The Ambitious Boss: Meet Clachet Coach Lateka Starnes – Council

Highly resilient and passionate, Lateka Starnes-Council Aka Clachet Coach is a spearheading woman who has demonstrated that you can still win the game even when you are dealt a poor hand of cards. As the proud author of several books, the CEO & founder of Lateka S. Council Enterprise, Formosity Cosmetics formal Herbal Euphoria Skyn & Body, RediscovH.E.R., and Clachet Corner Media. Lateka leverages her dark past and experiences involving domestic violence and narcissistic abuse while living with PTSD, MST, anxiety, fibromyalgia, and endometriosis to empower others on their journey toward healing and living the fulfilled, quality-driven life they deserve.

Fast forward to today, Lateka has written four books while working on a few more, started several new businesses, and openly raised awareness on domestic violence, narcissistic abuse, military sexual trauma, and mental illness. Furthermore, as a person who suffered from fibromyalgia and endometriosis pains for 15 +years, Lateka established RediscovH.E.R. with the brand identity Clachet Coach to guide ladies on the road to recovery and to give them a space to be heard.

Whether through her publications or her business, nothing makes Lateka happier than using her story to build others up and help them thrive. She has a genuine ardent for what she does and developed her business on a foundation of authenticity, integrity, and trust. She is devoted to instilling positive change through her dynamic efforts. Overall, Lateka believes everyone deserves happiness, and sometimes those debilitating, heartbreaking experiences are the very stepping stones that can lead you down a path to something quite beautiful.

Lateka wholeheartedly enjoys giving people the resources to look and feel their best. But aside from managing Formosity Cosmetics, formally Herbal Euphoria Skyn & Body, RediscovH.E.R., or Clachet Corner Media, you can also find her hosting speaking events, advocating, or on her podcast.

We had the amazing opportunity of catching up with Lateka to discuss what’s new with her brand as well as what is to come Clachet Corner Media.

Take us back to the beginning of all things Lateka, your childhood, high school years, or maybe even college. What or who was your earliest example of entrepreneurship and business done right?

My childhood was spent traveling since my dad was in the Army. In high school, I was in my books to join the military; I joined and served in the Navy. I needed an example, and I learned how to do business right along the way. Honestly, I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Outside of business, who is Lateka Starnes – Council?

I’m a woman on the journey to RediscovHER, a woman who wears multiple hats. What inspired your start into entrepreneurship, and how has it poured into you owning numerous businesses?
It all started with my PTSD and anxiety; I found it challenging to keep a job. It went from me owning one business to owning multiple, and each one goes hand with the other if you look and reflect on your beginning stages of business to this very moment.

What would you say has been your greatest moment?

My most significant moment would be speaking on a panel at the 2023 BET Awards and having the panel topic be Picking up the Pieces after my book.

You are now an author of several books, can you share what message remains true throughout the pages of each book?

I share the message of picking up the pieces and manifesting greatness while adjusting your crown. It’s okay to get knocked down, picked back up, and begin again.

You own several businesses, and one of your latest launches includes Clachet Corner Media, can you tell us about this new endeavor?

Clachet Corner Media is the birth of my podcast, where I intend to use my voice to spread awareness of various topics. It’s time for our voices to be heard, no filter and no fluff.

How have your past experiences prepared or impacted where you are today?

My past has had many speed bumps and obstacles along the way. I’ve taken and used that pain to create an educational platform to assist other women.

Can you tell us about the awareness you are bringing to domestic violence, narcissistic abuse and a few other challenges men and women face in today’s society? How can readers support this initiative?

As a survivor of domestic & narcissist abuse, I feel these conversations need to happen in this climate. Why suffer in silence? Granted, people don’t like to get involved, but talking about it could save the next person’s life or help a person get out of a situation. Readers can support this initiative by donating to my non-profit, booking me to speak to raise awareness, or helping someone they may think or know a person in a situation.

What is next for Lateka, what can your audience expect from the Clachet Coach Next?

Well, I’m working on launching a non-profit organization that’s geared around women’s Empowerment and trauma recovery. I’m rebranding and relaunching my turmeric-based skincare line, and a new journey journal titled RediscovHER is on the way.

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles?

Any woman that is willing to sacrifice personal things for the better of H.E.R. hustle

To find all of her books or to book her for a speaking event go to

or Amazon

All social media handles @iamlatekasc

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