Introducing Carmen Selina: A Trailblazing Soul on a Journey of Transformation

Carmen Selina, a visionary spiritual life coach, transformational speaker, and the dynamic CEO and founder of The Well Fed Self, is igniting a powerful wave of positive change in the world. At just 26 years old, Carmen’s remarkable journey of self-discovery and her diverse experiences have paved the way for a promising future in guiding others toward their true potential.

As the 5th child out of seven, Carmen’s early life presented its own set of challenges. However, she saw a bright and stable future ahead, and everything changed when she joined the military. Serving for 8 years in the Marine Corps, Carmen found a profound sense of self and purpose as she mentored and guided her fellow Marines. So impactful was her nurturing spirit and guidance that she earned the endearing nickname “Momma Mitchell” amongst her peers.

With a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology and a Master in Marriage and Family Therapy, Carmen’s thirst for knowledge and her natural gift of connecting with others flourished. Empowered by her own experiences of overcoming adversity, Carmen decided to independently publish her first book, “Awakening the Creative Soul: A Poetic Journey of Transformation.” In this soul-stirring book, she intertwines wisdom, creativity, and inspiration to empower readers to embrace their authentic selves and unleash their creative potential.

As the compassionate force behind The Well Fed Self, Carmen is devoted to helping individuals create the lives they genuinely desire. With profound empathy, she assists clients in overcoming negativity, challenging limiting beliefs, and finding intrinsic value within themselves. Her coaching approach is grounded in her own journey of self-discovery, making her a trusted ally for those feeling off-track and misaligned along life’s winding path.

With her radiant spirit and magnetic energy, Carmen Selina captivates hearts and minds, leaving an indelible mark on all those who cross her path. Her speaking engagements and workshops are not only insightful and transformative but also infused with a contagious enthusiasm that inspires audiences to embrace their authenticity and unleash their innate creative genius.

A Marine veteran, spiritual guide, and published author, Carmen Selina is a rising beacon of hope for those seeking transformation and fulfillment. Her mission is to touch the lives of as many aligned souls as possible, helping them create a life they truly love and embrace the limitless possibilities within. With her unwavering dedication and unique understanding of the human spirit, Carmen is a transformative force, illuminating the path to inner harmony and self-discovery for all who seek her guidance.

We had the amazing opportunity of sitting down with Carmen to discuss her inspiration for her brand, life lessons, and what the future holds for The Well Fed Self. 

Let’s start from the beginning, what inspired you to go into entrepreneurship?

My journey into entrepreneurship was fueled by a deep desire to create a space where individuals could find guidance, healing, and transformation. After experiencing my own struggles and moments of feeling lost, I realized the power of self-discovery and alignment. Entrepreneurship allowed me to share my unique approach with a wider audience and provide support to those who are seeking to reconnect with their true selves.
How did The Well Fed Self come about ?

The Well Fed Self emerged from a blend of my personal experiences, military background, academic pursuits, and passion for mentoring. It was born out of the realization that nourishing the soul and feeding the spirit is just as important as tending to physical needs. I wanted to create a holistic platform that empowers individuals to feed their inner selves, find alignment, and live authentically.

You spent several years in the marine corps, how did your time in the service prepare you for where you are today in business ?

My years in the Marine Corps taught me invaluable lessons in mentorship, discipline, resilience, adaptability, and leadership. These qualities have been fundamental in building and growing my coaching and speaking business. The military environment also instilled in me a strong sense of duty to support and uplift others, which aligns perfectly with my mission to guide individuals on their spiritual journeys. We look out for each other always and that’s what I loved. When you find your people, they make it known how important it is to keep a healthy mind inv the midst of animosity and chaos.

What lessons would you say you carry with you today as you navigate business?

 The Marine Corps taught me the importance of perseverance in the face of challenges, effective communication, and the value of teamwork. Creating a strong team of individuals who want to see you succeed is important. Especially the days we have a hard time seeing the light within us. These lessons have translated seamlessly into my entrepreneurial journey. I’ve learned that success is a collaborative effort and staying committed to my purpose while remaining adaptable to change is key.

Tell us about your book “Awakening the creative soul” ?

It consists of 21 Spiritually Creative Poems. “Awakening the Creative Soul: A Poetic Journey of Transformation” is a transformative collection of poetic reflections designed to guide readers toward self-discovery and personal growth. Written by Carmen Selina, a Spiritual Life Coach, this book explores the Teachings of Abraham’s creative process of asking, receiving, and allowing to foster a clearer, more positive mindset. With titles like “The Power of Inquiry” and “Embracing Abundance,” each poem resonates deeply, inviting readers to awaken their innate potential and embrace their creative essence. Accompanied by insightful reflections and practical exercises, this book serves as a roadmap, providing solace, inspiration, and guidance for those seeking a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment.

What message do you hope women take away from this project?

 Through The Well Fed Self, my hope is to inspire women to recognize their innate strength and embrace their unique identities. I want them to understand that they have the power to overcome obstacles, realign with their authentic selves, and create lives filled with joy and purpose. It’s about fostering self-love, and self-acceptance, and realizing the limitless potential within.

What can women expect when connecting with your brand “The Well Fed Self”? What is the intake process like for new clients?

When women connect with “The Well Fed Self,” they can expect a supportive and nurturing environment that encourages self-exploration and growth. They will find a range of transformative offerings, including personalized coaching sessions, group programs, and engaging workshops, all designed to help them rediscover their true essence and align with their highest potential. We are open and ready to help more women become aligned and balanced within their power and energies.

The intake process for new clients at “The Well Fed Self” involves a compassionate and thorough assessment of their needs, goals, and challenges. We start with a preliminary consultation where we discuss their journey and explore how I can best support them. From there, we work collaboratively to create a tailored plan that addresses their unique circumstances and guides them toward their desired outcomes.

How do you use personal experience to connect with your clients to foster healing ?

My personal experiences serve as a bridge of empathy between myself and my clients. I’ve walked a path of self-discovery and growth, and I understand the emotions and challenges that can arise. By sharing my own journey, I create a safe space for clients to open up, knowing that they’re not alone. This connection forms the foundation for our work together, fostering healing and growth.

What is next for The Well Fed Self brand?

The Well Fed Self is continuously evolving to better serve and support individuals on their journeys. I plan to expand my reach through online resources, webinars, retreats, and collaborations. Additionally, I’m working on a book that delves deeper into the principles of self-discovery and alignment, offering readers a practical guide to transforming their lives.

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles?

A Pretty Woman Who Hustles is a powerful and inspiring individual who embodies both grace and determination. She pursues her goals with unwavering passion, showing resilience in the face of challenges. Her beauty emanates from her confidence, authenticity, and the positive impact she makes on others as she navigates her journey of personal and professional growth. She is Me. I AM a Pretty Woman Who Hustles.

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