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Shanell Monique is a Native of New Orleans, who could be appropriately described as a “serial entrepreneur,” she is an Oklahoma City-based writer who also authored “Broken Silence” and “Love & Confidence Journal,” which were released in December 2017 and in April 2018, she was inspired to compose “The Wife Between Us” in the wake of her divorce. Founder of Every Child Is A Story Yet to be told.

Shanell is an empowerment extraordinaire in her own right, she is the proud owner of Shanell Monique Love&Confidence LLC, Founder of Every Child Is A Story Yet To Be Told Foundation, and Monique’s Little Friends. She also owns a newly established eyelash business – as well as stay glossy, my rising lip gloss venture, a pair of newly elected endeavors that she hopes will reap a considerable amount of success now that the national economic landscape is reopening amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Shanel Monique helps women identify who they are at their core. Destroying the strong independent woman’s belief system by increasing wisdom, embracing sensuality, and gaining emotional renewal and the feminine energy to create the life they want.

Shanell believes you can change your entire life by manifesting it with the law of assumption, spirituality, and feminine energy.

She doesn’t shy away from the notion that she is overwhelmingly giddy and that she has a number of irons in the fire.

When did you realize you held a passion and interest for writing? 

Since a young child writing has always been something I enjoyed. It was the only way to express my feelings. It first sparked my interest when my

English teacher use to tell me I had a wild imagination. But I still wouldn’t say I thought I had a gift. ( I just always said, one day I’ll write a book) and that one day came. I actually just set down and started writing, But It wasn’t until I went through my divorce that I really made the decision to take it seriously.

 I wanted to encourage other women because Sometimes we don’t notice the beauty we already possess because we’re too busy trying to create it. I tell people all the time, Only if y’all knew how motivated I’ve been by the PAIN I been through. It means so much to me to help other women with their confidence, Because I remember at one time when I lost confidence in myself and didn’t think I wasn’t enough or worthy that’s why I have to keep promoting Self-love and so must more Self Love is easier when you stop trying to figure out why they don’t love you & instead figure out why YOU don’t love you.

 – “I hear so many women say they felt “stupid” for staying and trying to make it work even when deep down inside they knew nothing would ever change. They are me I was them, I remind them that they are Beautiful Strong Women. And they were never “stupid.” They were in love, and real love is not something a Good Woman simply walks away from. She fights for it! She cries for it! She holds on to it until it burns at the very core of her soul. No… they were never “stupid.” They were real. If anyone was stupid, it was the Wrong Man who lost them. Why? Because he may never know just how close he came to receive the blessing of a lifetime.” I just want all women to Love themselves first, chase their dreams, make mistakes (and learn from them), believe in God’s plan, they are more beautiful than they will ever know, and oh so smart, there is no one else like them in the entire world, they are loved. So going through my divorce is when I realized I had a gift for writing. 

What inspired your book “Broken Silence and “Love & Confidence Journal” along with your other book “The wife between us”? 

My brokenness inspired both books, ( Broken Silence & Love & Confidence. Now what inspired The Wife Between Us: 

The message is even wives can be side chicks. ( meaning you could be married to him but treated like the other woman)

you must be able to love yourself to make better decisions for yourself. You must understand that GOD loves you, placed you here for a reason, and sent his son to rescue you. Just knowing that you should know that you now have everything you need to just be as well as have the ability to have whatever it is you ask for. I work with women who want this, who understands this, and who believe in this one principle.

What message do you hope women takeaway?

  To love yourself to always put yourself first. I am my worst enemy. When looking in the mirror you have to love yourself naked. I had to stop expecting me from people. [did that make sense] ( stop expecting you from people ) (message) you have to always Remember every storm is your chance to reap results. Every storm reveals. Every storm challenges you. If you can’t see the blessing in the storm and mishandle it, you will see that same storm again so handle it with praise. Good times are good but who you are in the midst of the storm is your greatness.

You are the owner of several businesses, can you tell us a little about what inspired each of them? 

To be honest, I was afraid to start my first business afraid of failure. So Honestly Death inspired me to start. I was close to death and I said to myself if My Creator sees me fit and allows me to walk up out of this hospital I’m going to leave the School District and open up my own business. Guess what? I walked out of there and I’ve been on the go ever since. 

What can women expect from your new company that offers eyelashes and Lip gloss?

 Just more inspiration to remember that they are beautiful. 

What is next for you, where do you hope to see your brand in the next 3-5 years?

 My New Journal (Sharing Hearts ) will be out the first week of August. And Part Two to The Wife Between Us is out now. Of course to focus on my nonprofit foundation. I hope to see my brand grow stronger and bigger. 

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles? 

I believe it’s women who are determined to succeed. Women who slay on and make moves. Because we are strong beyond measures. 

Women Who Offend You With Their Ambition.

Social media handles:

Facebook: swmonique IG: Moniqueworld504 


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