Its an International Women’s Day Celebration with Emmanuella Young

Emmanuella received her undergraduate education from Nyack College Alliance Theological Seminary. Throughout her academic career in Nyack, God divinely connected her with many powerful and anointed men and women of God that would pour into her life. Emmanuella also received an Honorary Doctorate from Anointed by God Seminary in Sacred Music. 

Emmanuella has served in ministry for over 25 years. She served on the Pastoral and Ministerial Staff of her home church, Highland Church in Jamaica Queens, NY as Youth Pastor and Administration Staff for 18 years. 

Emmanuella Young is a certified Life Coach and she received her certifications from Holmes Training Academy and Transformation Academic. 

As a Co-CEO, Co-Owner and entrepreneur of 3 thriving companies, Stencil Town Inc., Terrell Knows LLC. and Life Path Training & Coaching Solutions LLC. 

Emmanuella Young’s ministry has been sanctioned and approved by the Lord with by powerful, anointed teaching and preaching. A gifted woman with a true apostolic and prophetic call on her life. Many around the world have been powerfully impacted by her ministry. Emmanuella Young serves as Lead Pastor of Rescue Church in NY, Pastor Emmanuella Young and her husband Terrell D. Young Sr. pioneered the church in March of 2021 with just 20 people. Rescue started off as a bible study in 2020. Rescue Church has since become one of the fastest growing churches in the region.


Released; January 9, 2023 

New Book “Life Lessons: Lessons Learned from God’s Classroom Called LIFE” 

Throughout this book, you will see quotes from many God-sent teachers who gave vital instructions that changed my life. This is the kind of book that you don’t have to read in the order that it was written. You can pick it up and turn to any page you feel compelled to read. It is alphabetized to allow you to easily navigate through it and find the topics of greatest interest to you. It is my hope that this information will uplift, empower, encourage, and impart wisdom to all who read this book. 

On Amazon’s Bestseller List 


Emmanuella Young is also a recording artist and has a soulful, powerful yet prophetic voice, which captures and expresses the heart of God. She has the gift and anointing to command the atmosphere and take people into a place with God that some may have never been before. Her cross-cultural style of Christian music enables her to touch many people and age groups. 

Emmanuella desires to create music that crosses denominational lines and unites the body of Christ; that bridges generational gaps and impacts generations to come with the sound of worship and praise that brings heaven down. 

Emmanuella has written music, composed and been a featured singer as well as been a supporting vocalist on artists record such as: 

*Emmanuella Young “Sound of Breakthrough” Song – Artist/Writer/Composer/Executive Producer 

*Emmanuella Young “Favor” – Artist/Writer/Composer/Executive Producer 

*J. David Bratton “God Blueprint For Life”- Featured Artist & Songwriter/Composer 

*J. David Bratton “Every Praise Live” – Supporting vocalist & choir 

*Kayode Friends title song “I Will Worship” – Featured Artist 

*Kayode & Friends “I Will Worship” – Supporting vocalist 

*Kayode Akojenu “Great God, Big King” Album – Featured Artist, Supporting vocalist/ Vocal Arranger/Vocal Producer / Co-Producer 

Emmanuella Young is one of the Television Hosts of LifeZone Television’s “Hallelujah Hour”; and is the creator and executive producer of her Web TV Show “The Chosen Generation Show with Emmanuella Young”. She has also been a panel speaker on Real Talk; a TV production which aired on TBN. 

With a passion for excellence, Pastor Emmanuella loves the opportunity to encourage and inspire others to realize their full potential and live their dreams. She envisions creating an impact that cannot be erased for the glory and God almighty through His son Jesus Christ. 

With the many hats Emmanuella wears the hat she totally loves and thanks God for is Wife and Mother. She is married to Terrell D. Young, Sr and is the mother of two beautiful children. 

Stay Connected: 


Instagram: @eyoungtv 

Twitter: @OfficialEYoung 



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  1. Thank you so much for this beautiful article. I thank God for Pretty Women Hustle Magazine. I thank God for His strength and power to accomplish much.

    1. Your Welcome, I enjoyed reading your story and congratulations to all that you do as a woman and business owner.

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