The Best Man; Final Chapter Review

What a way to wrap up 2022 than with a cultivating film written by Malcolm Lee.

For those of you that are not up to date with “The Best Man” story line, the first movie production aired in 1999. Writer, Malcolm Lee put together a very relatable film about a group of college friends, that went on to build families and careers while still keeping in touch. The stars were able to run a great marathon in secrecy to their personal life’s entangled with the characters Malcolm created. In 2022, the doors are now open and their personal lives are aired in social media news. Many would agree that there is an illuminati in the entertainment industry. I would agree 100%. No matter the color of your skin, there is always a chase to the top. A harmless bet played amongst stars who turns fiction into a biography. The Best Man Harper (Taye Diggs) and Bride Maid Jordan (Nia Long) of the first film in 99 are in a hell of run in The Final Chapter.

The characters ; Lance (Morris Chestnut), Robin ( Sanaa Lathan), Jordan, (Nia Long), Quentin (Terrence Howard), Julian (Harold Perrineau), Shelby (Melissa De Sousa), Candice (Regina Hall), Harper (Taye Diggs).

The Key Star role of the Movie is hands down Nia Long, who played Jordan Armstrong. Now many would say, how can you say that, she didn’t even have any major scenes. However an intelligent person would be able to read the fact that she was fighting a bigger reality while filming the movie, which was brought to light, when her new intern LJ, Lance son debuts. Nia Long’s personal affairs has been all over the news. Her husband NBA Coach of the Celtics was caught cheating and they were just recently divorced this year 2022. With the support of her team and those of this film, they were able to mend her heart from what seemed like was the biggest heart wrenching divorce. Lance (Morris) and Harper (Taye) were very supportive and they were able to disquise her pain very well by the the fact that Lance son (LJ) was gay and suicide alert.

Even with the title The Best Man, this last chapter was definitely one for the Women. Embracing, Nia Long and giving out flowers to all the actresses in the film especially since Mia (Lance) widow dying off in the second film due to cancer.

Off Record

Every actor and actress played a vital role to the movie.

Julian (Herold) and Candice (Regina) were fighting just to simply be good enough as parents, friends and good role models.

Harper (Taye) and Robin (Sanaa) were fighting, cheating and dealt with divorce by lack of support and communication.

Lance (Morris) and son (LJ) battled identity issues together with the loss of their Queen.

Quentin (Howard) and Shelby (Melissa) were the action, laughs and entertainment we all needed with such intense topics that were being discussed. Even tho they battled heavy topics as well, they held their relationship together, while the rest were in constant disagreement.

Akilah Roberts

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