Meet Actress Kaye Singleton

To date, as an actress Kaye Singleton has taken on a variety of roles on hit shows and films such as Sistas (BET), Claws (TNT), Don’t Waste Your Pretty (TV One), Tales (BET), American Soul (BET), and Dumplin (Netflix). You might also recognize her from Tyler Perry’s The Oval as Simone, the beautiful, smart, and cunning wife of the Vice President of the United States. 

In 2020, Kaye secured her first production deal as a first-time Showrunner and Creator for the highly-anticipated upcoming anthology series – Covenant – which premiered on October 14th, 2021 on AMC’s allblk. Covenant’s unique take on bible stories is a stand out for the network as it’s quoted to “create a world of thrilling, suspenseful drama where characters and stories of the bible are thrust into a vicious dystopia of present-day, real-life situations.

As a multi-faceted creative talent, she is committed to telling culturally authentic stories for, about, and that explore, the beautifully diverse experiences of Black Women.

Who is Kaye Singleton in four words?

Resolute, Passionate, Loyal, Fearless

What inspired your start into the acting and entertainment industry? 

I’ve been a voracious reader since elementary. (Seriously, book fair days were always my favorite days! 🙂 I probably started reading chapter books in the 2nd grade, and started writing stories that I would share and read to my family in the 3rd. As I got older, I loved how the beauty of acting and film allowed for different stories, cultures, and life experiences to be viewed and learned from. My passion has always been to visually represent black voices, the black experience, and the many dynamic stories of minority persons of color. Acting, and then Writing/Creating/Producing blessed me with the opportunity to do that.

You have taken on a variety of roles in some of our favorite hit tv shows, can you share what has been your greatest experience to date? 

I love playing Josie on Saints & Sinners this last season with her “crazy in love” turn, and the force that is Simone on Tyler Perry’s THE OVAL – but honestly, I think it was Serena Fuller on COVENANT. Not because it was a project that I wrote & created, but because of what my character, Serena, was experiencing. Truth: I never wanted to play Serena, Never even considered myself for the role. It was the network who encouraged me to do so, and in truth, at the time I reluctantly took it on. I think I was afraid because my real fears and obstacles were so deeply embedded into this role. In real life, I’m afraid that I’ve given so much time and effort to this career that when I do get ready to start a family that I will go through the same challenges that Serena did. And that’s terrifying for me. So playing that role was difficult, but such an amazing experience. Especially seeing how it touched other women who were going through issues with infertility, and sparked much needed dialogue about it. I had to lay it all out there and bare my true fears and soul. The growth from it was invaluable, and I’m so glad that I did it.

What lesson have you learned thus far in the industry that you take with you?

To go after what you believe in, your passion. Don’t wait for a “yes” from some executive, or approval from the “powers that be”. You have the power within to be and do what you’re destined to do. There’s going to be a million no’s. Create your own table. Don’t wait for a seat.

Can you share a little about your first production deal and show “Covenant” that premiered on the ALLBLK Network? 

The blessing that was COVENANT…. Being that this was my first foray into being a Showrunner and Executive Producer for an entire series, I went into COVENANT S1 in many ways as a neophyte. A “child” if you will. I emerged – through much trial, invaluable lessons, pitfalls, and triumphs, as a fully-formed, experienced, blossoming “adult” in Production. I will always cherish the experience, and be extremely grateful for being afforded the opportunity. Learning along the way was difficult, but life-changing. It changed me fundamentally, and has inspired me to continue creating, writing, and providing opportunities for others to tell stories and produce their projects. We filmed the entire season here in Atlanta, and it was the first faith-based anthology drama series that took bible stories and thrust them into modern-day times and modern-day circumstances. What would those stories look like in 2022 with the social issues, racial tensions, natural disasters, and disease that we’re dealing with today? It was the first series of its kind on that network with such deep subject matter, and I’m grateful that I was given the opportunity and responsibility to tell those stories in truth and integrity.

You have accomplished so much in your career, where do you hope to see yourself next? 

I’d love to continue creating and producing. I have several different TV Series and Films that I’d love to bring to life. Here’s a few: A dark Political Drama series based on the tumultuous terrain of politics in Atlanta, a Dark Comedy Series, a True Crime Thriller feature Film, a Romantic Comedy feature film, and several more. I have so many different stories to tell! 

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who hustles? 

A woman that knows her worth and avidly pursues her purpose in this world. She doesn’t take “no”, doesn’t adhere to distraction and doubt. She’s a hustler, and she’s going to make it no matter what obstacles come her way. In fact, she flips obstacles into blessings. 

Connect with Kaye on Social Media @kaye.s

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