Delise Whitfield on Financial Freedom

Growing up, we all wished we learned more on how to manage our money. As the years roll by, a lot of us wonder what our future will look like. Will I have to work forever? How will I take care of my family? It is important to know that the best time to start working on your finances is as soon as you start working, the sooner the better. If you learn how money works and have good investment habits, the possibility of financial freedom is inevitable.

Delise Whitfield is a New York Financial Advisor, certified and licensed in Money Market Investments. She is apart of the Primerica Insurance Company family and has worked her way up to Regional Vice President. She also has branched out into her own and started a business titled RocNation Financial. She does a lot for the youth in her community by holding informative workshop classes for teens. She teaches them the value of money and the tips and tricks to hold onto it. She is a Boss Women who isn’t afraid to seal the deal and teach other adults how to do the same in the Financial Industry.

Mrs. Whitfield gives us a little insider on Money Affairs.

1. Why should people get Life Insurance? 

Life insurance is a way to protect your family from financial devastation when the unfortunate happens. It’s also the cheapest way to create generational wealth. Life insurance is designed to replace your income and protect your assets until you have built your own wealth.  

2. Why is it important to have insurance on your home? 

There are two sides to renters and homeowners insurance. The first reason is the obvious, for something major or catastrophic happening like a fire or a flood. However renters insurance can also protect you from things like robbery, theft, repairing items or even hotel stays if your home is  damaged or uninhabitable. 

3. What investments do you recommend? 

Generally most clients need 3-6 months of monthly expenses for emergencies in a money market or bank account. Then you will need a long term investment account that you would use for your goals and dreams; buying a home, vacations or buying a car. Last but not least, some kind of retirement plan based on needs and income.  

4. How has being an advisor changed your life? 

Becoming an advisor has changed my life in so many ways. I believe the two biggest impacts were; giving me freedom to run my business around me and my children’s lives instead of a 9-5 schedule. Then giving me the capability to close the wealth gap in my community and provide knowledge on how to take steps towards financial freedom. 

5. How can someone join your team ? 

If anyone would be interested in becoming a Financial advisor or Life Insurance Agent they can come by my office 1577 W Ridge rd Suite 214. Or go onto my website and schedule an interview

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