Build, Scale and Grow with Nationally Accredited Counselor: Glendora Dvine

Glendora has been a nationally accredited licensed counselor since 2007 and board-certified in Telemental Health since 2014. In 2010, Glendora founded Dvine Systems GA, a mental & behavioral health practice in Henry County, GA. Glendora has become recognized for her passion in 2 primary areas 1) Family safeguarding through healthy mental living and 2) Coaching mental health professionals in their journey of building, scaling, and growing in Telemental Health.

Glendora created an event titled, “LOL THERAPY” Along with her team of licensed professional counselors. These events are therapeutic workshops that are educational, inspirational, and practical for participants. In these workshops, participants can get resources, coping skills, and facts related to healthy mental health living. If you know Glendora she loves to laugh and believes that laughter is one of the best medicines for life. Therefore, with her therapeutic workshops, she incorporates a professional comedy show.

Dvine Systems GA provides an array of therapeutic and professional services to the community. Glendora’s expertise is in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy and Cognitive Behavior Therapy where she specializes in serving teens and adults. Glendora provides workshops “The Fundamentals of Telemental Health” teaching mental health clinicians how to conduct business using technology-assisted media.

Glendora started successfully coaching mental health clinicians in 2020 when she launched her masterclass “Build. Scale. Grow. In Telemental Health,” where she has facilitated clinicians in becoming leaders in their community and online through her branding systems VCC. Glendora’s VCC Systems has helped clinicians understand the importance of being able to voice their niche, shine with confidence, and talk with competence. Glendora’s system is built on Visibility, Confidence, and Competence. Helping clinicians conquer the journey of entrepreneurship is Glendora’s goal as their mental health professional coach.

Focusing her works on serving not only clients but clinicians as well, Glendora loves to reiterate to all that we as humans only have one life and we must live not just exist. The epitome of not existing is to live your life on purpose by using your words to manifest your visions. Glendora believes that taking action is living whether it is something someone is trying to work to get to or it is something someone is working to get through. She loves to say, “One life, Keep it Moving.”

Before COVID-19 Glendora provided face-to-face individual and family counseling services in her Henry County, GA location.
Glendora’s fields of expertise span from professional counseling psychotherapy to clinical director and development of operations for the specified state of Georgia managed care programs (Intensive Family Intervention (IFI) and Core services). Glendora has consulted with numerous companies in the metro Atlanta area related to IFI and Core Medicaid community services. She currently participates with the Department of Family and Children Services State of Hope program where she is a member of the State of Hope Ecosystem. Glendora has hosted a Civic Dinner in her community as part of connecting with the “State of Hope” community program where collaboration from nonprofits, philanthropies, government, and businesses closely builds local safety nets that will prevent conditions that contribute to disparities in education, threaten a family’s self-sufficiency and could lead to child abuse and neglect.

Glendora is an uplifting speaker who has been motivating people for over ten years with her straightforward and encouraging dialogue. Since December 2014, this dynamic speaker has been motivating and inspiring. Glendora’s passion for others is insatiable. She continues volunteer in the community as needed; she serves as a paid speaker for healthcare organizations, private businesses, and government agencies.
Glendora’s insight and humorous application of new ways of safeguarding your family with healthy living by empowering parents, employees, church groups, organizations, and companies.

Glendora hosted her talk show radio program in 2014 entitled, “Something to Talk About”, in which she offered the community tips and coping skills in various areas of society to help them remain lifted as they journey through life. She now uses social media to spread knowledge on how to keep it moving without getting stuck in the mess of life.

Note from Glendora:
“I love to say that we only have one life so we must live and not get stuck in the mess of life. We have to expect the mess, acknowledge the mess, then keep it moving.

When exactly did you realize you had a gift for helping people?

What inspired you to go after a calling in counseling?

I discovered my talent when clients started telling me how I changed their lives, and others reported still following my advice because it worked for them. It’s always surreal when it happens, as I’m simply being my authentic self and enjoying socializing with others.

Psychology 101, a class I took in college, sparked my interest in understanding how people think and socialize. The subject matter fascinated me and drew me towards the field of psychology. I have always been a helpful friend, ready to share my resources and lend an ear to those in need of a solution.

Tell us about Dvine Systems GA? 

Dvine Systems GA is a mental and behavioral health private practice specializing in Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing and Cognitive Behavior Therapy. We service individuals and families looking to no longer remain stuck in life and desire to live life to its fullest. Dvine Systems GA provides coaching services to mental health professionals in private practice and seeking guidance. We educate on how to build, scale, and grow in private practice while providing therapeutic services via technology-assisted media. The coaching program sits on the foundation of the VCC Systems (visibility, confidence, and competence in business). 

Dvine Systems GA offers therapeutic workshops and comedy shows to provide healing to the community. We aim to help people transition through life with laughter, which we believe is the best medicine. 

How can women get involved in your therapy program? 

Our therapeutic workshops are open to women. To keep up with the latest details about our “LOL Therapy” shows, please follow us on We accept new patients and both insurance and self-payment options. If you’re interested in our individual counseling services in Georgia and Michigan, please give us a call at (678) 212 – 5146.

Tell us about your event LOL Therapy, what can women expect when attending? 

At “LOL THERAPY”, women can expect to have a great time. The audience is usually made up of couples on a date, groups of friends, and family members. Although some people may come alone, our seating arrangements ensure that they don’t feel left out. We seat six people at a table before using another table, creating a more intimate atmosphere for everyone to enjoy the therapeutic journey.

What advice do you have for entrepreneurs afraid of seeking assistance with therapy?

To achieve growth and scalability, it’s important to seek assistance from others. However, sometimes the involvement of certain individuals may lead to judgment or bias. That’s where therapy comes in. It can help you clear your mind and open up new opportunities to live your life to the fullest. As an entrepreneur, taking risks is part of the journey, so why not take a chance on improving your mental health?

What is next for you and your brand at Dvine Systems GA?

My next goal is to find more speaking opportunities that will provide financial blessings, allowing me to focus on sharing positive psychology with a wider audience. Meanwhile, at Dvine Systems GA, our mental and behavioral private practice will continue to serve the community using EMDR and CBT. By summer 2023, we plan to expand our treatment options to include VR therapy. We are committed to finding innovative ways to promote healthy mental living and eradicate the stigma surrounding it. We have changed the name of our business coaching service to B.S.G. in Private Practice. We are enthusiastic about continuing to support mental health professionals in building, scaling, and growing their private practices.

What do you hope women take away from your platform?

My platform aims to encourage women to seek therapy and realize that there are qualified therapists who look like them. I hope to inspire them to be creative and take action to improve their lives. Most importantly, I hope to provide hope that there is still good being done in our world.

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles?

In my opinion, a pretty woman who hustles is someone who exudes beauty in both her personality and appearance, which reflects in her actions. She’s unafraid to seek assistance and acknowledges her limitations. She’s unapologetic and has no regrets. She takes risks and perseveres with determination. Her drive comes from her passion to help others, and she remains grounded and humble. She prioritizes her faith, herself, and her family in that order.

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