Nino Reyes: Raising The Bar

Today we introduce you to a Powerful Woman in Media. Nino Reyes is a journalist, media personality, and digital marketer, who is a first generation Dominican who grew up in The Bronx, NYC. Upon graduating high school at 18 years old, she moved to Miami, FL where she attended Barry University and received her Bachelor’s degree in Broadcasting and Emerging Media. While studying at Barry University, she became the Programming Director of WBUJ 99.5FM The Mix, where she trained over 22 radio DJs, managed the station, and focused on radio marketing & branding. Nino studied under prominent journalists like: Connie Hicks, Craig Stevens, and Oscar Corral. While working under the Netflix filmmaker Oscar Corral, she was able to sharpen her cinematography, production, and editing skills. Upon moving back to New York City, Nino joined the production and cast team of the web-series ‘8 at The Table‘, where she worked amongst Love and Hip-Hop cast members, including various socialites and reality TV stars. Nino Reyes is also recognized for her interviews with celebrities and socialites like: Pop Smoke, Melii, Chimbala, Justina Valentine, Farina, and many more. She is also recognized for covering stories and projects on Miami’s #1 Station for Hip-Hop and R&B, 99JAMZ Miami (WEDR 99.1FM) and at the SoulFrito Music Fest.

Today, Nino is an Integrated Media Planner and Buyer at Universal McCan, one of the largest media agencies in the world. She works amongst clients like American Express, Hulu, Spotify, Coca-Cola, and many private brands and companies. Also, Nino is a contributing writer at Bleu Magazine where she has covered stories on influential people in media and sports, like: Patience Foster (Cardi B’s former publicist) and Melissa Harville-Lebron (the first black woman to be sole owner of a NASCAR team). She began her career with Bleu Magazine, after being an assistant stylist for the Brooklyn rapper, Casanova 2x for the cover of Issue #63. Nino owns Rey Ver Media – a media company that helps artists, companies and brands to enhance their business. Rey Ver Media provides digital marketing services, photography services, brand management, graphic designing, including music & media consultations. Nino also produces her own podcast Keeping It Trill on the StationHead and Youtube platforms – where she discusses politics, current events, controversial topics, and everything that is informative and educational to the public. She has invited special guests like: Ken Hamlin from the NFL Seattle Seahawks, Radio Big Mack from VH1’s Wild n’ Out, Azia from BET’s Hustle in Brooklyn and Young Lyric from The Rap Game

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Nino to gain insight into her passion behind her brand. Nino you have had an amazing career run, and it’s only going up. As a journalist, media personality, and digital marketer, tell our readers what it’s like being a female in a male-dominated industry of media?
Working in a male-dominated industry can be a challenge for many women. I try not to focus so much on the fact that it’s male-dominated and I just continue to focus on the end goal. I find that we can easily get caught up if we’re too focused on the “competition”. It’s important as a woman to stay focused and to know what you’re in this industry for. Know your purpose and stay grounded. Continue to build and pave a way for other women – and make sure to open the doors for women who are following in your footsteps. That is the major key.

How has being a journalist shaped you into who you are today?
Being a journalist has shaped who I am today, in every possible way. My profession influences the way that I speak and the way that I express myself. I find myself to be very well-spoken because of my field – which is the most valuable skill set that many journalists have. Being a journalist allows me to care a lot about current events and social issues. I have always followed politics and international/local news. I care a lot about my community and it is important to constantly stay informed. I find that this makes me very knowledgeable and it gives me the ability to be extremely well-rounded and to know about many different genres and topics.

You are also the founder and CEO of Rey Ver Media. What is Rey Ver Media?
Rey Ver Media is a business that provides marketing, branding, public relations, and graphic designing services. At Rey Ver Media you can find every service that you need if you’re trying to grow or expand your business/brand. I have worked throughout many large media brands and I have accumulated so much knowledge while working in radio, entertainment, and marketing – that I decided to create Rey Ver Media in order to help brands scale their businesses. Rey Ver Media is a one-stop-shop – you can find everything that you need if you’re trying to grow your presence online or throughout the industry.

Oftentimes we shoulda coulda woulda ourselves to death when we start our career paths. Looking back, what, if anything, would you change about your career decisions?
Honestly, I wouldn’t change anything. I feel like I’m exactly where I need to be. That’s very important when you’re on your journey. You can’t allow yourself to be consumed by regret or by the past. You just need to focus on the present and allow yourself to plan and execute for the future. I find that every experience has allowed me to grow into the media mogul that I am today. I am truly grateful for every experience. All those experiences taught me valuable lessons and skillsets that I use in my professional life today.

I have got to ask, have you ever been star-struck when doing interviews? If so, who was it and what was it like? If not, who is someone you would definitely, without a doubt be starstruck if you have the opportunity to interview them?
I have never been star-struck by a celebrity or any talent but I do find that it’s important as a journalist to see the talent as another human, like yourself. I find that this is what allows that connection to grow and to give the talent or celebrity the comfort to open up to you while interviewing them. Instead of being star-struck, I tend to admire the talent for their hard work, resilience, and skills. I love to see people succeed and I know that it requires a lot of behind-the-scenes work for people to achieve those heights. I always congratulate them on their achievements and their growth. But – I think an artist who I’d be star-struck by, would be Beyonce. Haha. She’s the exception to the rule.

Let us not forget about the Keeping It Trill podcast. I watched the Porter Family episode and honey, I was all in that interview wanting to ask my questions! How did the idea of Keeping It Trill emerge? Who would you love to have on the show?
Keeping it Trill is a show that I ended up launching during the pandemic. It is my baby. I love to see it grow and to continue expanding the show. I am currently working with my production team to get Season 2 and Season 3 filmed to push out the episodes on Youtube and Instagram throughout 2022. Keeping it Trill focuses on interviews with celebrities, artists, personalities, and influencers. I highlight the journey of these talents and the challenges/obstacles that they’ve had to face to reach success. It is important to speak on the truth of what it requires or entails to achieve success – so I definitely love to ask those questions that are more personal and real. I would love to interview Saint Jhn next.

I often ask the question of “What does a Pretty Woman Who Hustles” look like to the person I am interviewing. I ask that question because there are so many dynamics that a woman brings to the hustle and I love hearing all the different answers. So, your final question is what does a Pretty Woman Who Hustles look like to Nino Reyes?
A Pretty Woman Who Hustles, is a woman who is empowered. You must love yourself, be confident of yourself, and stand strongly and firmly on who you are. A Woman Who Hustles will always grind – no matter what her circumstances are. There’s no excuse when you want it. If you are passionate about your career, you will always find a way. There wouldn’t be obstacles big enough that you couldn’t overcome. In other words, a Woman Who Hustles is resilient, strong, dedicated, and focused. Lastly, to me – as a woman who hustles, it is important to constantly build valuable skillsets. When you have many skills or talents – which will allow you to sell the service forward – it will allow you to never be overlooked. Your hard work, your portfolio, your skills – will all speak for themselves. So always make sure that you’re constantly learning. Never stop learning. That is a superpower and the biggest secret to succeeding.

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5 Tips on Making Yourself Visible in Media

By That Riverz Gurl Brand @thatriverzgurlbrandllc

Photo Credit by Nick Morrison via Unsplash

So you want to be in media huh? The media industry is making waves for journalists, writers, podcasters, hosts, producers and more! There are some that say it is very competitive, but someone I recently interviewed stated that “You are only in competition with yourself.” That is the honest truth and even though some people in media think they are competing with the next big thing in the same industry, it can put fear in our hearts making us shun away from great opportunities! If you have the right determination and hunger for it, the rest will be history! Create your own lane and own opportunities when people aren’t trying to put you on or give you opportunities! You got to put yourself on! One thing about that is showing up and making yourself known and visible. Here are some tips on how you can stand out and get noticed in media by publicists.

Stand for who you are. Whether you are a freelance writer, journalist or radio personality, you have to stand for what you are made of. If being a journalist is something you love doing, then stick to that while exploring opportunities not only for yourself but for media outlets you are contributing for. Don’t allow others to tell you no different!

Photo Credit by Christina via Unsplash
  1. Make yourself visible on social media. What’s the point of having a brand if you aren’t willing to show up for it on social media? Instagram has came a long ways and with the easy-to-use tools such as reels, insta stories, IGTV, short videos and more to make yourself visibible but creative as well. Use those tools to your advantage to engage more with your audience. If you are a radio personality or podcaster, showing some bts footage or a short video of yourself talking about your latest interview or topic will gain some views and insights on what you do.
  2. Reach out to PR firms and publicists. Since being a freelance writer for over ten years, I’m always reaching out to publications and media outlets to contribute on their platform. It helped me to share my experience with writing and now interviewing people. Publicists are always looking for the next best thing when it comes to getting exposure for their clients. If you are in the media, you are a valuable accesory to them. Create a pitch and tell them who you are and what your brand is. Collaborations are valuable and important in media.
  3. Chase opportunities. Media is filled with lots of opportunities such as attending press conferences virtually (since COVID-19), interviewing people and more! When people see your presence more, they start to pay attention.
  4. Keep reminding people who you are. Sometimes people forget who they email or talk to and all those emails, pitches and introductions, so be consistent and keep reminding people. Re-introduce yourself to your supporters, your network, your followers, your potential clients and future collaborations.
  5. Let your voice be heard. It doesn’t matter how many people who are doing the same as you, just continue doing what you are doing as a radio personality, as a podcaster, as a television host, as a journalist because someone out there is waiting for that opportunity to work with you. Get creative in your craft and allow your voice and your passion be heard.

So, with all of that said there are many different ways to be visible in the world of media. Sometimes you got to block out the negativity and the naysayers because they are the ones that want to see you fail and not succeed! And like this woman once told me “You are your own competition.”

Photo Credit by Danny Howe via Unsplash