Whole Health is the focus of A Healthier You, Inc. Founder Ma’Sheka Thomas

Ma’Sheka Thomas, like most of us, became more focused on self-care after experiencing a series of personal healthcare events in 2018. Stress was the cause of extreme hives and breakouts that Ma’Sheka was suffering for. After being prescribed various medicines she was inspired to take an alternative holistic approach to treat her conditions. On her journey to wellness, she found yoga was a great benefit as it has helped her with anxiety and managing stress. She quickly fell in love with the practice and wanted to share its benefits with others. Feeling that she had found her true purpose she became a licensed yoga instructor teaching in Prince George’s County, MD.

Her wellness journey led her to create The Ultimate Self-Care Sunday. A full-day event that will provide adults with tools and resources to help individuals address, improve and prioritize their whole health and wellness journey. Ma’Sheka believes that an individual’s whole health is composed of both their physical health, as well as their mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Speaking with Ma’Sheka she shared with me the definition of whole health and what attendees can expect at her inagural event.

Define Whole health.

I use this term interchangeably with holistic health, which approaches health and wellness in a way that includes the physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual factors of an individual’s health. 

At A Healthier You, we consider all of these components as part of our strategy and approach to improving one’s health. We believe that health is much more than just the physical. Mental, emotional and spiritual well-being is just as important. Everyone deserves to be well and feel happy. Ironically, these things can also even impact our physical health as well if left neglected. 

What can participants expect from Ultimate Self-Care Sunday?

Attendees can expect a full day of learning, new experiences, self-care, networking, quality vendors, brunch, and fun! The Ultimate Self Care Sunday will provide attendees with the necessary tools and resources to address, improve and prioritize holistic health, including physical, mental, spiritual and emotional aspects of their well-being. 
Attendees will receive expert insight and services from professionals across the health diaspora, including guided physical mindfulness sessions, yoga, meditation, group sound healing, acupuncture sessions and individual reiki massages. Mental and emotional health professionals will teach attendees how to properly connect with their emotions via journaling, implement healthy lifestyle tips on stress, anxiety and depression management, and create more positive outcomes. Full brunch and snacks will be provided; vendors and giveaways will also be available.

Learn more about Ma’Sheka Thomas and her organization A Healthier You, Inc by clicking here.

Chandra Gore

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