Faith, Journalism and Success: Meet Sade Moore

Sade Moore is a successfully published journalist currently working in the entertainment industry as a multimedia journalist writing articles and conducting interviews, her work can be found in “Sheen Magazine ”national and international print and online publications. Starting her career as a journalist in 2018, she has had numerous opportunities and collaborations working with Playmakers broadcast company, Women Of Fox Sports, Takeover TV entertainment blog, and other entertainment outlets. With a degree in communications, She has come a long way in her career being internationally recognized and valued for her work as a for(bes) the culture member. Hosting Sheen Magazine Sheen Talk Live weekly show.

Sade Moore is an exceptional multimedia journalist who manages to stay true to oneself while obtaining professional success by incorporating her Christian identity into all facets of her work. As a woman in the industry, she has had to experience hardship and work through challenging circumstances, rising to higher levels of professional excellence each year for her professional and spiritual guidance, Moore turns to God. The belief in God is an underlying force between many of her professional choices and attitudes on the world. As an avid Christian, her faith helps her to bring a unique edge to her writing, understanding her path in the world and overcoming challenges. Professionally, she has had the opportunity to interview and meet with many different creative people, including award-winning artists that include Koryn Hawthorne, Syleena Johnson, H.E.R., Jonathan McReynolds, and more.

Moore’s accomplishments and success as a journalist, surprise many critics with a combination of insight and professionalism. Coming from humble beginnings, she has had the ability to grow, develop, and thrive as a Christian who believes in God’s plan for her life. Among the range of her past affiliations, God isn’t done with Sade. She found a sense of self, success, satisfaction, and happiness along her journey and encourages all readers to have faith and keep striving for excellence and greatness to be the change they want to see.

What inspired your start in the journalism world?
I’ve always been intrigued by the media through fashion, print, and television but I was inspired by the creativity that comes with being a journalist. I love pitching ideals and bringing people’s stories to life in a creative authentic way.

You have been sharing stories with the world for a few years now, what has been your greatest lesson thus far?
I learned to listen more and to view things from an analytical perspective because there are many ways to tell a story but only one truth as a journalist being intuitive helps haha.

You are a woman of faith and an entrepreneur, how do you maintain your walk with Christ while going all in with your career?
I stay true to my values and morals while still being open-minded to new ideas and creative strategies that allow me to grow. I always say being your authentic self is your best self because you don’t have to do what everyone else does to be successful. Stay on your own path tunnel vision because we all have our own journeys and walks in life. So my advice to anyone is just to be your best self and do what feeds your soul.

What advice do you have for other entrepreneurs trying to navigate their Christian walk while trying to lead in their industry?
My advice will be to pray and to ask God to lead your path and to have an understanding of his voice.

Can you share the highlight of 2022 for you career-wise?
My highlight for 2022 was getting accepted as a member of For(bes) The Culture community, and being recognized for my work as a multimedia journalist among other creative people.

Where can readers expect to see Sade Moore this year, what is next for you?
I will be doing more work and collaborations for Sheen Magazine’s web and print publication. More feature interviews and more creative things with hair, beauty, and self-growth the future is full of possibility!

What message do you hope women take away from your platform?
I hope women get inspired to do whatever makes them fulfilled, to not be afraid to use their voice, and to not dim their light because we are all queens.

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles?
My definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles. A woman who knows her worth, who treats everyone with respect while being the change she wants to see inspiring and uplifting people through her success.




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