe the canvas is just another platform to display a person’s talents and love of the arts.

What does sharing your story through painting on canvas mean for you?
I believe that art can tell a person’s story without words. It is important to me that my work is meaningful because it will be on the collector’s wall for years to come. An investment in art is more than buying from a retail store, it is buying the process, the struggle, the love that the artist puts into each piece of art that is created.

What has been the biggest adjustment from being a veteran police officer to now doing art full time?
One of the biggest adjustments is learning to put down my walls. As an officer, we are always on guard and rarely have moments to just relax and not worry about having to solve other people’s problems, or life or death situations. It is a huge responsibility that weighs on a person. Another adjustment is the rapport and camaraderie that officers have with each other. It is a family atmosphere and we can be ourselves with each other. In the art world, people are carefree and creative and there is no responsibility for each artist to have your back. Artists are pretty much a solo show so to speak, so there isn’t the strong loyalty that we have in Law Enforcement.

What does the creative process entail for you?
My process begins with getting all of my supplies and canvas set up. I will light a candle, put on some music (usually relaxing jazz), and to drink something. I sage everything I am working on, meditate for about 5 minutes or so to get my creative mind flowing, and just start making marks to warm up. I keep my work loose and easily changeable because I will have something in mind to paint and most times it turns into something completely different. The process is very personal for each artist, but doing what we need to do to get in “the moment or flow” is what we strive to reach. When we are in that moment, time stands still, thoughts are strictly in the moment, and the creativity just seems to flow out of us and onto the canvas.

What is the message that flows through all of your work?
My message that flows through everything I do is HOPE. Without hope, we have nothing. When I do commissions, they usually are requested because people want something to depict the trauma or difficult event in someone’s life and how they have overcome it. I want people to look at my work on their walls and know that I put all of my heart into the work and to help them stay hopeful.

Where do you hope to see your work in the next 3-5 years?
Since I have the gallery, my focus is really on others. I do want to continue to create good work, learn other skills and styles of art, but helping others reach their potential, work with the community, and have a successful business is my goal. It is important to show that it is possible to have a career as a professional artist, but it takes work, creativity, and consistent drive to make it happen.

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles?

I believe that a pretty woman hustle is a woman that knows what she wants, takes chances, and then makes it happen. I strive to never be the smartest person in the group. A pretty woman hustle knows that she learns from others that have done what she wants to do. She knows to ask questions, make goals and just go for it. She is not afraid to take a chance in life.

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Instagram:  ACfineart

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Instagram:  Gallery Skye

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  1. She is a beautiful woman on the inside and out and she helped me see my potential has a woman and not a door mat for a man or woman to step on or abuse, physically or mentally! Just by seeing what she has accomplished and the way she conducts herself in all situations! She knows my situation when I was younger and has helped me without even knowing it over the years!!

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