Empowerment Through Music: The Message Behind ‘Shot You Down’ by Chloey Rose

Delivering powerful pop songs with a theatrical twist, Chloey Rose has been captivating audiences at major venues up and down the UK and in Europe with her dramatic, soaring vocals that have attracted comparisons to Adele and Paloma Faith.

Drawing inspiration from Kate Bush and Taylor Swift, Chloey has just released brand new single ‘Shot You Down’, an edgy pop ballad full of dark sounds that could become the theme tune for the next James Bond Movie.

‘Shot You Down’ follows the story of being in an unhealthy relationship and the strength it can take to walk away. Written by Chloey Rose and produced by Aron Bicskey, the track builds from smoky late night piano atmospheres to become a powerful anthem for getting up again once you’ve been cut down, with a nod to Nancy Sinatra’s classic track ‘Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)’.

We had the opportunity of sitting down with singer/songwriter Chloey Rose to discuss her musical influences, her passion and her hopes for her new music.

Who is Chloey Rose?

I am a pop singer-songwriter, actress, and model hailing from Lincolnshire, England! I am passionate about crafting music that I can share with the world. My songs convey positive messages of self-belief, love, confidence, determination, and strength. I achieve this through a blend of both upbeat and poignant tracks. I would describe my music as pop with a theatrical twist, making it suitable for inclusion in film or television soundtracks.

Music has always been my preferred mode of self-expression, allowing me to convey thoughts and emotions that I couldn’t articulate otherwise. In addition to my music career, I have a deep love for acting. I had the privilege of playing the lead role in the BBC First World War Musical production titled “GREENFIELDS and BEYOND” at Lincoln Castle.

In the realm of modeling, I was honored to be crowned “Miss Lincolnshire” and also had the distinction of being a Finalist in the “Miss Great Britain” competition – an experience that felt surreal at the time! I believe in keeping an open mind and exploring diverse avenues to ignite one’s creativity.

What inspired your start in music? 

From a young age, I always had a feeling that I belonged on the stage. I became fascinated by many singers and bands, such as Kate Bush, Eva Cassidy, Celine Dion, Queen, and The Police. It might sound cheesy, but my journey truly began during a family holiday abroad.

At that time, I was utterly obsessed with Celine Dion’s ‘My Heart Will Go On,’ and I vividly recall stepping onto the stage to sing it. The moment was magical. I sang, and the entire room fell into complete silence. Afterward, numerous members of the audience approached my parents, exclaiming, “Wow, what a voice for such a tiny person!”

From that moment on, I knew that performing was my true calling. Even then, I could feel the deep emotional connection to the music and its lyrics. The love for singing and music has remained my greatest passion, never wavering.

Who would you say are your musical influences?

Kate Bush has been a major influence on me since a very young age. Her approach to music and storytelling is incredibly theatrical. I believe there is no artist quite like her; she possesses a unique and special voice. I appreciate the mystery that surrounds her, as her music is both distinctive and quirky. She inspired me as an artist to develop my own style and convey deep emotions through my voice.

In addition to Kate Bush, numerous other artists have inspired my songwriting, including Adele, Amy Winehouse, Taylor Swift, Sting, and Ben Howard, among others.

Tell us about your latest single Shot You Down? 

“Shot You Down” is my brand-new single, released on July 21st. It’s an edgy pop ballad filled with dark, hypnotic, and cinematic sounds. Many reviewers have described it as such. The song narrates the story of breaking free from an unhealthy relationship, showcasing the strength to walk away. One of my long-held ambitions as a singer-songwriter has been to write the theme song for a James Bond film, and I believe this track possesses the necessary quality for it. I can envision it fitting perfectly on a film or crime series soundtrack, which would be a dream come true!

Recently, I also released the music video for “Shot You Down,” beautifully filmed by the highly talented Everyman Studios. I can’t put into words how much I enjoyed shooting the video during twilight hours; it flawlessly brought to life the song’s underlying message.

What do you hope supporters take away from this project? 

The key message here is empowerment. Unfortunately, we can sometimes find ourselves in situations that are detrimental to our well-being, whether it’s being in or witnessing an unhealthy relationship with a friend, family member, or a partner. My primary goal in writing “Shot You Down” was to shed light on these unhealthy relationships and inspire others not to feel alone or trapped in toxic situations. Instead, I hope to encourage them to find the strength to rise up and walk away. Above all, I want people to remember to let their light shine and never allow anyone to dim it.

What can we expect next from you? 

There’s so much more to come! I’m thrilled about the upcoming songwriting sessions where I’ll be writing and recording new music. I plan to release this music throughout the next part of the year. Additionally, I’ll be directing my focus towards preparing for performances at festivals and gigs, as I’m eager to share my music with my supporters and connect with new fans.

One of my aspirations is to have my music featured on the soundtrack of a television series or film. I believe my music would be a great fit for romantic television shows, crime dramas, and widescreen movies. I’m determined to pursue this dream for as long as it takes!

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles?

Well, I would define a “Pretty Woman Who Hustles” as a woman who is hardworking, dedicated, and determined to succeed. It’s crucial to remember that in pursuing your dreams, the disappointments you encounter along the journey are just as important as the successes. The key is to never give up.

As a singer-songwriter, when you’re hustling, it’s vital to network and connect with new people. This can involve collaborating with other songwriters, securing airplay on radio, or performing at various events and festivals. Additionally, it’s essential to ensure visibility by consistently sharing new content on social media and maintaining a polished appearance to go along with it.

Listen to Chloey’s latest single here:

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