From Childhood Dreams to Entrepreneurial Success: Rebecca Davis’ Inspiring Journey

Rebecca Davis is the owner of TaxTyme Express Tax & Business Services, Bossd Up FashionZ Boutique, and TravelTyme Travel Agency. Rebecca is a hardworking entrepreneur who has poured her blood, sweat, and tears into her brand. Starting her tax firm over 10 years ago, there were no investors, inheritances, or any of that. She had to work hard and figure it out as she went. That is why she is so big on paying it forward in everything business. She believes in helping the younger generation understand they have a community now, and that business is not all the glitz and glam that some make it out to be on social media. Her favorite mantra that she passes down to all inspiring business owners is “Do it Tired, Do it Broke, Do it with no support, but keep doing it.” She also believes in giving back to her community; she hosts a back-to-school drive each year and sponsors families at Christmas time. Rebecca was not born with a silver spoon; she literally got it out of the mud. Her WHY for going so hard is so that her grandchildren will not have to get it out of the mud; life is hard enough.

We had the exciting opportunity of sitting down with serial entrepreneur Rebecca Davis to discuss business, life lessons and the her future as a business woman.

When did you realize your life journey included entrepreneurship? 

Honestly, as a child, I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I would take my books and toys and set up a table in front of my house and attempt to sell my items. In my mind, people would be oh so lucky to get those things.

Take us through the process of starting your first business?

 I will start off by saying it was very hard. My reasoning for wanting to start Tax Tyme was to do things differently. I wanted people to have a better experience at tax time and not be so stressed; I wanted to educate my clients. When I started, there was no help; everyone wanted to charge an arm, leg, and child to give just a little guidance. So, I had to research on my own. I made a lot of mistakes, some very costly, but it built me for this entrepreneurial journey, and I would not change a thing. I learned and became the best at what I do by the trials I endured.

Can you share a pivotal moment or experience that stands out from your journey of building your brands?

 I know this may sound a little naïve, but it was when I realized everyone’s heart is not like mine, and people will steal or expect services for free.

How did that moment impact who you are as a business owner today? 

It definitely made me grow thicker skin and learn not to expect ME out of all people. I still show up for my clients and go the extra mile, but it helped me to learn that business is not personal.

You are successfully running multiple brands; how do you navigate and balance your time? 

I am still learning, but now I put myself on a weekly schedule and try to maximize a set time in each business.

Your commitment to the community shines through your annual back-to-school drive and holiday sponsorships. How do these initiatives reflect the core values of your brand, and how do they contribute to the legacy you’re building for future generations? 

Giving back was instilled in me at a young age. It always warms my heart to give back. Most times, I do not even have the capital to do so, but I still make it happen. I did not grow up rich or with wealthy parents. I know how hard life can be, so if anything, I can give to help a child go back to school being confident knowing they can be the best they can be; it is all worth it for me. It also shows others that there is nothing wrong with giving and not receiving.

What can we expect from you next, where do you hope to see your brand as a whole in the next 2-3 years? 

My motto has always been, “A Black girl from Oak Cliff, that wants to change the world.” I want to do that in some way. I plan to grow my brands even bigger by expanding and providing jobs to others. I hope to see all of my brands doing well and prospering in the next 2-3 years. I hope to be able to give back triple what I have in the past.

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