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LaToya Wilson

Leading Lady

Do you ever wonder what the definition of a Leading Lady is? Like truly what that means? I often sit and wonder about the definition of things because…well, my mother made us read the dictionary and encyclopedias growing up so I’m always looking for knowledge. By definition, Leading […]

Tania Richardson- The Leading Lady

A native of Philadelphia, PA, Tania Richardson was born to be successful. A 40-something savvy businesswoman with over 15 years of owning and operating two businesses, Richardson symbolizes independence and power. Her career and personal life have covered multiple disciplines. As a commercial actress, a Desert Storm Army […]

Felicia Baxley – Just Write It!

A four-time author, Felicia is redirecting her writing path to embrace the genre she really enjoys. After having written two Christian lifestyles and a self help book to encourage entrepreneurs to build their own empires; she is now debuting her first Thriller. Felicia is originally from Milledgeville, GA […]

Monique Askew: Mogul Majesty

Exclusive Society Boutique is a plus-size boutique where your shape, curves, and size are ADORED in fact, curves are a requirement! Each piece is meant to make you feel bold, confident, and sexy in your own skin. We offer a variety of hand-picked fashion-forward garments that thrive on […]