The Hustle Will Never Stop With New Children’s Author, Shelana McNeil

Many of us have dreams and goals to achieve but there are times when life may get in the way.  But for a naturally ambitious and hustler minded woman like Shelana McNeil, the hustle never stops.  She is a fierce woman who is not letting life circumstances stand in her way.  As a mother, professional, community advocate, and nurturer; she is now adding author to her resume.  She is debuting her new children’s book, “My Cool Senses!,” this month and is on a journey to inspire.

“Reading is a part of our everyday lives,” says Shelana.  As a new author she is setting a path to inspire learning in young readers while also supporting family engagement.  “Childhood literacy is important to me because it prepares children for school and society by increasing their vocabulary which can set them up for success later in life,” she adds. Her book details the five senses to preschool readers while illustrating how they can explore their environment.

“My book can be used for teaching the 5 senses.  Additionally, I created activity pages to go a step further to allow young readers to connect the text with practice and comprehension,” Shelana states.  As a busy girl-mom she also understands the importance of early literacy and family engagement.  She details these three ways to engage young readers: “Completing activity pages with the books, talking about the book illustrations, and letting the child choose the books to read.”  

“My Black Girl Magic is all about being empowering, confident, and comfortable in my own skin,” McNeils continues.  However, balance is still needed for motherhood, entrepreneurship, and more.  “I balance it all by separating work from home. I make time for family/friends, activities, date nights, as well as set aside time for myself by using my employment PTO time as needed without feeling bad,” she expresses.  “There are a few ways I practice self-care as well. I express gratitude, spend time with my loved ones, morning prayer time and reading daily devotionals just to name a few,” McNeil continues.

As a mom, Shelana is also building a legacy for her young daughter.  She values her motherhood journey as well as her natural hustle while wanting to create more for her daughter.  “My daughter will forever see my contribution to the world; and my passion and strength in hopes for her to do the same in her personal life,” Shelana details.  Let’s applaud Shelana McNeil for taking the steps to pursue her passion and hustle while inspiring a love for reading and learning for preschool ages.  Connect with the author of “My Cool Senses!” for her late October book release for young readers.  Her book is set to be released on Amazon in paperback and hardcover formats.

Writer, C. Scott, is a licensed social worker, freelance writer, and author.  Follow her online as @curls_coils and @thee_wellnesscollective.

Headshot Photography and Book Images Courtesy of Shelana McNeil

Chaundra Scott

Writer, C. Scott, is a mompreneur, author and blogger. Follow her online as @curls_coils and @mysweettealife.

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