Balancing Business and Motherhood: How Olivier Consultancy’s Founder Found Her Path

Kate Kurdziej (35) is on a mission to empower female startups and entrepreneurs to strike a better work/life balance by running their online businesses more efficiently and to eradicate the burnout and stress that can hold so many people back. 

Here is her story:

After landing my dream job in wealth management, I sold my house and moved to a completely new city in the UK. By day 2 on the job, I knew I had made a terrible mistake and my dream was turning in to a nightmare. 

Standing in the staff car park at 3 months pregnant with tears rolling down my face, I knew I had to make a change. It wasn’t the environment to grow a healthy child so I quit that afternoon. It was like a tonne of weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

I never wanted to experience a toxic environment like that again. 

When my son Oliver was 5 months old and in the middle of COVID lockdown, I started my own business from my kitchen table. It was a baptism of fire into motherhood. I experienced some really low points during Oliver’s first year all whilst showing up for my business. It was tough but character building!

I felt incredibly guilty when my business was growing and I decided to place Oliver into childcare. I felt like I should be the one to care for him.

Nearly 3 years later, after juggling my wild toddler and a flourishing business consultancy I feel glad that I took a leap of faith. I now live in France and have been able to provide the life I always wanted for my family, something I may never have done if I hadn’t felt the push to go it alone. Going through difficult times makes me so grateful for the opportunities I have received and now I help other women get unstuck too.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Kate to discuss her brand, tips for entrepreneurship and her future plans for her brand:

Tell us about your brand, Olivier Consultancy?

Olivier Consultancy provides much-needed practical guidance when you’re in the messy middle of your online service-based business journey. I’ve seen time and time again that female entrepreneurs face a significant hurdle when they have a full book of clients and need an extra three hours a day to get everything done—client work, business admin, childcare, and the list goes on!

I help you design the business you left your 9-5 for and create a practical roadmap for how to actually get there. I’m not a coach; I know you can do it, you know you can do it, but you’re in the thick of it, and you need tangible steps to clean up your messy and time-consuming business operations, build a small but mighty team, and step back from the day-to-day tasks that take over your business. You get to regain control and move forward as a leader.

I work with a wide variety of service-based entrepreneurs, including lawyers, doctors, accountants, consultants, coaches, and virtual assistants, to name a few!

What made you want to start your own consultancy agency?

Over 12 years of operations, tech, and systems experience, coupled with a toxic workplace experience while pregnant, meant that something had to change. There was no way I was going back to that life!

My newborn son was the catalyst I needed to realize a long-held dream of running my own business. His name is Oliver, and we were about to move to France, so Olivier Consultancy was born.

We all need a little guidance on our journeys, so I was on a mission to support other female entrepreneurs in achieving their dreams too. Now was my time to step up and make it happen. I love seeing my clients redress the balance in their businesses, feel calmer, and have a clear path with the right business operations in place.

If you could use three words to describe your platform, what would they be, and why?

Practical, honest, and inspirational. I want to show other female entrepreneurs what’s possible for them and also how to get there.

How did you personally prepare for the success your company has achieved?

I have done a lot of mindset work. I went into business thinking, “How hard could this be?” but quickly realized it can be excruciatingly challenging. At the same time, achieving your revenue goals and taking your family on holiday or moving abroad is a feeling like no other. I worked with a coach in the early days, and she helped me realize that I am worthy of success and can be visible without feeling vulnerable. My confidence grew from that point. I now take time to reflect and feel grateful for what I’ve built around me and make sure that I take time off to enjoy my life.

Do you have any tips for upcoming entrepreneurs looking to join the business consultancy industry?

Specialize to Stand Out: In a competitive market, specialization can be your secret weapon. Identify a niche or industry segment where you have unique expertise or a passion. Clients are often willing to pay a premium for specialized knowledge and tailored solutions. So, don’t be afraid to narrow your focus to broaden your chances of success.

Build Strong Relationships: Building and maintaining strong client relationships is essential in the consulting world. Beyond your expertise, clients value trust, communication, and reliability. Take the time to understand your clients’ needs, communicate clearly, and set realistic expectations. Most importantly, always deliver on your promises. Happy clients are more likely to refer you and become long-term clients.

What is next for you in entrepreneurship?

I’ve just launched a monthly membership for service providers to get the practical help they need to build a successful business. I want my services to be accessible to all female entrepreneurs, no matter which stage of business or how much you have to invest. As women in business, we can do anything, but not everything, and I’m here to show you the way forward when you’re ready to move on to the next chapter of your business but don’t quite know how to do it by yourself.

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles?

A Pretty Woman Who Hustles is an ambitious woman with a strong, determined work ethic. She’s highly motivated and hardworking, often pursuing her goals and ambitions with dedication and resilience.\

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