Chelley Roy, the Iconic Founder and CEO of “The Chelley Roy” Brand 

Chelley Roy is an accomplished talk show host, celebrity wardrobe stylist, author, founder and CEO of “The Chelley Roy” brand. Chelley’s pursuit to defy the odds to prove everyone wrong, by overcoming various traumas, abuse, and many setbacks, catapulted her on this amazing journey of passion for purpose. Through these tragedies, she found her passion by helping to INSPIRE, MOTIVATE, and UPLIFT women through one on one coaching and guidance. She’s the successful founder of brands such as, “THE CHELLEY ROY SHOW ”, which has rapidly gained momentum in the DMV, the author of, “The Making of a BO$$”, and a celebrity wardrobe Stylist of The Chelley Roy Styling Agency.

Tell us about The Chelley Roy brand and why it resonates with a global audience.  

The Chelley Roy Brand is EDGY, CHIC, BOLD, and ICONIC. I believe there’s a little bit of a “fashionista” inside every woman/young girl. To me, fashion is one of the heart beasts that connects us women/sisters. Fashion just isn’t something you wear, it’s something you feel! Your vibe, your flow, your swag and I see that in a lot of women/men around the world! People are just allowing themselves to be free and expressive through their fashion and style and “I’m here for it!” Fashion also has a positive high-frequency component that’s tied to mental health, I believe. If you look good, you feel good, your vibration and energy is high, which leads to so much abundance of light, love, joy, etc. . Color makes me happy! You will always find me in the “brightest colors”. I’m not that girl who reaches for black first, it’s the other way around lol.

What has captivated your attention the most about 2022? 

The heightened PUSH and elevation of entrepreneurs who are knocking down doors because they have a solution to a need of our every day folks. Over the last few months, I’ve conducted many cometary interviews with entrepreneurs in the fashion world who are “killing it” and just aren’t afraid of taking risks. Wardrobes styling and fashion go hand and hand with The Chelley Roy Show, one of the services offered via The Chelley Roy Brand.. The show allows me to use my platform to connect and showcase entrepreneurs all over the world, including those who express themselves through fashion.

Share your challenges as you rose to stardom. 

For me, my every day challenge/struggle is “ The Journey”! What happens or what do you do when your goals aren’t aligning with your original plan or what happens if business isn’t thriving as you planned? What do you do? For me, it’s simple, just never give up, keep going, adjust, reset, re-access if you will, BUT never give up! That’s what keeps me going and that is the daily challenge I am faced with daily.

What hot topics can we find on the “Chelley Roy Show?”

You can find on any given day the hot topic of “Chelley’s Closet”! What will I be wearing? How will I style it? 

You are a Celebrity Stylist. Who have you enjoyed working with the most? 

Any advice for new stylists? I truly have enjoyed working with each of my celebrity clients! Each experience is different and I take something from each experience, which has helped me to evolve into the iconic celebrity stylist that I am. I would encourage a new stylist to be true to yourself, figure out what your niche is and go for it! Don’t be discouraged by the No’s! The No’s are an opportunity for many YES’s!

Tell us about your new memoir. “The Making of a BO$$.” 

The Making Of. BO$$” is near and dear to my heart. It’s based on true stories of encounters with my mother. I talk about the challenges that I’ve endured and how I was able to overcome them by pushing through and never giving up. It was important for me to write the book to tell my story in my own words, get clarity and closure. My book is relatable and my readers will be able to see themselves in the book and be inspired to persevere and NEVER give up, no matter the situation or what it looks like! If I can do it, so can you!

What is the greatest lesson that you have learned? 

The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that tomorrow isn’t promised. If you have a gift, dream or a talent, the time is now! I don’t want to leave this world and not get to share my talents with the world. I am putting my foot on the gas and I will leave this world on “EMPTY” because I would have given it all I got!

What is next for you in 2023? 

I am working on my 2nd novel. I will also be launching “several BIG” fashion projects in 2023. Stay tuned …

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Jules Lavallee

Jules Lavallee is an International Journalist from Los Angeles, CA. For the past eight years, she has covered celebrities, global leaders, royalty, entrepreneurs for over 20+ magazines and countless cover stories. Staying true to roots in Boston, MA, Jules is a true humanitarian. She has supported many nonprofits in fundraising, strategic partnerships, and media. She has served on the Board of Big Brothers & Big Sisters and is currently on the Board of Fund Duel, gamified fundraising platform. She is an influential person in the areas of gender equality, diversity, and empowerment. She is a graduate of Harvard University.

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