The Pretty Marketing Mastermind: Passionate Chonvill

Passionate Chonvill is what many may refer to as a marketing mastermind who has been in the marketing industry for over twelve plus years. She owns PMC Marketing, a successful marketing agency, and is a professional marketing and branding coach. Passionate Chonvill has worked with many high-end luxury brands, celebrities, and major corporations such as Moet Hennessy, Courvoisier, Rapper 50 Cent, Music Mogul Devyne Stephens, Mega Growth Haircare, Dove, Pepsi, Cadillac, and Saks Fifth Avenue to name a few. She’s known for creating successful marketing strategies, brand image enhancement, product launches, brand messaging, and consumer engagement connections for brands and public figures.

With many marketing training tools outside of books to help brands elevate sales growth and volume, she is also a firm believer in creating a “trend” and not following them.

A true believer of the law of attraction and the importance of the mindset, Passionate also is a book ghostwriter for many successful authors to date. She enjoys writing educational, motivational, inspirational, and spiritual books as well.

We had the amazing opportunity of sitting down with Passionate to discuss the inspiration behind her entrepreneurship journey as well as her book “The Law of Marketing & Branding.” She provides insight on why this book should be in your hands as an entrepreneur.

If you could use any words to describe yourself, what would they be?

When did you realize you possessed a gift that could help new and current businesses?
Being super spiritual and highly intuitive, I use my relationship with God and clairvoyant gift to successfully create business outlines and strategies. I bring God into all my projects as my protector and business partner.
When I research a company, my spirit guides show me exactly what to do, how to execute, who to call, etc…

What exactly is a brand consultant and how can new entrepreneurs benefit from having one?
Brand consultants help people to appreciate the performance of a brand and to see it in a new light.
They contribute their expertise and experience in working with the client to develop, manage, and evaluate a successful brand.

With over fifteen years of experience, what would you say has been the highlight of your career?
Breaking Hennessy Black Cognac. Product launching is my favorite because I enjoy a challenge and like to be a part of success
stories. It’s easy to work with a popular brand but very difficult to introduce a new product to the world in hopes that the world receives it.

What message do you hope entrepreneurs take away from your platform?
Learning business the proper way.
Many businesses aren’t successful or last long due to unknown information. I love entrepreneurship and love when people chase their dreams and passions in business.

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles?
A pretty woman who hustles waits for no one.

She’s a natural-born leader and makes her own rules when it comes to success and being successful. Takes no for an answer. Super focused and determined- she can’t be bought so you have to come correct when stepping to her.

Social Platforms:

Book Description:
Are you ready to elevate your brand to new heights of success?
Want to make sure your amazing product or service reaches your IDEAL customer?
The Law Of Marketing & Branding is a no-holds-barred, one-stop-shop of a book that will walk you through EVERYTHING you need to know about building your brand and marketing yourself to meteoric success!
Marketing is a complex and potentially costly part of business and in the super-competitive environment of today’s marketplace, precision and accuracy are everything. Branding is equally challenging, with the sheer volume of influencers, established companies, and household brands
requiring any newcomers to be original, on-trend, and eye-catching.

The Law Of Marketing & Branding will teach you:
● The key pillars of branding you NEED to know!
● How to identify your target audience demographic with laser precision and ease.
● Tried-and-tested strategies to build and TRANSFORM your brand!
● How to run successful social media and business marketing campaigns that bring in the cash from Day 1.
● Marketing do’s and don’ts…from a professional with more than 10 years of experience!
● How to elevate your brand to compete with the big names in a competitive market.
● And MORE!

This is the ultimate handbook for all the hustlers and believers who never gave up on themselves and are taking the necessary steps to enhance their business or brand success.

The Law Of Marketing & Branding will become your new business go-to as you navigate the thrilling world of marketing and branding.

Jakia Cheatham - Myles

CEO/Founder of Pretty Women Hustle Magazine

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