Rant With Rona: Meet Founder Rona L. Walton

A living example of parenting success, Walton is the Founder and Managing Partner of “Rant with Rona” a trusted business resource and advocacy for mothers. Walton received her Life Coach certification along with her certification in Nonprofit Leadership and Management (Austin, TX) while licensing her home for Foster Care.

Through hard work and determination, she graduated with honors from Austin Community College in Accounting. Undaunted by being a single mother of two, residing in public housing, Walton earned a spot on the National’s Dean’s List. Walton is continuing to educate herself and obtain knowledge through Light University. Also, within this same time frame-secured her position with Leadership Austin – Emerge Class 2020. Currently, to further expand her influence, she has partnered with Power 2 Prosper and Brent Business Advisory.

With the use of straight to the point and candid stories, she empowers mothers to take responsibility for every aspect of their lives to create quality time with their children. Her motto is “if you build up the mother, she will build up her child(ren)”. Also, she has administered a vast collection of tools, triggering the exploration of self-creativity, while embracing the possibilities of a better and healthier way of parenting.

She has inspired over 1,000 followers on social media outlets. Walton has been recognized by several local organizations for her community and professional contributions. Additionally, she is the recipient of Black Girl Ventures Change Agent Fellowship 2022, this will deliver her from business owner to business leader in the Austin entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Walton’s heartbeats are her husband since 2005, 3 adult children and grandchildren as she resides in the amazing city of Buda in the state of Texas.

Who is Rona L. Walton in four words?

Reliable / Resourceful / Responsive / Relatable

Tell us about your company “Rant with Rona”. What inspired its start?

The entrepreneurial spirit has always resided within her whole life, starting with her own paper route at age 13. In 2019, with the direction and encouragement of a Lifestyle and Relationship counselor, Sonya LaRae, she started in August 2020 in the midst of an economic downturn during the pandemic. One year later, she is fortunate to be growing. What makes this amazing is Walton’s office is working from home. She launched because of her desire to make a difference. She works with mothers, especially single mothers to help navigate life forward in profound ways. Walton knew that she could offer the perspective, structure, support, and guidance mothers need to make big transitions in their lives. This drive to make a difference launched “Rant with Rona, LLC”, a professional consulting agency that brought her strengths, experience and skills together to help parents regain sanity through clear spaces and self-care.

What has been the highlight of your journey thus far working with mothers?

As a Black woman from a low income community, the highlight has been to provide support to a young mother through high school, by giving shelter from her abusive mother to holding her hand during delivery of her first child. With commitment and accountability, to obtain employment within the medical field.

What can mothers expect when partnering with Rant with Rona?

Mothers can expect clarification of goals and change in perspectives to make better decisions for their child(ren). By listening, validating feelings, and offering compassion, Rant with Rona empowers mothers to take chances.

How can the community support this great initiative?

Donate What You Don’t Need: Donating slightly used equipment, or the proceeds from a sale, can improve the lives of mothers. For example, if you need to upgrade office equipment, consider donating your older computers to us. If none of these seem like a good fit, we can provide a list of families in need. In today’s high-tech world, having home access to resources such as the Internet can change a child’s future.

Where do you hope to see your organization in the next 3-5 years?

In the next 3-5 years, to have a facility or space to house teen mothers to course correct by putting their child(ren) first by doing what is necessary to keep and raise them in a safe environment.

 What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles? 

Pretty Woman Who Hustles, in my definition, is a woman who is striving to live intentionally to her purpose, while building up the next generation, even if it gets ugly. I am a Pretty Woman Who Hustles!

Twitter: @rona_walton







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