Jennifer Takagi – Intuitive Leadership Coach Shares Key to Entrepreneurial Success 

Jennifer Takagi is the Founder of Tagaki Consulting. She helps entrepreneurs and women find the clarity and confidence to follow their most aligned path for the highest level of success. Together Jennifer and her clients focus on the mindset shifts necessary to tap into your purpose-driven life, create the space for more income and impact, put your desires in the driver’s seat, and transform your life and business – from one lacking abundance – to one of FREEDOM and FULFILLMENT. Alignment. Attraction. Abundance. It’s all yours.

“For 30 years, I worked in the housing industry. As an “other duty as assigned” I traveled all over the country training thousands of leaders on how to get the most out of their teams and careers. And I loved the work until I stopped denying what I’d known for a long time—something was missing. I took a leap of faith and retired early to pursue my dream of sharing the lessons I’d learned along the way, helping others bypass some of the hurdles I had cleared.”

Jennifer has trained over 10,000, had 5 Best Selling Books on Amazon, launched a podcast with over 17,000 unique downloads, been nominated for a People’s Choice Award, and started a home-based baking business, Pie Love You Desserts. 

You have entrepreneurs and women find the clarity and confidence to follow their most aligned path for the highest level of success. Share your background.

As an entrepreneur, I followed all the strategies and guidance given to me. I found some success and some fulfillment, but something was missing. I could never seem to achieve and maintain a certain level of success. I had been on a path of spiritual growth for myself, never planning on sharing it with anyone, much less the world! I FINALLY had the courage to share my gifts within a networking group – offering free sessions. The slots I opened up were snatched up in less than an hour. That was the most success I had enjoyed in quite a while. The first client session ended with her asking if she could give me a testimonial! I knew I had found my lane! I discovered that my gift was to reveal to clients what they already knew, deep down, basically giving them permission to follow their dream. That is the clarity piece. That clarity lends itself to stepping onto the right path.

My journey started with learning Akashic Records. When I signed up for the course, I had no idea that I would be trained to read other people’s records and walk away with a certification as a Soul Care Coach. Akashic Records are the messages on your soul. In some religions (Judaism and Christianity), it is referred to as the Book of Life. Deep seeded yearnings on the client’s soul are revealed. Often, put into words where they hadn’t been before. Once I am able to speak the idea/dream/yearning out loud, the clients often feel a deep sense of peace and knowing. Knowing that they either need to make a shift or that they truly are on the right path. An opportunity to learn Holy Fire Reiki was presented and I jumped on it! As a level 2 Reiki Practitioner, I am able to clear or settle the energy stirred up during the Akaskic Records reading. And THEN … I discovered the Emotion Code practice of releasing trapped emotions from past events that hold you from where you want, desire, and deserve to be! This amazing practice led me to the Body Code which helps create alignment within the physical and spiritual body to allow the body’s innate ability to heal to kick in. Neither practice is a replacement for professional help but rather supports professional help when that is what is needed. I am now a certified Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner.

Clients have a session with me which is more of an experience that leads to an overall transformation. It is magical and witchy woo!

How are you helping clients to freedom and fulfillment by diving headfirst into the world of connecting them with their intuition? 

Once a client has the experience of hearing the messages in their soul, they begin to trust their own abilities to listen and hear. Typically, we refuse to listen to that inner voice because we don’t believe that it could possibly be true. We push it aside. Swear it can’t mean anything. I’ve always gotten messages from above, actual words. I believe they are messages from God. Typically, they appear in particularly stressful times. The most dramatic event was one morning when I was sick and needed to stay home. But, I had a lot of work to do. A gentle, kind voice told me to stay home and take care of myself. A very judgmental, harsh voice demanded that I go to work. I compromised and decided to call in and say I would be in at noon. I did. A few short hours later, the Oklahoma City Murray Federal Building was bombed. That was my building. 35 co-workers were killed, and many were my friends. The building sheared off about 3 feet south of my desk. Had I not called in sick, I surely would have perished with the other 168 souls. If you don’t take time to be still, you cannot hear the messages.

You have trained over 10,000 individuals. Tell us about your strategy.

Most of my training/talks focus on developing leadership skills, change management skills and customer service. These are delivered in a variety of ways including keynote speeches, breakout workshop sessions, and luncheon training sessions. I’m a contract trainer for the State of Oklahoma, federal agencies, non-profit organizations, and associations. As a Certified DISC Facilitator, I love to provide sessions that highlight our different behavioral styles and the importance of each one, or the world could not go round – at least not so smoothly! One of my best-selling books on Amazon, How to Reach Your Goals in 12 Minute Increments, is a perfect platform for an inspiring talk to small or large groups.  

What will people notice when working with you?  

I’m extremely relational! I love to collect people. I love to help people. I’ve experienced a lot and love for people to learn my failures and successes. Why should you take the hard road on every single journey? By-pass a few of those for a smooth highway. I’m a very straight-shooter and tell it like it is, but never want to offend. I always want to build up and be very inclusive.

Tell us about the popular, Destined for Success with Jennifer Takagi. What is coming up on your podcast?  

This podcast has been such an easy and seamless process for me. I met a woman at a conference and she explained that I needed to build an audience and the fastest way to do that would be a podcast. The first episode launched in September 2018 and has just kept growing! I share the lessons I’ve learned and observations I’ve made that could be helpful to my audience. It’s very interesting that most of my most popular episodes are solo episodes versus interview episodes which is not a common occurrence for most. I’m continuing to find topics most valuable for my audience and guests that can also provide amazing value. Upcoming episodes will probably have a few LIVE sessions with guests!

What have you learned about yourself as a result of your work over the years? 

I have more gifts than I ever imagined that I did or would or could have. My gifts are actually more to help others than for myself. The highlight of my day is closing my laptop knowing that someone’s life is better as a result of spending time with me.

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