Entrepreneur, Creative and Mother: Meet Tena Trice

Tena Trice, called Ms Te by those she loves. Ms Te is an experienced woman entrepreneur in Nashville, TN. She knows how important it is to have self-confidence in yourself when it comes to starting a business of any kind from beginning to end. She invested herself in being of service to others.

Ms Te always found herself creative in her thoughts toward business but found a passion for helping others. She had no clue as too what all it would take to have a business but was determined to have one. Ms Te has now been working as an entrepreneur for eight years since leaving a very toxic corporate career.

She was educated first by taking nursing courses. This was not her goal but the wishes of her father and so that journey began and ended quickly. Ms Te later obtained her AAS degree from a local junior college. This was the beginning of a long career in the medical and health industry. Later in life she found herself living as a single mom and needed to find a way to bring in more money. Years later Ms Te graduated with a degree in Business and Organizational development from Bethel University. With that accomplishment came the opportunity she never dreamed of. She was offered a college instructor, adjunct Professor, position at a local college with no experience, just years of skills. Never think you can’t do something. In 2016 she left corporate and started a daycare/tutoring business. In 2023 she launched her new business in March called Tranquility Homes, LLC. This is business number two.

Ms Te loves spending time with her family baking, cooking, and traveling in her spare time. Currently living in Nashville, she enjoys the diversity of the city.

We had the awesome opportunity of sitting down with Ms.Te to discuss her creativity, her passion and mission behind her brand while discovering what is next for her.

If you could describe your passion in five words, what would it be and why? 

Passion for

 LIFE- Extistence in this realm in this body is one time. I’m trying to make it as best as possible 

LOVE – Covers all 

COOKING – It’s a form of therapy for me and the way the taste and smells come together is like a firework celebration 

TRAVEL – The meeting of new people and the new experiences that comes about it is unmatched!

HEALTH – Our bodies truly is a temple for long living

You worked in the corporate sector for some time, how did that experience prepare you for your journey in business? 

Corporate life taught and showed me the value of self is priceless. Regardless of title or position you are replaceable. However, endurance is the key to bringing the vision to life.

You have been in business for several years now, what would you say has been your greatest lesson thus far?

When I invested in myself I had won!

What obstacles have you had to overcome to get where you are now in entrepreneurship? 

One of the main obstacles I had to overcome was remaining focused even when those who personally know you don’t support you. Still remains to this day.

How would you describe the Nashville scene for entrepreneurs, how have you made your mark in the local area for your business? 

 If you have something rather product food or service to offer to such a diverse city such as Nashville do it! Be that inspiration for the next-generation. There’s room. I’m steady making my mark and gaining momentum daily.

What message do you hope your supporters take away from your brand? 

Be authentically YOU! Live for yourself. Find that balance in life.

 What is next for your brand, how can we support your brand?

The next phase for Tranquility Homes is expanding into other cities and states. Inspiring our youth to seek entrepreneurship and I’m here to help. I’m open to coming to the high schools and speaking before our high schoolers and planting positive seeds in hopes they take root.

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles? 

A Pretty Woman Who Hustles is a woman who is Humble enough to know who she is and knows what she offers and brings it. No brakes all gas! As I’m known for saying “Let’s get it” it’s ours for the taking anyway


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