Day: June 23, 2023


This is How to Find Love, Today!

Love is complicated, yet the best thing in the world. Everyone has their own definition of love and how to find it, making the concept unique to each individual. The search for a perfect love is never ending, but it should not be done carelessly. Approach it with patience, acceptance, and understanding as well as […]

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SARA LEW comes “Out of Nowhere”, with new melodic indie-rock single!

Born and raised in Roskilde with an English mother and Danish father, Sara Lewis Sørensen aka Sara Lew now lives in Copenhagen. Sara was trained as an electric guitarist at the Rhythmic Music conservatorium in Copenhagen. Throughout her career, Sara has always developed herself – and been a musical seeker – within jazz and improvisational music and through s.inger-songwriter, alternative rock and indie-folk-rock music. […]

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