Author to Author: Interview with Danielle Bigsby

Author to Author: Interview with Danielle Bigsby

Meet Danielle:

Hello everyone! Allow me to introduce to some and reintroduce to others, the visionary behind Royal 4 Publishing Presents & Royal Creations…

My name is Danielle Bigsby and I often wear many hats as I am a student; a mother of four ranging in age from 8 to 16; a homemaker/innovator; an entrepreneur; a poet; an advocate; a self-published author and a publisher.

 I have currently released fifteen solo projects with one of those set to re-release in 2023 and the other currently being prepared for re-release. I am also a contributing author in two anthologies and a co-author/publisher of two books written by my children Te’Ontez and Danterryia Bigsby. 

 I have been publishing since 2015 and I’m still going strong at it!

All of my books are on Amazon under Danielle Bigsby and my pen name The Erotic Specialist “Nasti D”. A new website is also in the works. 

I can also be found on social media sites such as Facebook (Author Danielle Bigsby), Instagram (BigsbyDanielle), and Twitter (Danielle Bigsby).

My catalog includes:

✴Hood Love: Ain’t No Loyalty In It 

✴Hood Love 2: The Streets Still Ain’t Loyal 

✴Hood Love 3: Take Heed To The Warnings 

✴Hood Love 4: Warning Before Destruction 

✴Hood Love 5: Destruction 

✴Hood Love 6: Resurgence

✴Hood Love 7: Burying Treasure 

✴Hood Love 8: Open Wounds (2022)

✴Braving The Storm: Life’s Cleansing Moments 

✴Nasti Desirez 

✴Desire 2 Be Nasti 

✴Vickie’s Secrets- Novella

✴The Gift We Didn’t Want- Novella

✴ Colorful Expressions – Affirmations Journal

✴Deadly Pride: Loyalty Holds No Weight (2023)

✴From A Rock To A Diamond (Under Reconstruction)

✴ Holy Is The Ghost (2023)

✴Our Book Of Poetry (Anthology)

✴Betrayed By Love, Adored By Lies (Anthology)

✴T is For Trying (Co-Author/Publisher) 

✴D is For Drama/Diva (Co-Author/Publisher)

RENEE’: Danielle. Tell us more about YOU. Outside of the authoress/creator. (Home life, growing up, etc)
DANIELLE: “Well, I was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee. I’m the middle child of seven girls maternally and the oldest child paternally. As a child I was quiet and reserved, loved getting good grades and reading books. My teenage adolescence came with some troubles and I spent those years in a group home formerly known as Tennessee Preparatory School (TPS). While that in itself was a learning experience, it also helped to enhance my creativity as a writer. It was actually during this time that The Erotic Specialist “Nasti D” was born (lol)! After leaving the group home began the journey into adulthood which eventually came with four children; my daughter Eniyah (16), my son Te’Ontez (14), Danterryia (13), and Da’Nae (8) (😎. Parenting as a single mother has been a challenge, but I’m definitely up for it. Aside from that, I’m also a student and an advocate against gun violence.”

RENEE’: How long have you been writing and what inspires you to get started?
DANIELLE: “I have been a published author since 2015. My first release was on January 16, 2015. Writing has always been a form of release for me during my years in the group home and my late brother, Juan Bell affectionately known as Butch used to always insist that I pursue writing a book. I always told him that I didn’t know when, where or how to get started and it was until he passed away in September of 2014, that I began pursuing writing as a career in his honor and because of the vision that he saw for me.”

RENEE’: Who is “Nasti D” and how do we “meet” her? LOL!
DANIELLE: “LOL! Nasti D is Danielle’s erotic alter ego. She has no filter and she loves serving it real, raw and maybe even nasty a time or 2! She definitely pops out with my man (lol) and also in my books: Nasti Desirez, Desire 2 Be Nasti and Vickie Secrets. Check her out and tell me what you think!”

RENEE’: Who do you write for? Who is your avid readership?
DANIELLE: “I write for the transparent reader. The reader that may need a little more uplifting and encouragement. The reader that wants to see real life painted vividly through words and art. I also write for families that have experienced gun violence and need their loved ones to be remembered as more than a hashtag. I also seek to educate on all forms of gun violence and the raw issues surrounding them. Lastly, I write for the readers that may be afraid to free the sexual vixen inside. I seek to empower them to be sexually free but to also always remember to protect themselves in the process. All of my books will include a message.

RENEE’: Tell us about your writing process, and what you’re willing to share. Maybe it can help someone to just get started?
DANIELLE: “When it comes to writing, I handwrite all of my work before typing it up. This keeps me from being distracted. I tend to always have honey buns and a slushy Pepsi on hand which are an ode to my late oldest adopted sister Betty Bell affectionately known as Dinky as those were her favorites. I try to schedule time to write but I write best late at night or early in the morning when there is no one to distract me.”

RENEE’: What was your most challenging book to create characters for and why?
DANIELLE: “This was a hard one but I would say that they’re from two unreleased projects that I’m working on titled “From A Rock To A Diamond” and “That’s Not My Daughter” because they are based on real life situations.”

RENEE’: Where can we find your titles? How many do you have published?
DANIELLE: “All of my titles can be found on Amazon under either Danielle Bigsby or Nasti D. Paperbacks when available can also be purchased on my website ( and I currently have roughly 16 titles available. I’ve also listed them in my bio above.”

RENEE’: Tell us about the first time you got published. Where were you when you found out? Who were you with? What did you do?
DANIELLE: “Honestly, I remember the first time I held my book in my hand. I was at work at Krystal’s on Harding Pike in Nashville, TN. I smiled from ear to ear because I had done what my brother knew I always could do. I also smiled because my co-workers at the time didn’t believe that I had actually been working on a book so when I held it in my hand, it served as proof that I was truly pursuing the dream. Now that I reflect back on that moment, I now know why I’ve always gone so hard in my career. It’s because I have always had to prove myself and to this day, I won’t stop proving that I live for the dream my brother saw for me and that I deserve to live this life!”

RENEE’: What’s the one piece of advice you wish you had before you published your first piece?
DANIELLE: “Truly know what you’re getting yourself into and always so your research!”

RENEE’: Do you offer any sort of coaching for new writers or other services that could benefit them?
DANIELLE: “Not currently, but I have considered it. I’m open to discussing it in the future.”

RENEE’: Any parting words of wisdom?
DANIELLE: “Always stay true to your authentic self. This is a process, and no one becomes a success overnight. As long as you are growing from book to book then you’re doing exactly what you need to be doing. Trust the process!”

RENEE’: Please share your FB, and IG.
DANIELLE: FB: FB: IG: IG: TikTok: DanielleB

Thanks for tuning in! Be sure to check out her catalog and follow her on social medai! Inspring story and young lady!


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